What to Think About Before Getting I-Tips Hair Extensions: A Guide

Glue-less, thread-less, and heat-less extensions are becoming increasingly popular.

I-Tips Hair Extensions on a Women

For decades, hair accessories such as weaves, detachable ponytails, and clip-ins have provided us with variety and stylistic versatility. They thicken weak hair, add volume to limp hair, and add inches to those of us who battle to keep our hair long. Hairstylists and their customers weren’t always open about what went into enhancing their appearances in the past, but that has thankfully improved in recent years. I-tips aren’t exactly new—high-end salons have been offering them for years—but they’re becoming more common as the next underground beauty fad emerges. CryStyle of Las Vegas, a Hottie Hair-certified I-tip stylist, gives us the lowdown on the extensions she claims have been a long-time industry secret.

Getting I-tips hair extensions is a big decision. Before you make the investment, there are some things to think about: do you have a consultation? Do they use 100% human hair? What’s their return policy like? Will your stylist be qualified and experienced enough for what you need? These are all important questions that should be answered before making your purchase. The blog post goes on to discuss these details in more detail, including information about how long the process takes and just how much it costs!

What Are I-Tips and How Do I Use Them?

I-tips are hair extensions that use flattened micro-beads or metal cylinders to attach to natural hair. While they’re frequently confused with micro links, they’re not the same thing. CryStyle states that “I-tips are different since they are separate sections of hair that are utilized with a cylinder piece and all inter-loop around a person’s natural hair.” Micro links, on the other hand, are made with a wefted track.

Associated Costs For I-Tip Hair Extensions

As one would expect, the more hair you want to have added and the longer it should be, the higher your cost will be. For example, for someone who wants their head full with a long style of I-tips installed at shoulder length (super short) costs $300. Meanwhile if they wanted all extensions to reach floor length (super long) it would cost $700.

This style isn’t inexpensive, so it’s best to think of it as a long-term investment. The cost may vary depending on the duration, but packages begin at $200. A bundle has twenty-five pieces, while a complete head of extensions requires around 100 pieces. The insertion of extensions will cost you another $400–$500, depending on whether your hairdresser charges by the bundle or per the piece. Another expense issue is if you’ll need or want your hair to be colored professionally. This is usually an extra $35 per bundle.

Before & After 22 Inch Russian Virgin I-Tip Hair Extensions Installed on a Women

What Makes I-Tips So Convenient?

It’s worth noting that I-tips are considered to be glue-less, thread-less, and heat-less extensions. They’re installation is quick—no more than three hours for a bundle of one hundred pieces or up to eight hours for the entire head. And if you don’t want them any longer? With just a two hour session your stylist can remove them.

I-tips are a good choice since they provide you easy access to your scalp. Unlike sew-in weaves, when the bulk of natural hair is braided down behind the extensions, Your natural hair will be uninvolved entirely. This means you’ll spend less time in the stylist’s chair. Sew-ins take three to six hours to complete, whereas I-tip installation takes an hour and a half. Your natural hair may move freely and “breathe” without the barrier of braids. Because the extensions may be pulled into a natural-looking, no-fuss ponytail or topknot, it gives you more significant movement. They’re also heat and color resistant, so you may style them just like your natural hair. They may be cleaned, dried using a blow dryer, curled, and straightened.

How Long Do I-Tips Last?

The longevity of a new I-tip installation will depend on the type of hair, how it’s styled and maintained. The average life span is six to nine months with proper handling.

CryStyle goes into more detail about what you should be thinking before getting your extensions!

With proper maintenance and attention, the installation will last two to three months., while the hair will last a little over a year. This implies that a single bundle of hair may be utilized in two different setups. The keratin that the I-tips are linked with, on the other hand, will break down over time as it softens with each wash.

Regularly wrapping or pin-curling hair and cleaning your extensions every two to three weeks are required for home care. CryStyle suggests going to the salon to have the cylinders opened. Any shedding or dead hair is removed every four to six weeks. The stylist will slip the cylinder back up and attach it over new growth once all debris has been removed.

Natural Strands Are Not Harmed

Some women are concerned that having extensions would harm their hair, but this is false. I-tip hair, like most other forms of extensions, does not do any harm to natural strands. There is no adhesive or heat used, and the beads are tiny and light. However, installation should be performed by a skilled expert. At-home care is required for any sort of extension. To achieve the most outstanding results, salon maintenance must be performed regularly.

It is possible to mix I-tips with other types of hair extensions, such as sew-ins or micro links. Combining different hairstyles may be a good idea for someone who wants more versatility in their look.”

