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Professional Hair Extensions Las Vegas

Getting Hair Extensions Has NEVER Been EASIER

Client Getting a Hair Extensions Las Vegas Consultation

It is VIRTUALLY UNHEARD OF for a Salon to Stock ANY type of Hair Extensions!

But Hottie® Hair Is

Hottie® Hair Is Your Complete Candy Store Of Hair Extensions!

PLUS, Hottie® Hair does not just stock ordinary hair…

Women Showing Highest Quality Russian Hair Extensions You Can Get In Las Vegas

…at Hottie® Hair extensions Las Vegas you will find the RAREST, HIGHEST QUALITY hair in the world…

REAL BLONDES, REAL BROWNS matching textures of black hair from RUSSIA.

Russian hair is reusable in some cases TWO YEARS, not just a couple months.

All this so that YOU can have the absolute best experience with your hair possible!

84% of the world has BLACK hair…

Women Showing Where Hair Extensions Come From In The World

…because of this VIRTUALLY all salons & stylists use processed, color changed black hair.

EVEN the gentlest of bleaching processes damages the hair…leaving the life expectancy far less.

However, this hair is still a good goto; on a budget friendly price…and in stock.

Why Wait? At Hottie® Hair SAME DAY installs are VERY common…

Client Getting Hair Extensions in Las Vegas Installed By Hair Stylist

…traditionally you would do an in person consultation

…then in some case wait TWO PLUS WEEKS for the hair to arrive.

Not to mention all the problems that come with ordering hair

Like YOUR COLOR NOT IN STOCK… This happens all the TIME!

Or they order too little hair and you have to order more and then…COME BACK…

Or there is some kind of SHIPPING DELAY or WRONG COLOR SENT…

This is why we stock multiple lengths, colors, qualities and methods of hair extensions!

We have made it SUPER EASY for you to get the hair of your dreams SAME DAY!

No need to wait… No ordering hassles…

…actually SEE, TOUCH & fall in love with YOUR new hair, TODAY!

At Hottie® Hair we do not restrict you to just one installation method

Hair Stylist Showing The Many Types of Hair Extensions in Las Vegas to Choose From

we consult with you and find a method that fits your lifestyle best!

With most current methods you are in and out of our salon in less than 3 hours!

If you have worn extensions before you know how great this sounds!

You are in and out of the salon leaving transformed

  • Before Hair Extensions Jen Harley 3
  • Hair Extensions Transformation Las Vegas

and feeling more beautiful than when you arrived!

PLUSyour hair health is our TOP priority.

By using THE most up to date methods your hair will not get damaged.

WE UNDERSTAND that you are trying to grow your hair out, not lose more of it.

So, click the button below so that we can find the method that works for YOU

and get you the hair that you have been dreaming about!

See the Hottie® Hair transformations

  • Balayage-Tape-In-Hair-Extensions-Las-Vegas-After-04
  • Balayage Tape In Hair Extensions Las Vegas After 11
  • Balayage Tape In Hair Extensions Las Vegas After 10
  • Tape In Hair Extensions Las Vegas Before After 05
  • Clip In Hair Extensions Las Vegas Before After 01
  • Tape In Hair Extensions Las Vegas Before After 04
  • Beaded Weft Hair Extensions Las Vegas Before After 01
  • Balayage Tape In Hair Extensions Las Vegas After 05
  • Tape In Hair Extensions Las Vegas Before After 01
  • Balayage Tape In Hair Extensions Las Vegas Before After 01

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Tape In Hair Extensions

Most Popular Method

Tape In Hair Extensions Las Vegas Client
Light Blonde Remy Tape In Hair Extensions Las Vegas
Tape In Hair Extensions Las Vegas Client
Virgin Russian Tape In Hair Extensions Las Vegas
Tape In Hair Extensions Las Vegas Client
Light Blonde Remy Tape In Hair Extensions Las Vegas
Tape In Hair Extensions Las Vegas Client
Virgin Russian Tape In Hair Extensions Las Vegas
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Beaded Weft Hair Extensions

Popular Method

I-Tip Hair Extensions

Popular Individuals Method

Fusion Hair Extensions

Individuals Method

Hi! I’m CryStyle, founder and creator of Hottie® Hair Salon & Extensions Store

Women Shopping For Hair Extensions in Las Vegas, While Another Is Getting Prepped For An Install

In a few hours (if you have worn extensions before you know how great this sounds), our clients are in and out of the salon leaving transformed and feeling more beautiful than when they arrived.

