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New Hair Style Decision

Examining both the shape of your face and the texture of your hair is essential to selecting the best haircut to complement your facial features.

Choosing the ideal hairstyle for your face and hair texture can be difficult. That’s why our hair stylists at Hottie Hair Salon have put together this guide to assist you in finding a haircut that’s perfect for you!

We’ve all seen cuts and styles that flatter every face shape, from heart-shaped to oval. There are, however, specific gruesome fashions to be aware of.

Choice of a Hairstyle that is Appropriate for your Hair Type

Anyone’s hair can be classified as dry, coarse, curly, wavy, straight, oily, stringy, limp, and delicate.

If your hair is thin and stringy, it will most likely fall flat, and you will struggle to maintain the volume you desire. Go for a shorter hairstyle. You’ll have more volume with shorter hair; don’t worry, this hair type is more prevalent than you may think.

Girls with coarse, curly hair are definitely on the lookout for a style that will keep the frizz at bay. Curly hair needs more length than the hair on the thinner side to assist lay down the curls. The shorter you go, the more frizz you’ll have, and the fluff element will kick in. The same may be said for bangs. If you don’t want to look like you’re from the 1980s, avoid bangs.

Straight hair can often fall flat easily, so have your hairdresser chop in some layers to give it more body.

Damaged hair, on the other hand, is never attractive. So, regardless of your hair kind, if it’s damaged, chop it off! When it grows back, it will look a million times better.

most flattering haircut

Everyone’s Favorite Haircut

Our stylists at Hottie Hair in Las Vegas can all agree that shoulder-length haircuts are the most flattering for almost everybody.

A long face might look even longer with long hair. Short hair may lengthen and extend a round face, making it look more rounder. Short hair should be avoided at all costs by those with curly hair. Don’t repeat the faults of others; instead, learn from their mistakes.


On the other hand, shoulder-length hair flatters all women, regardless of their face size, shape, or age. You’re undecided on the style to choose? Start with shoulder-length hair until you’ve nailed the look.

medium length hairstyle on women

Who Can and Can’t Go for Long Ones?

Anything below the shoulders is considered long hair. You won’t believe this, but women with concise hair should avoid long hair unless they want to appear 12 for the rest of their lives. Long hair should also be avoided by ladies with long, narrow faces. Making your face look even longer than ever before is not a trait many ladies prefer right now.

This design is perfect for women with oval and square faces! Allow your hair to grow out; long hair is particularly appealing to you.

Having that in mind, anyone with hair below their breasts should be cautious. You’re about to go for an out-of-style look. It’s OK to wear your hair longer than shoulder-length, but not excessively so.

hairstyle for face shape on three women

One extended cut is universally flattering.

So, we know that shoulder length is the universal length. But what about the trim?

The v-cut has a long back and a shorter side. Because the length isn’t in the front around the face, the ‘v-cut’ works for almost everyone. Lip and chin-grazing layers can be modified based on your facial features and direct attention to the proper places. The layers also add to your sexiness.

v cut hairstyle on women

Short Hair Dos and Don’ts

Anything over the shoulders is considered short hair, and there is no standard length. Consider your greatest and weakest assets, as well as your height, while determining which length is appropriate for you. Short hair on tall ladies can be overwhelming (depending on how you look at it)

Shorter hair on women with rounder faces might make their faces appear even fuller; but, rules are intended to be broken every now and again, right? For people with round faces, our only advice is to keep it below the chin.

Rather you, believe it or not, your hair will be highlighted wherever it falls in the region. If you have gorgeous eyes and a sharp chin, consider short hair with side-swept bangs that immediately touch the eye. This will yield the emphasis away from your chin and towards your gorgeous eyes!

messy short hairstyle on women

Why Should You Care About Upkeep?

It’s crucial to think about upkeep while choosing a haircut. Like some of our stylists, if you despise getting your hair trimmed or put it off for months, ask your Hottie Hair Salon stylists for a cut that will grow out well.

We will always propose a three-month cut for clients who fall into this category. This way, you won’t have to go to the salon as often, and your hair will last for several months!

What’s the Deal With That Forehead?

Do you have a narrow brow? Consider bangs that start a bit further back on the head than you might expect, so they can be as long as possible to contour your face.

Is your brow a little too big? Request side-sweeping bangs from your hairstylist. They are more face-flattering. Your bangs will look polished and have fewer foreheads if they are longer at the temples than in the center.

fringe hairstyle on women

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