Hair extensions are one thing that a great deal of girls think about a minimum of once in their period of life. Hair extensions are now more widespread than ever. However, there are many ladies out there that aren’t quite certain if hair extensions measure up for them. They may have heard of horror stories with hair extensions; hair extensions getting bad publicly, hair extensions inflicting injury or hair extensions pricing thousands of dollars.

I’m here these days to expose the pros and cons with hair extensions. Furthermore, I will offer you insight into the hair extension world to assist you in identifying if hair extensions are for you and what sort you’ll like best. Several believe that if you have already got long hair or an decent quantity of hair that you simply won’t want hair extensions which isn’t the case. Hair extensions will add length or volume, however they will conjointly add color dimension together with highlights and ombre, and that they are used as a chemical free hair color choice to remodel hair while not damaging your own hair (which is that the most vital part). During this web log I’ll answer all of your questions about hair extensions, the nice and therefore the dangerous. I am a hair extension skilled professional, that’s why I started Hottie Hair. I actually have worn each variety of hair extensions and have tried each methodology out there. Within the hair extension world there are every type of hair extensions and it’s vital to be educated on the various sorts of hair extensions, the various strategies accessible, and it’s vital to search out one that suits your lifestyle. There are completely different grades of hair, many various extensions application strategies, all which might drastically improve your expertise with hair extensions.

In order to get an excellent hair extension experience you need to 1st get the best quality hair possible. This may not be low-cost. You will invest a number of hundred dollar for quality hair, however it’ll last for a year thus you are going to get an honestly made top quality hair extension. You will want nice hair that does not matt or shed, and you look fabulous. It’s worthwhile. Let’s begin with the varied sorts of hair quality available: there’s artificial hair, non-remy, caliber remy, prime quality Remy, and virgin Remy hair.

Synthetic hair: pretend, cheap, lowest quality. Created with plastic fibers, factory-made to appear like and feel human hair. It’s made up of inferior acrylic created into individual hair fibers. This can not be hair you would like, its doll hair. Some firms currently even say you’ll heat it etc. suppose secret extensions. If a pack of hair value is $50, it’s not human hair. Non-Remy Hair: low-cost human hair with cuticle not intact. This sort of hair is hair swept up off floors sometimes, mixed with animal hair, the cuticle isn’t in tactfulness, and this hair matts once the primary wash is done. This hair is caliber, that’s low-cost and cannot last quite longer than a number of weeks.

Real Remy AKA High Quality

Remy Human hair with cuticle intact. This can be an excellent grade of hair. Having the hair intact is what keeps your hair extensions healthy and glossy once the hairdo has been collected. To get the best Remy human hair you would like for it to be double drawn hair, which means thicker ends. Prime quality Remy may be a very little under $100 per pack and lasts as a result of it’s pure with cuticles intact. This hair can last 5-8 months looking on care.

Remy of Low Quality

Remy Human hair with the cuticle not intact. They seem soft, shiny, and nice as a result of their coated with siloxane to last for 1-3 washes. They value around $80-100 per pack, however they are doing not last. They appear sort of a nice investment, they’re secure as “Remy” however some manufactures wish to create cash and use this low-cost “Remy” hair for larger profits.

Virgin Remy Hair

Highest quality human hair, cuticle intact, hand designated, processed with completely different technology to stay quality high. This hair is costlier as a result of it being uncommon and it takes a lot of work to make this hair. It’ll last up to a year or a lot of as a result of its hand designated and processed otherwise. It starts with virgin hair from healthy donors (never with chemicals treated in any way) and is hand designated and cut. It’s then sorted, cleansed with natural mild wash to arrange the hair. The hair is then place through an extended color bath for many days to create certain the hair does not endure any harsh chemical change. This method alone sets apart virgin Remy from basic Remy as a result of it’s handled with care from assortment to production. There are ne’er any harsh chemicals that compromise the standard of the hair. This hair can last over a year with correct care, however expect to speculate.

A lot of hair extension firms select to use caliber Remy to keep their profit margins high. The hair is sometimes single drawn and poses as prime quality Remy. Their Remy hair goes through a harsh chemical change to gift the hair as glossy soft. Since I actually have worn hair extensions for over fifteen years I do know the INS and outs of hair. Hottie Hair carries solely prime quality Remy and virgin Remy human hair. We tend to care concerning keeping our customers glamorous many months to years not just a few weeks. You want excellent hair that will last and one that won’t be processed with silicones and harsh chemicals.

The first issue once considering hair extensions is to settle on the correct hair quality. Despite the variety of hair extensions you have got, if you do not get a prime quality hair you’ll find yourself with issues that may cause a headache down the road. Issues like shedding, tangling, and matting can cause you to ne’er need to wear hair extensions once more. Browse reviews, consult with friends, and establish the simplest quality hair for the sort of extension type you’d wish to purchase. Then you would like to think about the hair extension application type: there’s clip-in, sew-in, tape-in, fusion, and small bead extensions. All of those types have completely different pros and cons for a hair extension methodology that may fit your lifestyle.

