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I-Tip Hair Extensions Las Vegas

Before & After I-Tip Hair Extensions - Blonde Balayage

Experience I-Tip Hair Extensions & Get the Most Natural, Versatile Strand by Strand Hair You’ve Ever Had!

I-Tip Hair Extensions is the Leading Individuals Hair Extension Method.  Creating the Illusion of Not Wearing Hair Extensions At All. Giving You the Natural Hair You’ve Always Wanted. It Hides Well, Styling Is Easy, and can even be worn in Ponytails! It’s Simple, Yet Amazing.Continue readingI-Tip Hair Extensions Las Vegas

It is VIRTUALLY UNHEARD OF for a Salon to Stock ANY type of Hair Extensions!

But Hottie® Hair Is

Women Getting Consultation for I-Tip Hair Extensions in Las Vegas at Hottie Hair Salon & Hair Store Las Vegas

Hottie® Hair Is Your Complete Candy Store Of Hair Extensions!

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See the Hottie® Hair transformations

At Hottie Hair Salon & Extensions Store, they provide customers with an unparalleled level of hair transformations. From subtle changes to full-on glamorous looks, the skilled and experienced stylists at Hottie are sure to bring out the best in your hair.

If you’re in the Las Vegas area and want to take your look to the next level, then check out Hottie Hair Salon & Extensions Store! With their skill and expertise, you can guarantee beautiful results every time. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to discover your perfect look with I-Tip hair extensions today!

Experience Hottie® Hair Extensions
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Your Top Of The Line Experience At Hottie Hair Extensions.

A Personalized, Time-Effective & Upscale Experience With Supreme Quality.

Consults About Beaded Weft Hair Extensions in Las Vegas
The Consultation


At Hottie® Hair extensions Las Vegas, our goal is to give the very best experience… Even our consultations are held at that same superior standard… Our experts care about your hair…and it will show! You will leave our salon looking and feeling your BEST self.

With a diverse team of all different personalities… we know that we can find you a stylist that will be your “perfect match.” Our team is filled with passionate experts who will help you know what is best for you and your lifestyle.

The Hottie® Hair Extension experience is unlike any other… Stop in to either of our locations today to see why we are Las Vegas’s very best and leading shop for hair extensions!

Display of I-Tip Hair Extensions Las Vegas at Hottie Hair Salon & Extensions Hair Store Las Vegas

Russian Remy I-Tip Extensions by Hottie® Hair Extensions

Hottie® Hair Extensions Russian Remy I-Tips are the best of the best when it comes to individual extensions!

Our hair comes straight from Russia- so you can be sure it will be supreme quality hair.

Our I-Tip extensions are perfect for anyone looking for individual extensions for length and thickness. I tips are great for those with more active lifestyles and are known for how well they blend.

We offer many colors and blends and as always, our hair is 100% Remy. This means your hair will last longer without tangling and shedding over time.

Our Russian Remy I-Tips have the same thickness from top to bottom so they will stay full throughout the life of them.

Russian Remy I-Tips are the leading hair for individual extensions.

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The Perfect, Seamless Color Blend

At Hottie® Hair Extensions Las Vegas, Our Russian Remy I Tip extensions come in many different colors and blends!

We can find a perfect color match for almost everyone. Of course there are instances where adjustments are recommended(such as with fashion colors); however, our talented staff specialize in coloring extensions as well as installing them. Our team is ready to give you the look you have always dreamed of!

Having stylists that specialize in color and extensions, means the end result is always SEAMLESS, BLENDED, PERFECTLY LONG AND GORGEOUS HAIR.

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The Install

Our Russian Remy I Tip extensions come with a clean and precise installation. The method we use to install our I-Tips is the SHRINK LINK method.

Once the hair is sectioned off, there is a plastic tube threaded onto the hair. From there, our Russian Remy I-Tip is placed inside the adhesive tube and sealed together with heat.
As the plastic tube gets hot, it becomes hard and hugs to the I Tip and the natural hair forming a perfect and seamless extension blend.