Together we will pick the install method and quality of hair that fits your lifestyle.

Our installation methods are 100% safe and blend amazing with your own hair.

Hair Stylist Showing Client Tape In Hair Extensions In Las Vegas at Hottie Hair Salon

I have spent many years perfectingtraining in every method and training the best hair extension specialists in the country.

This allows us to create a unique experience with the absolute best hair extension methods on the market.

Not only will you have the most natural, light-weight, comfortable hair you’ve ever had…

no one will believe you have extensions until you actually show them, they do less damage, hide better in the hair and it won’t slip out.

Hair Stylist and Very Happy Client With Completed Hair Extensions Install.

PLUS, only the highest quality of hair guaranteed. Because washing and styling hair extensions should feel like wearing your own hair or in many cases better!

SO, if you feel you are ready to Experience Hottie® Hair Extensions in your own Hair,

and FINALLY Get the Hair You Have Always Dreamt of…

…Click the Button Below and Schedule TODAY!

-CryStyle,Founder of Hottie® Hair Salon & Extensions Store.

Hottie® Hair’s Commitment to YOU!

Client Getting Highlights In Preparation For Hair Extensions Installation.

We custom color, cut and place Gorgeous Hair Extensions, adding volume, length and thickness so you can experience the long, beautiful hair you’ve always dreamed of.

We are Passionate about creating the Greatest Experience Possible for YOUwith the least amount of damage to your hair.

We are committed to making sure YOU are a Great Candidate for Hottie® Hair Extensions, thus guaranteeing 100% of our clients end up with beautiful, extensions when you leave our chair.

  • Larissa Santos Lima Consults About Hair Extensions in Las Vegas
  • Larissa Santos Lima Gets Long & Dark Hair Extensions Installed in Las Vegas
  • Larissa Santos Lima Gets Long & Dark Hair Extensions in Las Vegas

It is inevitable that the fast, efficient, beautiful results and quality of Hottie® Hair Extensions will have you hooked like the rest of our clients, many of whom travel from all over the world to Las Vegas, NV, to experience Hottie® Hair for themselves.

Our clients are committed to living with beautiful, manageable, long hair and most can thoroughly relate to my personal struggle to find the highest quality hair extensions with the safest installation techniques.

This is Why They Trust Us to Work Our Magic with Hottie® Hair Extensions!

How Hottie® Hair Extensions Came to Life…

Hair Stylist Looking at Weft Hair Extensions in Las Vegas

I have very fine hair that I have never been able to grow past my collar bone.

As well, my front and sides have always been my “problem areas”.

I wanted that dream hair but one of the biggest problems I faced as an extension addict.

Is the quality of the hair extensions!

I had no idea that buying hair extensions could be such a pain!

Women expressing pain for not finding good hair extensions.

I would get this gorgeous hair installed only for it matte up, bunch up and dry out after a few washes.

You expect when you buy hair for it to act like your own hair but it never did.

It took me many many years hunting for the right qualities.

In this hunt I found that 99% of hair extensions are made…

from hair that has fallen to the ground after it has been cut.

Turns out this is THE biggest problem.

Remy Ponytail Hair Extension Collecting vs Non Remy Hair Extension Collecting

I found that if the hair is not kept in a ponytail that the cuticles get all mixed up…

They are NEAR IMPOSSIBLE to put back in the same direction.

Since this is the MAJORITY of hair, manufacturers have a few tricks up their sleeve.

They will remove the cuticle which DESTROYS the hair…

Then coat it in a silicone type product so it feels soft, smooth and shiny.

After you start to wash it, the silicone begins to flake off and you are left with the damaged hair underneath it.

To complicate matters even more, if your lucky to find true ponytail hair.

You will find that 84% of the world has black hair

Women Showing that 84% of Hair Extensions Collected Worldwide is Black Hair.

…so when you see all those pretty extensions colors like brown, light brown or blonde.

They have to BLEACH the hair which also if not done extremely carefully DAMAGES the cuticle ANYWAYS!

Turns out VERY FEW factories in the world CAREFULLY process hair.