Clip-Ins is temporary, and by temporary we tend to mean a number of short hours. This can be for somebody who simply needs them for a 1 time special occasions. They’re great for the night however within hours you be happily clipping them out-trust me! However, they add length for special occasions. Sew-in is require braiding of your own hair in rows. This methodology may be a pain, the hair is dirty and can’t get washed, it itches and it’s extremely large. You may have a tough time putting hair up in a high ponytail. Then there’s my favorite, tape-ins that you’ll wear for 2-3 months and that they are reusable. Application takes half-hour, removal takes quarter-hour and there’s no injury or fuss.

As a result of tape wefts hold well with medical grade adhesive, you barely feel them and you’re ready to wear hair up or down, swim with them and exercising with them too! I do know for my understanding is very important and that I love having a full ponytail once I have my tape extensions. Then there’s fusion and I-tips individual methods. The prices can be thousands, take hours, however lasts for four to six months. Many like this methodology as a result of they will wear the hair for months although the hare will get stringy. When considering extensions those two things are most important: selecting the best hair quality and therefore the best hair extension methodology for you. Currently with all of that out of the way let’s get into the pros and cons of hair extensions:


  • You must be careful with the hair-you cannot simply throw your hair up and go
  • Costs a number of hundred dollars, up to thousand to install, cut, and maintain
  • If you have got ne’er worn hair extensions it’ll take a number of days to get used to!
  • If unaccustomed to hair extensions-your head will feel heavier for 1-3 days. This goes away.


  • You can add color while not utilizing chemicals
  • Adds length and volume
  • You will have a lot of hair to add volume and works great for weddings + events
  • You can drastically enhance your look
  • You can have the total head of hair that is comfortable to wear
  • With the correct methodology it’ll not injure your hair
  • No one can know you’re wearing hair extensions with the correct application
  • Blends naturally and seamlessly along with your own hair

That are several select hair extensions that are safe and effective at creating your look and feel amazing, and that they are extremely fun. They’re like makeup, a pleasant accent that each girl needs to possess to reinforce her look. Opt for the hair extension that is needed based off of your life style and wishes. If you merely need it for an event, get clip ins.

If you exercising a great deal get tape ins. If you would like the hair to remain for many months at a time then get individuals like i-tips or fusion. Either way, seek advice from your trustworthy hair stylist to search out the best variety of hair, method, and color for you. Opt for stylist that is experienced and trained. Not all of them know what to do so your hair can fall out etc! Watch out. All in all, hair extensions are an excellent investment in you.

So what is Color Ombre? 150 150 Crystal

So what is Color Ombre?

Color Ombre, the latest trend that has taken salons by storm. People are left awe-struck and bedazzled by this eminent look. Cities and towns are abuzz with this most recent style, it is the talk of the town everywhere. It’s not a rumor its real, yes hottie hair has all the scop, all the background information you desire about Color Ombre

So let’s discover what Color Ombre is?

We can trace the beginnings of this style known as Color Ombre to July 2015. Back then, it was an emerging style; at present, it is the style that is making headlines. Basically, it is an ombre style of hair with vibrant colors. Known and recognized for its gradual change in color. While a more natural ombre would relate to evolving of a brown hair into blonde. But Colormbre focuses on making vibrant colors even more bright and vibrant.
The very first pictures of Colormbre depicted white tips and pink roots with green in between.

How does it work?

It’s all about expression, yourself, and the colors that define you. We don’t believe in creating combinations for you. Instead, we want you to take control. We want you to pick the perfect combination for yourself; of course, we are there to guide and help you. Choose from our platinum 613 quality hair extensions with the trusted name of Hottie Hair, ensuring quality and creativity.

Tips for Creating a Perfect Color Ombre

With our 613 hair extensions, we will help you pick the perfect colors and patterns for your taste and needs. The best is to do a strand test or dye the hair in a typical manner. Pick the colors and design that suits and augments your look. Let the dyed hair dry naturally no need to blow dry, apply the extensions, and enjoy seeing them awe-struck.

The Hottie Hair Extensions Company

Hottie Hair Extensions, your reliable partner when it comes to hairstyling and following the latest trends. We love colors more than anything. When it comes to the most recent trends, perfect hair extensions, knowledgeable advice, and ideal tips, we are certified and expert in the art of hair. Contact us today! (855) 900-4468

How to get volume with fine hair and extensions? 150 150 Crystal

How to get volume with fine hair and extensions?

Many women with thin, fine hair wish to have full hair on their head and we all know how gorgeous you can look with full hair. Asides that, you have limitless options of hairstyles to choose from and try on. And so they keep searching for ways to get full hair. Yes there is the approach of getting healthy treatments for your hair with little or no application of chemicals, less heat on the hair, eating health foods too. This method undoubtedly takes a while before you see results, and in some cases doesn’t yield the desired results. The genetics of a woman is a huge determinant for her hair’s density. If you don’t naturally have thick hair on your head, then you may not get the hair transformation you are looking for from biotin supplements and vitamins. If you are looking for a quick fix to your hair fullness challenges, using hair extensions is what you need. But you need to know the type of hair extension that is suitable for women with thin, fine hair. Not all hair extensions will fit every woman with thin hair.

