Root Touch Up Salon Las Vegas

Love Your Hair But Roots Already?!

The great news is your hair is growing! Depending on how fast and the type of color service will make the difference in how often you should do a root touch up. Below we will dive deeper, explore cost, compare to Ombre and give at home product care recommendations.

blonde root touch up


Am I Ready For Root Touch Up?

Your natural hair color can really contrast with your color treated hair. Roots can start showing anywhere from two to three weeks after color service. A good general rule of thumb is to schedule a root touch up every four to six weeks after your last service. This way you can keep you hair color looking fresh without too noticable of a line of regrowth.

maintain roots for color treated hair

Your Ends May Need Refreshing Too

Depending on your type of color service your hair can fade. When you do a root touch up is a great time to refresh the color on your ends as well. There are products your stylist can recommend to help keep your ends fresh in between services as well.

maintain blue with root touch up

What Do Root Touch Ups Cost?

Most services depend on hair thickness, service time and product costs. Our starting price covers most clients. The other cost difference will be color vs. bleach root touch up.

Root Touch Up: Base Price
Hair Length, Thickness Color Bleach
Short to Medium Length $75 $95
Thick Medium to Long $95 $115
Long and or Thick $115 $130

Toning Process: For bleach touch up a toning process is required to create your desired color. A single toning process is $30-35.

Bleach Protection Additive: Whenever bleach is used to lighten your hair it is very highly recommended to use a bleach protection additive. This will help tremendously in protecting the health of your hair. A single use additive is $35 for short to medium length hair. For long, thick hair or extensions additive can be $45+.

Free Consultation: While the above information helps to demystify pricing, you can always schedule a free consultation to get an estimate of what it will cost to maintain your roots.

blonde extensions with blonde roots


For Less Maintenance Consider Ombre

Ombre means “shade” and is a type of balayage hair painting technique. With this technique you can blend your root color into your desired color. This is very popular with blonding. This allows your roots to grow in without the need for a root touch up. Allowing you to go longer in between appointments.

ombre balayage for low maintenance

Protect Your Colored Hair

Color-treated hair does require extra hydration to keep healthy. Especially with the high upkeep of roots. Your stylist can recommend a specific product for you.

One Exceptional Roots Product

Exact shampoo and conditioner recommendations depend on your hair type. However, must have hydration products are Milbon Shampoo and Conditioners. Milbon has been around for 50 years and is the leading professional hair care company in Japan. They are expanding to the USA and we are one of the first shops to carry this amazing line.