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Mens Haircut Las Vegas

Looking to get the best mens haircut Las Vegas? With two convenient locations Hottie Hair Salons in Las Vegas has many talented hair stylists that would love to help you get your desired look. We specialize in men’s haircuts from fun and trendy, to corporate and clean. Open Monday through Saturday from 10AM-7PM.

Best Mens Haircut Las Vegas NV

Signature Haircut Includes Shampoo. Soothing Scalp Massage. Blow-dry and Finishing Style

Hottie Hair Salon Las Vegas is not just for the ladies. We also specialize in men’s haircuts. For only $45 a short men’s haircut includes shampoo with a clean neck shave, a soothing scalp massage, blow-dry and finishing style. Medium to long haircuts are typically $65 and include. So men schedule your appointment today.

Best Mens Haircut Las Vegas

Hottie Hair Salon Las Vegas has many men’s grooming specialists. We provide our men clients with haircuts and complimentary beverages in a comfortable environment. We give personal attention and the treatment that our men haircut clients require by offering them a free consultation with any of their preferred services. We know you want to look your best. With that in mind we will keep you updated on the latest men’s grooming product, styles and services offered. With two convenient locations we have a wide variety of stylists at Hottie Hair Salon Las Vegas that look forward to servicing your grooming needs.

*Note: Walk-ins welcome for men’s haircuts. However in order to best serve our guests looking to get a mens haircut in las vegas we do recommend that you book an appointment by text, phone or online booking.

Mens Hairstyle Inspiration For 2022

A cool hairstyle can define not only a man, but an entire decade. These are some of the coolest men’s haircuts of 2021. Check out these videos and find some inspiration for your look today.

Get a textured haircut to add volume and dimension to

If you’re looking for a cut that’s as versatile as it is stylish, head to your salon and ask for a classic taper fade.

Ask for a buzz cut if you want a very short and low-maintenance style.

A beard can serve as the perfect accessory to include in your look this year.

A classic men’s haircut is one that doesn’t give much thought to appearance. Instead, it focuses on practicality—it should be functional and easy to style. You may also see short haircuts referred to as “buzz cuts” or simply “bobs.” It’s a men’s hairstyle that typically includes 1/8-inch to 3/4-inch clipper guard all around with a taper on the neckline and behind the ears. A simple men’s haircut doesn’t require much styling, but you can apply a small amount of pomade or other hair product for interest.

Buzz cut styles are perfect for the man who wants to wear an extremely low-maintenance hairstyle.  The buzz cut is a classic men’s haircut choice that involves shaving all of the hair on a man’s head to a uniform length. This is accomplished through the use of an electric shaver or clipper, and it usually leaves the head with 1/8-inch to 3/4-inch hair length all over. If you are considering getting a buzz cut, there are number of things to keep in mind. You will need to decide on the length that you want your buzz cut, just how short you want it and what type of clipper guard you would like to use. Also, take into consideration whether or not you want the back of your neck shaved too.

mens classic haircut

Clipper cuts are among the easiest hairstyles to maintain. All you need is a good, sturdy comb and some hair products.  A clipper cut refers to any haircut that uses clippers for cutting rather than scissors or shears. This typically means that the length of your hair will be uniform throughout your head– typically about 1/8-inch to 3/4-inch in length. The taper or fade that occurs behind your ear and near your hairline will typically be determined by the clipper guard size you choose, which varies from about 1/16 inch to 1 ¼ inches.

You should ask for a taper if you are looking for a tailored haircut that won’t be too short.  When you ask for a taper cut, your stylist will use clippers instead of scissors to chisel away at the sides and back of your head. As he works from the bottom up toward the top of your head, gradually smaller clipper guard sizes will be used until you reach the desired length. The resulting effect is a tapered haircut that skims the corners of your head and can be finished with a hair clipper to achieve a clean, crisp look. While it’s not common for guys to get taper cuts these days, if you’re looking for an old-school style this is a good option.

Ask for a layered cut with long sideburns if

you want a hip haircut.  Long, sideburn-like sideburns and a layered haircut is the perfect choice for men who want an edgy look that’s still practical enough to wear every day. This style definitely falls more on the modern side of traditional styles, but it can still be worn by men of all ages.

This is an edgy haircut with long sideburns.  As the name implies, these are haircuts that fall under the category of “short.” They typically range from 1/8-inch to 3/4-inch in length all over and look best with some texture added for volume. Buzz cuts can be achieved through shears or clippers, while a simple taper cut is achieved with clippers.

Consider getting bangs or an undercut to frame your face

A buzz cut can be made to look more stylish by including some sort of fringe. The most common type of fringe is bangs, which are typically long pieces that fall just above the eyebrows and hang over the forehead a bit. Longer styles that fall past the chin can also be effective. An undercut combines a buzz cut with a fade so that the hair is short all around but fades to skin at the temples and by the ears.

mens mohawk haircut with beard

Add some highlights or lowlights to brighten up your hair color.

If your hair is dark, ask for lowlights for a more  stylish look. One way to spice up any type of haircut is with some creative styling techniques. When you’re getting a buzz cut, this means making the most out of your hairstyle by adding in highlights or lowlights.