You won’t get the everyday volume of hair you want by using clip in hair extensions, this is just a temporary solution. However, tape in hair extensions is a what you need to get your desired volume of hair and here is why, they are light, very thin, invisible and can be used regularly for as long as 3 months. More so, the tape in hair extensions don’t damage so you don’t have to worry about losing your natural hair. While using this extension, it gives room for your natural hair to grow to its full volume. Another reason to use tape in hair extension is, you can use the extension repeatedly. I am one person who loves to wear hair extension because it not only boosts my confidence but also gives me numerous options in terms of hairstyling.

If you take a look above, you may not notice on first glance but I am wearing a tape in hair extension and you can tell how much I love it. With thin hair, you can instantly change your looks by installing hair extensions. There are things I could not do without using a hair extension, like curling. Without hair extension, my hair is somewhat boring and my entire head will be itching for me to have my extension back on. There isn’t anywhere I can’t go with my hair extension, even when I go to the gym to workout, I can still rock my ponytail. This is basically applicable to those who have always had thin hair, if you already have full hair on your head then it’s really not important for you.

For those whose hair is fine, thin, but damaged, you will need to choose a hair care routine as well as a hair extension method specially for women with your type of hair (fine thin hair). Eat healthy, use treatments, get the right type of hair extension for your hair, all of these are a necessity. In my opinion, no other type of hair extension should be used asides tape in hair extension else you end up losing your hair. Hottie hair tape in hair extensions are of medical grade and can be taken off easily using our organic coconut remover. (This shouldn’t bother you because it is strong enough to hold for up to 12 weeks and will never just slip out. The extension can only happen slip out maybe when you are taking a shower but that can only happen after about 3 months of usage). With Hottie hair tape in hair extension you will never find us using any harsh chemicals and will never advice you to do that either. We strongly suggest you follow eco-friendly practices. You find out that a lot of other tape in hair extension brands make use of gel or glue base that is really strong and sticky such that you will require chemicals to take them off. This can cause loss of hair, there have been stories of women losing their due to the use of these chemicals. You should also know that clip in hair extensions can end of leaving bald spots when you install them poorly. You will need a tail comb to be used in creating a backed up hair nest. As weird as this sounds, it actually is the best description to give it, because as you back comb the hair, it creates a little hair nest. However, once that is done, you will need to back up the hair up so you have space to clip the clips to your tightly to your head. Women with thin fine hair should never use fusion and weft hair extensions, these are the type of extensions that damage your kind of hair. The weight of the hair extension stresses out your natural hair and can further cause you to lose your hair, and that’s not something you’d want. Now, if you have ever suffered aby damage to your thin hair, I recommend the use of one tape weft and a single sided piece of tape. This way there isn’t so much stress or strain being put on your hair. In addition, you can add micro strands to fill in the crown of your head or alternatively apply a chemical free color.

Tips to help improve the volume of your hair daily

  • When styling, use a curling wand to create big curls and then use your fingers to run through till the end. Once that is done, spray it and the end result would be a full looking natural hair.
  • To get the perfect volume while styling your hair, make use of a flexible hair spray.
  • Apply dry shampoo intermittently when washing to remove grease and dirt that dulls up the look of the hair.
  • Be cautious of keratin treatments, their effect on the hair is dull and gives the hair a flat look which is bad for people with thin hair.
  • Once in a while make use of thickening treatments.
  • A hair that is free of chemicals is best, rather use 2 tape colors, ombre or micro-strands. With ombre you will need a light color which you would later color at the top. Less hair processing, preserves the hair.
  • Eat healthy foods that help with hair growth like, leafy greens, omega 3s, nuts etc.
How To Place Ponytail With Hair Extensions 150 150 Crystal

How To Place Ponytail With Hair Extensions

It takes a lot to become a professional hair stylist, because different clients come with their own ideas as to how they’d want their hair to be styled. It is a criteria for you to be able to give your client what they want. Take for instance, a client who prefers to try on different styles and makes use of ponytails. You should be able to ask and answer questions like; what type of ponies would they prefer? Is it high, low, middle or updo ponies? Once a choice is made on which hairstyle they prefer, you can start the process of mapping out the head. Make sure you know where the hair extensions will end before you apply them, this is very essential for a lot of reasons like; being able to determine how many hair extensions you need, figuring out the best way to get your client to look exactly how they want, and also ensuring that the layout is properly organized to give your client more comfort.

High Ponytails

If you know the star music artiste, Ariana Grande, you will always see her rocking a ponytail on her head with lengthy hair flowing down to her waist. Without a doubt she loves ponytails and I won’t be wrong to say that, that’s her signature hair do. Most of us fall in love with a particular hairstyle because one celebrity or icon is rocking that hairstyle. So it is possible you may have had one or more clients come to you asking for ponytail or some might simply say “Ariana Grande’s hairstyle”. You should be able to give such clients a full breakdown of what it would take to achieve that look, you should educate them more or less. The extension suitable for high ponytails are cylinder or keratin fusion hair extensions because they have more mobility than tape-in hair extensions and are invisible too. Do well to properly inform them on the advantages and disadvantages involved in either of the systems before they make a choice.

