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Dafne Lopez, Licensed Cosmetologist

Hair Stylist

Meet Dafne Lopez, one of our incredibly talented and passionate hair stylists. With a deep love for all things hair, Dafne brings creativity and expertise to every client she works with.


  • Licensed Cosmetologist: Dafne’s professional certification stands as a testament to her dedication and skill in the beauty industry.
  • Coloring & Highlights Specialist: Whether it’s crafting the perfect balayage or adding sun-kissed highlights, Dafne’s coloring techniques are second to none.
  • Hair Extensions Expert: From adding volume to creating length, Dafne’s expertise in hair extensions helps clients achieve their dream hair.

Personal Touch

When Dafne isn’t transforming locks in the salon, you’ll find her exploring the latest trends in hair styling and techniques. Her enthusiasm for her craft is infectious, making every appointment a delightful experience.

With Dafne, you’re not just getting a hair stylist; you’re getting a passionate artist dedicated to making you look and feel your best. Book your appointment with Dafne Lopez today and discover the magic she can create with your hair!