Highlights are streaks of lighter color that are typically placed toward the front of the head and create a more dynamic look.

Lowlights are just what they sound like– strands of hair that have been dyed darker to contrast with your base color. This technique makes it appear as if you have thicker, fuller hair.

For guys with dark hair, adding in some lowlights can brighten up your overall look and make you appear more stylish.

However, be sure to communicate exactly what it is that you want so your stylist can give you the best possible results.

Keep the length of your haircut at about 3 inches above the collarbone so it can be styled in many different ways.

Ideally, you’ll want your haircut to be about 3 inches above the collarbone. This length ensures that you can style your hair in many different ways so it looks good whether you pull it back in a man bun or slick it down with some gel for a clean-cut look.

mens long haircut with beard

Look for haircuts that are low maintenance and simple to style, like these.

When you’re looking for a new hairstyle, you’ll want to seek out ones that are low maintenance and simple to style. This means avoiding haircuts with complex designs or multiple layers because these styles will be the most difficult to maintain over time. Picking out an old school cut can be great if you want a clean and classic look, but they can also be high-maintenance because you’ll likely need to go back in every three weeks for product and a quick touch-up.

Choose haircuts that will work best with your hair type.

While the most important thing is finding a hairstyle that fits your taste and style, it’s also key to consider your hair type. Guys with thick, coarse hair may want to avoid getting a buzz cut because it’ll make the texture of their hair more noticeable.

This style can be styled in many different ways but doesn’t work for all face shapes.

Haircuts like these are great if you have naturally wavy or curly hair.

If you have naturally wavy or curly hair, haircuts like these may look great on you as they’ll be able to fall into their natural wave or curl pattern. However, if your hair is straight and fine, these styles will only make it appear thinner because of how heavy they are. If your hair is brown but you want to make it appear lighter, ask for highlights or lowlights. Guys with skin that is either very light or very dark should avoid this type of cut because it will only accentuate the color of their skin.

mens short haircut with thin beard

For guys who want to highlight their naturally wavy or curly hair.

  If you have fine, straight hair that falls flat on your head, make sure to ask for a fade around the ears and temples.

If your hair is fine or straight, this cut can create the illusion of thicker hair by fading from short to longer at the crown and nape. However, if your hair falls flat on top but has some volume at the sides and back, a skin fade may only make your hair look thinner. For this reason, you’ll want to ask for soft graduations that are blended into the haircut so it doesn’t appear as if there’s a stark contrast between short and long lengths on top.

A cut like this can make thin or flat hair appear thicker by fading from short to longer at the crown.

  If you’d like to create an illusion of thicker hair, ask for a fade that is blended into the longer lengths.

This cut can also make your hair appear fuller when styled up in a man bun.

Haircuts like this one are good options if you want to pull all your hair off your face and away from your scalp without it looking too long or too short.

If you like to pull all of your hair off of your face and away from your scalp, ask for a medium length cut that is tapered in the back and longer on top. Haircuts like these can be styled up in a man bun for an edgier look or slicked down with some gel when you want to look more professional.

The right cut can be styled up in a man bun for an edgier look.

mens haircut with fade

Which hairstyles will work best for your face shape?

If you have square or round face, length that is longer on top with minimal graduation can make it appear thinner.

If you have a square or round face shape, haircuts that are longer on top with minimal graduation can make your face appear thinner because the contrast between short and long lengths is not as apparent. This cut will work best for you when styled up in a man bun or slicked back to show off the lowlights in your hair.

 If you have an oblong or oval face, you can pull off a lot of different styles.

If you have an oblong or oval face shape, pretty much any hairstyle will work for you as long as the length is not too short and not too long. You can pull off both medium and high fades as well as longer hair that falls above your ears. The main thing to avoid is having your hair cut into a bowl style that will only accentuate the length of your face.

This style works for all face shapes except for oval or oblong. To create some contrast, have some short layers cut throughout the crown area to add volume.

If you have an egg-shaped face, you can pull off most styles, but it’s best to avoid a bowl cut.

A haircut like this is great for guys with naturally wavy or curly hair who want to show off that texture.

If you have an oval or egg-shaped face, this medium length style can work on you as long as there are some shorter layers cut throughout the crown area to add some volume. This can make your face appear less round while creating the illusion of longer hair on top.

  A cut like this is great for guys with naturally wavy or curly hair who want to show off that texture.

This long style works best for guys with oval or diamond shaped faces, but it can work for any face shape as long as the hair is styled neatly and not messy.

If you want to show off your bone structure or facial features, consider having a few face-framing layers cut in with your length at the top.

A haircut like this can look great on men with oval or diamond shaped faces but can also work for those with round faces as long as the hair is styled neatly and not messy.

  A cut like this can give men with round faces a more defined chin line and provide some dimension to the face.

If you have a diamond or triangular face, haircuts that are short on the sides and longer on top can make your face appear less wide.

If you have a long oval face shape, most hairstyles will work for you besides a cut with very long hair in the front.

Haircuts like these can provide some contrast to your facial features.

Haircuts that are shorter on the sides and longer on top can give you some added width in your face, making it appear less long compared to your hairline. Haircuts with lots of layers will also help achieve this.