During the styling process, ensure that there is sufficient hair to cover the nape of the neck and sides of the face, very important. Half an inch or 2 fingers wide is a good measurement unit. Once you have gotten the right measurement, the next area of focus will bin in creating a lot of density, that is to say, making a lot of cleanly placed rows.

Tip: Don’t forget that in applying Keratin Fusion Extensions you need to try and match the density of the clients’ natural hair. For a client with thinner hair, you might be required to cut the bonds with the aid of our Bond Cutting Pliers. This will help create small bonds and reduce the stress on the hair. On that note, a client whose hair is thinner than the individual extension should avoid using Cylinders.

Low Ponytails

It doesn’t matter the system you choose to wear, you can still achieve this look regardless. You can choose the method we recommend for a lot of clients who desire length and thickness, which is the tape-in brick or row method placement structure. Above all, always remember to pull the hair back loosely away from the face and to never add any unnecessary tension on the hair. Any client using hair extensions should be able to pull their hair back and get the low ponytail look without worrying about any applications showing.

Mid-Length Ponytails

You can achieve this style with the use of tape-ins, though other systems can get you the same result, however, you should take note of the perimeter of the face and neck. Using tape-in makes it a bit difficult to place them comfortably for your client to wear again. To find a way around this, ask your client to show you how they usually wear their hair up. This information will guide you on the areas to avoid application, you may even have less surface area around the scalp to work with thus making easier for you to fit in fewer tape-ins. In order to achieve this look with the use of extensions, then what your client should be concerned about is gaining density and not length.

Immediately you have traced out the area with which the extensions will be placed, the application process should follow. During the installation of hair extensions, the ideal way to place them is from top-to-bottom. This way you are sure there is ample space from the scalp and flexibility for the tabs to move naturally.

Below are a few things you need to know when creating an updo for your client.

What to avoid?

Pull the hair too tight backwards, that can put too much stress on the hair. When you over direct Tape-in hair extensions in the opposite direction they lay naturally and cause unnecessary tension of the hair.

How To Achieve The Look?

To get a mid-length ponytail look, you need to use your fingers to direct the hair to the back gently an endeavor not to tug on the extensions. The moment you get the desired position of your ponytail, hold it in place and then section out the front hairline. With the aid of a teasing brush, comb the hairline section backwards continuously to smooth out the hair. This will not only create volume bit cover the bonds as well. Afterwards, you can style it as you desire and secure it using your favorite hairspray to keep it together for long.


If all your client wants is a daylong ponytail or a weekend, that type you just want to rock for a special event, then clip-in hair extension system is the best method for this look. All it takes is to pull their natural hair into their desired ponytail, be it low, medium or high, and then secure the hair with a scarf or hair tie. After which you’d take a medium sized clip-in weft and secure the clips around the ponytail in the form of a circle. Keep building the ponytail around with the leftover weft pieces, from the medium size, then to the smallest size and finish up with the longest. Following this pattern will ensure that the weight is evenly distributed around your natural ponytail. Once this is done, take a small section of hair and wrap around the weft so you prevent any clip-ins or hair ties from being revealed and secure it beneath the ponytail with a small bobby pin.

One very easy and quick style to achieve is the side swept fishtail or pancake braid. Pull out a few face framing hair or small fringe and loosely curl them to jazz it up. What makes a boho braid interesting is, the messier it looks the better.

Directions for washing hair that has Tape-In hair extensions 150 150 Crystal

Directions for washing hair that has Tape-In hair extensions

If someone has tape in extensions, it can be a bit challenging to get it washed. So, if one of your customers gets hair extensions, it’s vital to show them step by step how to take care of them. First, they shouldn’t even wash their hair at all for two days after they get hair extensions as it will cause them to slip.

Showering with Taped in hair extensions

Ensure your customers use the following information when they wash their hair if they have taped in hair extensions.

  1. Hair must be brushed prior to taking a shower
    1. It is vital that the hair must be brushed using a Wet/Dry Detangling type of brush two or three times every day if the person has hair extensions. The hair must be brushed prior to stepping into a shower. That ensures your hair won’t get tangled when you wash it.
  2. Ensure you shampoo your hair the right way
    1. When shampooing the hair, ensure the type of shampoo used is a formula precisely designed for someone with extensions. That ensures your hair extensions will stay looking great. Plus, there’s a precise method for shampooing your hair. You begin with the roots and then rub the shampoo slowly into the hair in a downward motion. It’s not necessary to put shampoo the entire length down to the end of the tips. Don’t scrub your hair or make circles while washing it or you’ll end up with horrible tangles.
  3. Put on Conditioner starting mid-shaft and downward
    1. When using conditioner, be sure it’s not one with a hydrating formula. It’s vital not to put this kind of conditioner on, particularly near the sticky part of the taped on the hair extensions. You only have to apply it mid-shaft downward. A type of conditioner that gets left on the hair and not washed out is fine with hair extensions.
  4. Dry with a towel and brush hair carefully
    1. After you get down taking a shower, brush hair carefully and towel it dry. Begin on the top part of your hair and go downward on the shaft until you reach the hair tips. Don’t rub the towel into your hair while drying it, or you’ll end up with horribly tangled hair and damaged extensions.
  5. Blow dry the hair out
    1. Then, apply a protectant like Heat, Treat and Shine throughout your hair and blow dry it out. That aids in ensuring your hair stays safe from getting damaged from heat from the blow dryer. You should also dry each section of your hair separately, one by one. Plus, it lessens the chances of your hair being hurt by the blow dryer.