Our Russian Remy I-Tips are individuals reinvented… say goodbye to messy glue and 8 hour installations and come get the individual extensions you’ve always dreamed about having!

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Your Red Carpet Look

We want your new I-Tip extensions to took red carpet ready ALL OF THE TIME– not just when you leave our salon!

Our Russian Remy I Tips can be washed and styled with your natural hair…YES that includes hot tools!

Your stylist will find out what hair styles you love ahead of time and show you how you can get that desired look at home- without having to come to the salon every week!

We will show you how to style your hair to work with your lifestyle. All lifestyles are welcome!

Hair Stylist Showing How To Maintain I-Tip Hair Extensions in Las Vegas at Hottie Hair Salon & Extensions Hair Store Las Vegas

Maintaining Your New Look

We know that hair extensions are an investment… and we want your investment in our Russian Remy I Tips to be worth it.

We will go over the do’s and don’t of beaded weft extensions and show you how to protect your hair from potential damage.

We want you to have the best tools possible, so that is why we have created a Hottie® Hair Care Kit. Your stylist will show you exactly how to use everything ensuring your hair stays in the best shape in between appointments.

We keep in stock some of the best styling products on the market… guaranteed to strengthen your Russian Remy I-Tips and give you the longest usage possible.

Hair Stylists Showing Completed Install of I-Tip Hair Extensions in Las Vegas at Hottie Hair Salon & Extensions Hair Store Las Vegas
Founder CryStyle on Right

Experience The Magic of Hottie® Hair.

The result of Hottie® Hair simply is amazing and looks just as good IN-PERSON as it does in Before & After Photos.

That’s why I wear Hottie® Hair myself every day, but also because I created it out of my own struggles to find a hair extension solution for my own fragile and thin hair that met my expectations on quality, appearance, and ease of care.

What Makes Our Hair Different

Take a look at this video where I explain in greater detail what makes Hottie® Hair Extensions different from other hair out there.

If you want to FINALLY Get the Natural Looking Hair You’ve Always Wanted:

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-CryStyle, Founder of the Hottie® Hair Salon & Extension Stores

Russian Remy I-Tip Hair Extensions Las Vegas





Display of I-Tip Hair Extensions in Las Vegas on Top of A Stone

CLICK HERE to learn why Russian Remy hair makes for the best I-Tip hair extensions ever!

The best experience with your hair extensions comes from using the highest quality of hair.

That is why we are introducing our slow processed russian remy I-Tip hair extensions.

As you may or may not know 99.9% of hair extensions start out as black hair.

This is because 84% of the world population has black hair, so this color is the most readily available.

How the hair is processed to change its color is vitally important and only the gentlest of processing will protect the hair for longer use.

This hair undergoes a 15-20 day extremely gentle slow processing to pull the black pigment out of the hair. This allows the hair cuticle to stay intact.

Giving you anywhere from 5-9 months of use depending on care.

Many will say their hair is remy but they will coat it in silicone so it feels soft to the touch.

It’s not until after you start to wash the hair and this silicone begins to wash off that you are left with the actual real non remy damaged hair.

We know that you and your hair deserve the best so let’s get you the hair that you have always dreamed of!

Actual REAL remy hair, that is why Remy Chic Hottie® Hair is made from the finest quality 100% actual REAL remy double drawn (thick from top to bottom) slowest processed real Russian human hair.

Our I-Tip hair extensions are very thin strands that lay flat to your head and are comfortable.

Perfect for all types of hair lengths and thicknesses.

The I-Tip hair is attached to your with a bead or shrink tube that is designed to bond to your hair without damaging it.

Want our Real Remy Russian I-Tip Hair Extensions but are not in Las Vegas? Shop our online store.

You can curl, heat, straighten or wash them just like your own hair. Let’s find your perfect color and length today!

Installing Professional Hair Extensions Is Truly a Customized Experience For Each Client…


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…This is Why At Hottie® Hair We Do Not Restrict You To Just One Installation Method.

We Offer You a VARIETY of Installation Methods to Accommodated YOUR HAIR & YOUR LIFESTYLE.

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