It takes 15-20 days to carefully remove black color pigment WITHOUT damaging the cuticles too much.

Even the most carefully processed black ponytail hair will last you about 3-6 months.

 This is actually considered GOOD HAIR and is sold by most high end hair extension companies.

We also make this type hair now but I wanted what I think everyone really wants.


  • Virgin Tape In Hair Extensions Lightest Blonde 60 Boho Wreath Braid Flowers.fw
  • Virgin Tape In Hair Extensions Light Brown 7 Braid Flowers.fw
  • Virgin Tape In Hair Extensions Natural Black 1B Boho Wreath Braid Flowers.fw

REAL BLONDESREAL BROWNS and the perfect textures of HIGH QUALITY black hair.

VIRGIN hair that will last 1-2 years or longer, not just a few months at best!

The type of hair that is most like your own natural hair.

I went on quite a journey so that your hair can not only look beautiful when installed

...but it will also act like your own hair too or better!

Now I can save you all years of trial and error and money wasted…

…so that you can get THE best hair extensions on the planet.

Women Showing Off Her Brand New Hair Extensions That She Had Installed In Las Vegas

I wear this hair every single day. I swear by it. My clients love it.

It is life changing for those that have worn extensions in the past.

Just trust me, it is THE best way to start if you have never worn them before.

I now have thousands of happy women wearing Hottie® Hair Extensions for many years now!

I am so excited to bring you the joys of THE best hair on the planet

…and the best and safest installation methods possible!

Click the button below so we can get YOU started on your hair extension journey the right way!

Hottie® Hair Stylists Trained By CryStyle

Training Hair Stylists How To Install Hair Extensions in Las Vegas

I have been doing hair for 18 years and about 10 years into my career there started to be a real demand for hair extensions.

Allot of the big celebrities were getting hair extensions, so allot of my clients started asking for them.

I had some clients over the years that had gotten extensions and I was not impressed by some of the damage I was seeing up until that point.

So I had steered clear from them as I did not want to do anything that would cause the kind of damage to my clients hair that I had seen like torn hair and bald spots.

However, I knew if I wanted to stay relevant as a stylist I needed to learn how to do them WITHOUT the possibility of damaging my clients hair.

So I spent three years learning and mastering EVERY techniche out there and figuring out the SAFEST methods and techniques possible.

All this so that my clients could have healthy hair growth while wearing extensions!

What I discovered is that allot of stylists were just taking a one day crash course on multiple installation methods…

then installing on customers WITHOUT getting the experience needed to master them!

So what I decided to do was to create a two year apprentice program in which I could train stylists on all the SAFEST methods and BEST techniques for installing hair extensions.

In fact our stylists after three months are far more well trained and educated on installing hair extensions than 99.9% of hair stylists out there.

This is because they are not just getting a one day crash course…

They are getting real hands on training by myself and my other master extension specialists

We teach and show them THE BEST and SAFEST installation and removal techniques.

Installing hair extensions is truly a customized experience for each client…

…so it really takes them seeing us and helping us install them on a VARIETY of clients to understand the VERY BEST ways to accommodated the different hair clients have.

At Hottie® Hair We Know Hair Extensions Like NO ONE else does!

So CLICK the Button Below To Get Started With Your FREE Consultation…

Come & Meet My Fabulous Staff & Get the Hair You Have Been Dreaming About!

What is it like to get Hottie® Hair extensions?!

Take a look at some of these videos…

Farrah Abraham Revenge Hair – Blonde to Cherry Bomb Red – Fall Hairstyles 2017
Kaya Jones Tape In Hair Extensions Install For Grammy Awards 2017 Red Carpet
Hottie Hair Salon Las Vegas & Hair Extensions Las Vegas on Channel 8 News Las Vegas Now
Hottie Hair Salon on Las Vegas News 8: Summer Hair Trends
DJ Brynn Taylor Gets A Makeover By CryStyle With A Pop Of Tape In! Hottie Hair Extensions
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What are D.I.Y. extensions?

  • Clipo Hair Extensions Las Vegas Product
  • Clip In Product
  • Halo Product

Do you need a quick temporary do it yourself no hassle solution? No need to wait for shipping. Variety of lengths, qualities and styles all in stock.

Try them on today.