Our Hair Salons Top Notch Tape In Hair Extensions

The tape in hair extensions we provide are the best, top-notch extensions only hair salons can get. As long as you maintain them correctly, they will stay in good shape for numerous re-applications. Our las vegas hair salons carrie every resource you will need to take care of hair extensions properly and then they’ll remain lovely for a long time. Salons have to have proper certification to provide hair extensions to customers, so sign up for classes at our location today.

How to make hair extensions look natural? 150 150 Crystal

How to make hair extensions look natural?

Information about hair extensions, eyelash extensions and microblading eyebrows are like the best kept secrets. That notwithstanding, when it comes to natural beauty enhancers, it is ideal to ensure that your hair extensions appear natural. The goal of using hair extensions is to step up your beauty but shouldn’t be obvious to everyone that you are using a hair extension. By combining the perfect pair of extensions, people will be wondering if you have extensions on or not, even if they go as far as coming to feel your hair, they would hardly know. Here at Hottie Hair, our extensions are 100% invisible, our clip-ins as well can’t be felt even by running finger all through the hair. Hair extensions are not supposed to announce themselves to the world, such that people know that you are wearing extensions. Rather hair extensions are meant to complement your beauty in the most natural way possible, be it by feeling or by just a glance.

Let’s find out how to make extensions look natural!!!

You may have seen someone who’s using a hair extension. And how did you know? Because you either just saw and knew of probably felt it and you without a doubt knew because it didn’t look/feel natural. None of us want to be seen wearing unnatural hair extensions. So in order to prevent that from happening, below are five tips you can follow to ensure that your hair extensions look natural all the time;

1 – Get sufficient hair extensions at your disposal

It is advised you have a lot of hair extensions, so much that it matches your natural hair density. What this implies is, if your hair is the thick type, then it would take the application of plenty extensions to go with your type of hair. And if your hair is the thin type, you would require less hair extensions. Furthermore, is your hair the short type? If yes, then you will also need a lot of hair extensions. What always gives away someone who’s wearing hair extensions is when they don’t install the right amount of hair extension depending on their type of hair. This is an important factor when it comes to making your hair extension look natural.

2 – Always apply the suitable type of extension for your hair

If your hair is very fine and thin, it is best you avoid using the conventional clip extensions, they are not suitable for thin hair. Clip in extensions are usually too weighty and will pull your natural hair, and that wouldn’t look nice. If you happen to be the type that uses hair extensions occasionally, then the Hottie Hair invisible clip is the best choice for you and your hair. But if with your thin hair, you prefer the semi-permanent hair extensions, using something like tapes ins will be the perfect choice. Endeavour to use the right type of hair extension for your hair, it makes it easy for both extension and natural hair to blend and give you the desired natural look.

3 – Use Matching Colors

The interesting part of using hair extensions is you can go with up to 2 or 3 shades lighter or darker than your hair’s natural color and still get the extension to blend perfectly and look natural. But this may not be applicable in some case as some people have very unique hair color or could be making the hair extension purchase online and you will by all means need to get the right color for your hair. Hair extensions are not being matched to your hair roots but the ends and most people will need to use 1-3 colors to get the perfect blend of colors. Once the hair colors don’t match, that automatically shows people that you are using extensions. If you are buying the extension online, one way to get a perfect color match for what you are buying is by getting a free color match before paying for extension. Hottie Hair does color matching for thousands of hair colors daily so we ensure that there is a matching hair color for everyone. Having the right color(s) is crucial when it comes to using hair extensions. For instance, we advise you go for the lightest shade of blonde #60 and change the color to match with your natural hair. For those with unique hair color, this is one of the best ways to make your hair extensions look real. Changing the color of your hair extensions is very simple, just ensure that the shampoo you use is color safe.

4 – Have a variety of hair extension lengths at your disposal

People with thin shoulder length hair don’t need to do as much to make wearing hair extensions look real. All it takes is one length, and a little bit of hair and boom!!! Hair is enhanced, looking all beautiful and natural. But for those who have layers or long hair, you will need to make use of two different hair lengths. The longer hair extension is there to give your hair the lengthy look while the short hair extension job is to blend with your layers. This approach will definitely make your hair extension look natural.