Before & After 18 Inch Blonde Russian Virgin I-Tip Hair Extensions Installed on Women

It’s Possible To Reuse Them Several Times

With proper care, the I-tips installation should last for two to three months. Some women will reuse them more than once before they’re replaced. The hair on the other hand is not as durable and can only be reused a couple times. As time passes, the keratin softens with each wash.”

I-Tip is the sole technique for reusing individual extensions. This is a significant advantage compared to a one-time glue-in procedure with the alternative strand-by-strand approach (fusion extensions).

I-Tips Are Quite Discrete

Unlike other types of hair extensions where the bulk is braided down behind, your natural hair will be totally uninvolved. This means you’ll spend less time in the stylist’s chair.”

I-tips are a good choice since they provide easy access to your scalp and limit styling because they’re already styled when put on. I-tips are a great option if you’re looking for something easy to maintain and put on.

Because I-Tips are fully covered under the hair, they are almost undetectable. They’re held in place by a small bead. The beads are pretty tiny and available in a variety of hues. This lets them blend in with your hair perfectly. This will enable you to wear almost any hairstyle you choose while knowing that your additional hair is hidden.

Who Would Make A Good Candidate?

People who look best with I-tips have healthy, even-length hair free of chemicals such as relaxers and perms. When CryStyle first saw hairdressers using I-tips, she believed they wouldn’t be appropriate for coarse hair. “I just thought that because Black hair had texture—especially at the roots—it would mat up and not turn out well.” She disproved that myth thanks to research, as I-tips is safe for all hair textures. She learned through trial and error, experimenting on her own hair, watching other stylists on YouTube, and even learning how to build her own I-tips (all before she had formal training). In addition, she discovered that each client’s hair texture, density, and length necessitate a customized installation.

However, with the extra weight of I-tip extensions, those with fine, unhealthy, or relaxed hair risk harming their fragile texture. CryStyle admits that she occasionally turns away clients who have a long way to go before their hair is healthy enough. “I won’t put I-tips in someone with a relaxer unless they’re prepared to give up an inch and sometimes up to half to two inches of fresh hair growth,” says the stylist. “You should never place chemicals too close to metal because it will trigger a reaction,” she warns.

CryStyle says: “I’ve had clients come in with relaxers which were prepared to wait it out, and I saw them after approximately two to three months. They returned, and I was given a beautiful set of roots to work with, and we haven’t had any problems.”

Before & After 22 Inch Platinum Blonde Russian Virgin I-Tip Hair Extensions Installed on Women

It’s Important To Have A Consultation

Before you decide to invest in I-tips hair extensions, it’s important to consult with a professional. You want to make sure the stylist who will be performing your procedure is experienced and qualified for what you need. Sharing your needs, expectations, ideas, and budget with your stylist will better ensure that you get the look you’re after!

Additional Considerations When Getting I-Tips Hair Extensions

The I-tip extensions procedure is relatively simple and can last many months depending on the condition of your hair, the type of extensions you choose, how often you shampoo and/or style your hair, and the extent to which you take care of your hair. The process starts by taking a small strand from the back of your head and putting it into a bead that is clamped down on your hair and the extension strand. This locks hairs into individual strands in order to form one solid piece that simulates natural growing hair. Alternately, other types of extensions can be sewn into cornrows just like traditional weave or braids.

Once the extensions are in place, they’re then parted and styled. This can be done with a curling iron or flat-iron to achieve any desired look—from wavy curls and waves, to straight hair that’s been blown out into different textures, as well as anything in between. With heat styling tools like these, there is the potential for more breakage and damage to your natural hair. Hair that’s already been damaged from chemical or heat treatments may not be able to withstand the process of getting I-tips extensions, but it doesn’t hurt to ask about a protective treatment before making any commitments!

A consultation is highly recommended in order to discuss all aspects of the procedure and see if it’s the right choice for you. I-tips hair extensions are not a one size fits all, and Hottie Hair will give you as much time as necessary to make an informed decision!


I-tips are a great way to add length and volume without having to worry about the potential risk of damage that may come with other extensions. It is important, however, that you choose a skilled professional for installation. At home care will be required if hair needs it.

*Bullet Point: keratin softens with each wash.

  • *I-Tip is the sole technique for reusing individual extensions. This is a significant advantage compared to a one-time glue-in procedure with the alternative strand-by-strand approach (fusion extensions).
  • *I-tips can be reused before being replaced. They last about two to three months with proper care and upkeep.”
  • *If you’re looking for something easy to maintain and put on, I-Tips are a great option.
  • *It’s best if your hair is healthy enough before getting I-Tip extensions because they require hair to be healthy and “even-length” free of chemicals such as relaxers and perms.
  • *I tips can also blend in seamlessly with your own hair so they are hard to detect. I Tips last about two months with proper care, but you should always choose a professional stylist for installation.”

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