  A style like this is great for men who want to make their cheekbones stand out or create an angular look in their face.

This is a great style for guys with naturally wavy or curly hair who want to show off that texture.

The right length for your face shape

To look your best, you need to choose a length that complements your jawline and facial structure. If you have a round or square face, you can pull off most hairstyles, but you will need to avoid hair that is too short. The best option for guys with round faces is medium hair that falls just past the ears. If you have a long or oblong face shape, haircuts that are shorter on top and longer in the back will work well for you.

mens haircut with fade and beard

Use products like pomade, wax, creme, gel, mousse etc on wet hair before blow drying for maximum hold and shine.

Use a blow dryer and brush to achieve your desired hair style. A diffuser can be used to dry hair with curly or wavy texture more slowly, which gives you more time to work with the hair before it dries completely.

When blow drying, use low-medium heat only. High heat is not required for most hairstyles and it also reduces the chances of split ends and damage.

Comb or brush your hair before using styling products on it. This will spread the natural oil (sebum) throughout your hair and reduce frizz by closing your cuticles.

After blow-drying, use a small amount of shine product to seal the moisture in your hair. This will also remove the “frizzies”

Use a wide-tooth comb to get an even smoother look, if necessary.

If you are working outside in the heat for long periods, use a water-based styling product or one that contains sunscreen.

Remember – the higher the shine factor of your hair product, the more your hair will become oily looking.

After you finish styling, wait a few minutes before touching it to allow the product to set. If you have long or thick hair, you may want to use a quick burst of cool/cold air from a blowing dryer on your roots so that they do not look flat and greasy

Hair straighteners, curlers and tongs can be used to add texture to your look or add curls.

For a sleek and smooth finish, use a flat iron after blow-drying. This will require a heat protection product to minimize damage from high-temperature tools.

If you want volume in your hair, blow dry with a round brush.

Remember to use a heat protectant product on your hair before using any sort of heated styling tool, as these can cause damage.

person holding mens hair styling product in left hand

Invest in quality shampoo and conditioner as well as deep conditioning treatments.

Every few weeks to keep hair healthy even when using products that may damage them such as gels or mousses, use a cheap conditioner on your hair to replace some of the moisture.

If you are concerned about split ends, get regular trims every 6-8 weeks. Choose a formaldehyde-free keratin treatment instead if possible. If not, wear protective styles for at least 3 days after getting it done so that the fumes do not damage your hair.

For a more natural look, try using leave-in conditioner or serum. Use a dime sized amount and rub it into your palms before running your hands over the length of your hair from root to tip.

Invest in a good hairspray which will hold the style without being too harshly sticky.

If you have medium-length hair, try not to put it up in a high ponytail too often.

If you have very long hair, consider having it cut in layers – this will reduce drying time and allow your locks to be more manageable.

Blow dry small sections of your hair with the cool air setting on at no more than medium heat. This should reduce damage and split ends.

If your hair is thinning, avoid heavy styling products which will just weigh it down further. Instead, use mousse or gel to give it extra oomph for special occasions.

Comb your hair after washing with a wide-tooth comb as this should minimize tangles and breakage.

Invest in a good round brush that will give you more volume.

If your hair is straight and sleek, invest in a paddle brush with natural bristles to bring out the texture of your waves.

For bedtime, use a silk scarf to tie back long hair as this will prevent it from snagging on your pillow. If you find this uncomfortable, use a satin pillow case instead.

Choose to wear your hair down in loose waves when it looks the healthiest i.e. not frizzy, oily or dirty-looking.

For bedtime, twist your hair into buns and tie it with scrunchies to prevent tangles and damage when you sleep

If you are having trouble with your hair being flat, tease it at the roots before you are going to wear it down.

For fly away hairs, rub a little bit of smoothing serum into them after styling to calm them.

If you have long hair or waves that are not quite beachy enough, invest in a good texturizing product. This will add the perfect amount of grit and definition.

Be sure to eat a healthy, balanced diet which will give you your daily required allowance of vitamins and nutrients needed to maintain healthy hair. For example – Vitamin B12, calcium, iron and zinc are all necessary for proper hair growth.

If you have dry hair or split ends, choose a moisturizing or nourishing shampoo and conditioner.

If you have greasy hair, use a clarifying shampoo every once in a while to remove all excess oil from your hair.

To add extra volume, try blow drying it with a round brush. This will create lift at the roots and lots of body.

When applying mousse or styling products, use your hand to rub it in instead of brushing it through with a comb. This will prevent breakage.

If you have dry or damaged hair, switch to deep conditioning treatments instead of regular conditioners. Apply mask once every two weeks and leave on for 10-20 minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water.

Make sure not to wash too often

The harsh chemicals will strip your hair of essential oils. Instead, try rinsing with water and conditioner to keep it clean and healthy looking.


Achieving your personal best is an ongoing process of self-discovery. The more you know about yourself, the faster you can make progress toward achieving your goals. This article offers a few tips to help you achieve that goal – but if this feels overwhelming or like too much work on your own, call us for some expert advice! We’re here to help every step of the way.

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