5 – High quality human hair should be your first choice

Nothing is as important as using high quality human hair if you decide to wear hair extensions. If you get cheap hair which is in most cases fake hair, it doesn’t take long before the quality deteriorates, you only need to wash it one time and it gets muddled and frizzy. There is no fizzy looking hair extension that will fit your natural hair texture. Spending money to get the best quality of hair extension is cost effective as it prevents you from spending more in the future. It takes away the need to frequently replace your previous hair extensions and you won’t be scared of dealing with a matted hair just after a few washes. As far as hair extension is concerned, durability is important and you need high quality human hair to get that.

6 – Always seek the services of a professional hairstylist

All of your efforts would have come to waste if you follow steps 1 to 5 without the help of a professional hairstylist. A hairstylist is like the icing on the cake. In as much as the extensions being made these are the ones you can do yourself, but only a professional can cut and blend the extensions perfectly. If you spend so much in getting the best quality human hair, nothing should stop you from taking them to a professional. What is worth doing, is worth doing well.


With these six easy steps, you can have your hair extensions look very natural. All of which will save cost for as long as a year peradventure you take good care of them.

Hair extensions: Are double-drawn hair extension worth the hype? 150 150 Crystal

Hair extensions: Are double-drawn hair extension worth the hype?

The trend of hair extensions has become massive these days and, so has the demand for its new colors, styles, lengths, and methods too. It is difficult to find the best hair extension to match your natural hair type. While looking for the hair extension options, one gets to know about the different forms such as 100% human hair, Remy hair, single or double drawn hair, and many more. This vast and fancy range of extensions has made it difficult for a person to decide for the best hair extension option.

What are the different hair extensions?

There are various hair extension types available from which a person can choose to match with one’s hair type as per preferences and the budget. You can look for;

  1. Clip-in hair extensions.
  2. Hot fusion hair extensions.
  3. Cold fusion hair extensions.
  4. Sewn-in weft hair extensions.
  5. I-Tip hair extensions.
  6. Tape-in hair extensions.
    1. Tape-in hair extension is a new venture of the hair extension industry. The hair industry classifies tape-ins as the semi-permanent solution, and it can give an extra volume and length to natural hair for which a person wishes for a more lasting period.

What are the best hair extensions made of?

If we talk about the best quality of extensions available, then definitely it has to be those made using real human hair. Let’s see how the different forms of hair extensions are processed.

  1. The weft hair extensions are the ones that come into shape when the processed hair is sewn to produce bundles of extensions.
  2. The single drawn hair extension comes in the form of a single hair type cut from only one source and placed in the weft to create the extensions. This version is commonly available at a very economical rate because it costs less for production. You will find hair length equal in each strand as the shorter length hair gets discarded while on the weft. This process makes the single drawn extensions look thinner from the end but heavy on the top. It will be great to have a nice haircut from your hairstylist after wearing these single drawn hair extensions as it will keep your hair from straggling while giving a healthy and bouncy look.
  3. The double drawn hair extensions received special processing as the shorter lengths of hair get sorted out and chipped off manually and get replaced by longer lengths in the weft. This method maximizes the quality of extensions by giving the same volume and healthy look to hair strands from top to bottom. 
  4. Remy hair extensions carry the high-grade human hair only in its strands. It does not involve synthetic hair and is very expensive.


Yes, single drawn hair extension can be the inexpensive and easy-to-access form of the extensions. But why not pay more to get the quality together with the volume and thickness? Double drawn extensions give great fullness to your hair for a long time and give your hair the bounce, which you always desired.

Why Use Hair Extensions? 150 150 Crystal

Why Use Hair Extensions?

Arguably, one of the most cherished assets of women is their long beautiful sparkly hair. Maybe you find this a little difficult to believe? Well, let’s talk about hair briefly. Right from the primitive age, humans have always been captivated by the hairs on their bodies, particularly the one which grows on their heads and beautifies their facial structure. They cut it in various styles, apply natural dyes to it to make it look beautiful, and also make complex and ostentatious updos to show the value, status and position of the person in the society.

In the olden day cultures as well as in mythical allegories, hair symbolizes power, and when an individual loses their hair, they lose all their status and power and are set to join their ancestors in the great beyond.

If you meet a random woman on the street and ask her just how much she valued her hair, it will shocked you to see how greatly women idolize, value, cherish and take care of their hairs. This fact is attested to by the countless numbers of hair products offer in the market, the many hair salons which are quite ubiquitous, but still making good money. Certainly, a real woman never reveals the amount of time she spends daily taking care of her hair; brushing, combing, and styling before leaving the house, of course all these take hours!

We have been able to understand just how valuable the hair of a woman is and the extent to which it can helped her to get the world at her feet and become a figure of authority. This is why we are introducing to you top grade advanced hair extensions called tape in hair extensions. So why do you need hair extensions? To start with, hair is beautiful and an important necessity, however, in some women, the growth of hair is extremely slow or it requires regular trimming due to split ends which affects normal growth of the hair. For some other women, there hairs are too thin, and no matter how long it is, it lacks that sparkling beauty. This is where we make the difference with our smooth tape in hair extensions. So why should you opt for our smooth tape in hair extension rather than the regular glued, weaved or clipped in extensions?

The major reasons why we endorse tape in hair extensions is because it is the best hair extension to naturally extend your hair without using harmful hair chemicals or injuring your scalp. Furthermore, tape in hair extensions are quite simple to install, and they remain undetectable. Many ladies that have used clip-in extensions can attest to the fact that they are quite conspicuous, regardless of how much you try to conceal them. Well with this smooth tape in hair extensions, you can have your desired updo styles and look ravishingly beautiful without nursing fear that your hair extensions will be visible

This wonderful remy tape in hair extensions can be reused, they can be dyed, ironed flat, or curled in any way you desired, and they can be used for as long as 3 months. It is super easy to remove and the tape in hair extensions is re-usable for up to 3 times. This is definitely the best news you can get today about hair care!

Tape Extensions: The Best Type of Hair Extension? 150 150 Crystal

Tape Extensions: The Best Type of Hair Extension?

Worn most by celebrities as part of the latest trend, tape in extensions are known as the best hair extension available. If you are new to tape extensions, or interested in learning more, we will tell you everything there is to know. This form of extension offers everything you have come to expect from hair extensions, requiring less time and creating zero damage.

While clip in extensions are a fun way to test out extensions, they are only temporary in use. Individuals looking to enjoy a fuller head of hair on a daily basis, should seek a more permanent solution such as tape extensions. When applied, tape extensions are generally undetectable and last around 8 to 12 weeks. The process takes about one hour to complete, and the extensions are reusable. Not only are they easy to apply and able to be used again, they are also a breeze to maintain, allowing you to enjoy regular activities such as swimming and cardio without fear of slipping out.

Fusion and i-tip extensions, on the other hand, take hours to apply and cost thousands of dollars. Additionally, micro extensions tend to slip out, and tangle in the shower. They are well-known to cause extreme damage, leaving your hair a weakened mess. Tape extensions don’t pull on hair like micro extensions, and are more lightweight. Once you take the plunge and try tape extensions you will wonder how you ever went without, they are a total game changer for the ultimate extension experience.

Introduced to the market in 2009, tape in extensions continue to be the most requested hair extension method throughout salons. Tape extensions can be worn any way, add length and volume, and cost less to have put in – simply because they demand less time. Prior to making any tape extension purchases, ensure you know what to look for; a trusted stylist may be able to make brand suggestions as well. Because tape extensions aren’t all created equal, you want to establish the quality of the hair before you sit through extension application. Some tape extension brands do not feature sew lines, which causes the hair to shed and fall out. Also, it’s important to keep in mind that if any brand suggests you use a flat iron to apply tape extensions, or use some sort of glue, RUN!

Things to Know Before You Buy

We tried different brands of hair extensions on ourselves, so you didn’t have to! Gel based adhesives lead to loss of your own hair, so what type of adhesive do these “tape” extensions utilize? When it comes to tape extensions, you want to seek out an extension featuring hypoallergenic regular tape adhesive. Not only is this kind of tape adhesive waterproof and durable, it doesn’t rip out your hair while remaining strong. Other various tape brands are made with an overly strong adhesive, known as gel based tape extension. While this extension is strong and lasts a long time, you lose a lot of hair when you’re done. You want to avoid this type of tape extension at all costs, because gel based adhesives rip your hair out during removal. Again, not all tape extensions are created equal. The best type of tape extensions is one that is relatively strong, but not gel based.

What Kind of Hair are Tape Extensions Made of?

Considering the fact that tape extensions are worn EVERY DAY, you will need the BEST remy hair you can find. The type of hair used in the tape extension can mean the difference between a great hair extension experience and a horrible one. Because tape extensions aren’t like clips, you can’t remove them every day – they’re worn day in and day out for 3 months. After removal, you should also be able to reuse them if you purchased a good brand of hair. You will be quickly disappointed in low quality hair, after receiving and paying for cheap extensions to be applied. The last thing you want is to have your tape extensions installed before discovering you have bought low quality hair.

Be sure to have the best! When it comes to tape extensions, you want to invest in the top remy hair – preferably double drawn. Low quality remy tape extensions tend to mat over time and tangle quickly; you want something that’s thick and lasts. Double drawn hair means there are fewer short hairs, meaning you can expect minimal shedding and tangling. Regardless of whether a company says they use remy hair, ensure you are purchasing the best remy hair. For example, Hottie uses an eco friendly manufacturing technique. We utilize slow color baths and avoid any harsh chemicals during processing, allowing the hair to remain healthy afterwards. Top remy hair is hand-selected, and specially processed to protect the entire cuticle shaft during processing sans harsh chemicals, unlike low-quality remy hair.

How Many Grams of Hair Per Pack?

Grams of hair is the most important aspect, when it comes to tape extensions. While the most common weight is 25-50 grams per pack, some brands sell 20 grams of hair or less – Hottie has more hair PER tape weft. You need to know how much hair you’re buying, including how many pieces you’ll receive and how many grams are in each pack. The shorter the hair, the fewer grams you will have. However, for a full tape application, you will need around 100 grams of hair. If you have a lot of hair, you will need more. In order to keep tape extensions undetectable, you will want enough hair so it blends well. Be sure to have enough hair on hand for a full on glamorous look.

How Long are the Tape Wefts?

The best size for tape wefts are those that measure 1.5 inches, as this size is 100% undetectable, and lightweight enough for your hair. While many brands out there feature smaller tapes, it costs more as you’ll need more hair per pack. You will also end up with more pieces of tape in your hair, which tends to be annoying. Fold over tape extensions are generally smaller and present weaker bonds, as all of the hair isn’t applied correctly together – leading to inferior bonds. You want tape extensions that are less than 2 inches in width, and require use of the “Sandwich” application method. This ensures that wefts remain invisible, and prevents any potential hair pulling. Although these would be perfect for 1 to 2 small sections of hair, wide tape extensions aren’t a great choice. Their sheer size inhibits the wearer from putting their hair into a ponytail, and eliminates flexibility. Wider tape wefts also mean your hair is being subjected to more weight, leading to potential damage and breakage. Know the width of the tape extensions, and save your hair with thin, invisible wefts. Most people require 20 tape bonds, or 2 packs of hair.

Is the Hair Single or Double Drawn?

Also referred to as “natural drawn”, single drawn hair is the most popular in the hair extension world. Single drawn hair extensions create a tapered extension look, which blends well and tends to look more natural. However, true hair extension queens tend to love double drawn hair extension for their appearance of fullness. Hottie is one of the few tape brands that feature double drawn tape extensions. These tape extensions are the most luxurious hair extensions, because they are thick and full from top to bottom. If you want the most gorgeous look possible, be sure to look for double drawn tape extensions.

Do the Tape Wefts Have Any Seams? Is There a Sew Line? You Want Tape Extensions with a Seam!

Hottie tape in extensions are made with a unique sew line that holds the hair together with the tape weft. This sew line is truly one of a kind, and allows our customers to enjoy an overall better experience with their tape extensions. Our sew lines create a shed free and tangle free experience, while other brands shed badly without any sew line at all. Here at Hottie, we always test brands to ensure we remain the best tape extension on the market. Two other major brands lack a simple sew line, and shed very badly. Wearers tend to experience a 25% loss of hair from their extensions, simply because of the shedding that transpired. Always make sure your tape extensions were manufactured with a sew line! Without one, you’ll experience an abundance of shedding and tangling, and ultimate disappointment in the product. Sew lines allow tape extensions to remain lightweight and durable, so you can reuse the extensions again and again.

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Can You Workout With Hair Extensions?

One undeniable fact is that working out is a must, but then, so is having a head full of hair! Sadly, many ladies think you can’t have both at the same time. Majority of us fancy working with a full ponytail and a full hair, but think we can’t really have it. Seamless extension makes it easier to have this privilege. It enables you workout, swim, and still retain fabulous hair that lasts. Our natural and light weight are also good for you because of their durability. Also, with our high grade super tape, the bonds stay together for 3 months even if it is being exposed to excessive sweat or you swim with them or you are blowing out excessively which I am guilty of, by the way. There is the inherent fear in many ladies who wear extensions; they are scared to workout, because they think the quality of the hair will be affected. With Seamless hair extensions, this fear is very well taken care of. You can very easily work out with tape in extensions. And then, when you put your money into high quality extensions, then you have paid for the liberty to workout and workout real hard with your extensions with absolutely no fear, while you look absolutely stunning with your full hair, while at it.

You never know how much good putting your best forward can do. It can indeed, be a harbinger of opportunities! If you are a woman who works out a lot, rest assured that seamless extension is the best for you! There are a lot of challenges in working out with many other extension types. And from experience, I know working out with a clip in an extension is one of the worst experiences you can have. It is nothing short of a nightmare, the bulky clips and getting the hair to stay; how much more, getting your hair up a ponytail while preventing your clips from showing.

Working out with the fusion of one or two extensions leaves your hair looking stringy and there is still the possibility of some of them slipping out. And then, working out with the big braided weft kind of wig is not even an option when your hair is braided, considering that it is very difficult getting sweat out when it gets trapped in there.

The sum total of these experiences on many women often gives them the conviction that they cannot workout with extensions. It is not a very good conviction that you can’t put on your best look even as you pursue fitness which will put you in an even better shape. But the good news is that with Seamless extensions, this fear is gone. And so my dear lady, you have absolutely no more excuses for not looking your best while working out!

Investing in hair extensions is equally investing in your health. You can workout with tapes in extensions and while doing it, look amazing and feel good! Many of our customers are professional athletes who often gush in testimony of how long lasting the hair are, despite their many hours of working out. Do yourself a favor and get you some professional extensions, so you can work out and workout real good. If you are overprotective of your hair, then you can just rinse out the sweat after working out, or the chlorine to which it was exposed after swimming and you are good to go!