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Clipo Hair Extensions



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Easy 3 Piece Set. Goes On In Seconds. Made With Real Luxury Permanent Quality Hair. Washes Like A Dream. Extremely Versatile. Clip It In. Wear It As A Halo. Or Both. The Choice is Yours. D.I.Y. Hair Extensions Reimagined.

Hello Hotties. Introducing CryStyles newest design Clipo!™ Hottie Hair®. CryStyle wanted to bring the best of both worlds together. Clip Ins & Halo Extensions. For what may be the most exciting hair accessory this year.

Clipo Hair Extensions Front Full 16 60A halo clip in

Each set comes with 3 pieces. 2 face framing pieces. Full head piece with 5 clips. Removable, adjustable, Stretch Comfort Wire. Wear as a halo. Clip It In. Do both. The choice is yours. Extra wire included. Never fear a broken wire again, with your full set of backup clips.

CryStyle Hair Quality

CryStyle uses permanent quality hair extensions to create The Clipo. This raises our cost to make it. However, she knows washing traditional D.I.Y. hair can be problematic. It is often coated in silicon. Hiding the damaged hair underneath it. The Clipo is nothing short of silky radiant strands. You deserve hair that washes like a dream.

What are clip-in and halo hair extensions?

Halo hair extensions are a halo headband with human hair sewn to it in loops. The halo is then attached around the head in various ways.

Clip-ins are extensions that clip on and off of your own hair. They come in different lengths and colors, and simply attach to your own hair by having small clips.

Both halo and clip in hair extensions have a lot of options to choose from. Halo’s come in different colors, but also materials such as lace or silk. Clip ins come in various lengths and colors. Both halo and clip-ins can be heat styled. The clips on Clip-in halo hair extensions.

Clip ins can also be blended with your own hair to make a more natural look. Halo’s are a good choice for those who want a halo headband without having their hairdresser attach them permanently to their hair, clip-ins would be the better option.

So halo hair extensions are halo headbands with human hair sewn to it. The halo is then attached around the head in various ways. Clip-in extensions clip on and off of your own hair and come in different types and colors.

Why get clip in & halo hair extensions?

You can do the halo hair extension technique yourself at home!

Halo extensions is a more affordable way to add volume and length to your natural hair, with added benefits like: no glue or heat is required and you can reuse them for special occasions.

Hair extensions are attached to the base of your own hair by use of clip in halo wefts.  These wefts come in various different ‘colours’, with each one holding multiple individual synthetic hairs. There’s also 2 methods used in applying halo extensions:  They’re a temporary extension that can easily be taken out after wearing it for a day, week or even a month. It’s not permanent and will eventually grow out. This means its a cost effective way to add a little ‘spice’ into your hair without being too permanent about it.

You can use halo extensions to conceal thinning areas of the scalp – adding volume around the hairline so you wont have to draw attention down there!

Hair halo extensions are one of the most affordable ways to achieve length, volume and color in your hairstyle, without having to shell out on pricey salon treatments.

Clip-in halo extensions are comfortable & easy.  They can be reused for special occasions.  You can do this halo hair extension technique yourself at home! This halo extensions is a more affordable way to add volume and length to your natural hair, with added benefits like: no glue or heat is required and you can reuse them for special occasions.

How to wear your clip in & halo hair extension?

Hair accessories are perfect for dressing up or down your looks and they can be worn with almost any type of hairstyle imaginable. Halo Hair Extensions,or the other name is Clip-in Extension,are designed to help you achieve all kinds of different looks quickly and easily. Whether you’re looking to create a certain impression at work or simply want to amp up your party look beyond that of even your best friends, there’s nothing quite like having long luscious locks to make you feel your best!

Simple and easy steps to install Clip In Halo Hair Extensions:

Step 1) Take halo hair piece and slightly pinch it together. You are now going to attach halo clip to halo extension by sliding the halo clip through halo hanger, lining up the halo back with halo hook on halo clip.

Step 2) Insert halo clip into halo extension until you feel a click/lock.

Step 3) Test! Make sure hanger is secure before putting it up against your hairline.

Step 4 ) Grab the crown of your hair and separate it from the rest of your hair.

Step 5) Place the halo on your crown.

Step 6) Gently pull down your natural hair from the halo hanger and let it hang free.

KEEP IN MIND: Halo extension will only fit as close as the clips permit to your actual head, so don’t panic if you feel like they dont match up right away!

Step 7) Attache the side clip pieces above your ears.

Style to your desire and go!

FAQs about the different types of clips, clips vs wefts…

Halo hair extensions come with halo clips or halo wefts. There are halo hair pieces with 2 halo clips (2 in 1). And there are halo hair pieces with only halo weft.

Hair clip is the best used for occasions that you just want to have a nice elegant updo or half updo look and for all sorts of event, wedding etc… Halo clip can stay on your head comfortably for several hours without any problem because it hugs closely your scalp and doesn’t put pressure on.

Wefts is the best option for you who do sport activities, running, swimming etc… because its an elastic material so it WILL NOT get out from your head even if you play a lot of sports activity. Wefts is also more comfortable on hot summer days since halo clip will get hotter and even sweaty after a while.

You can wear halo weft at all places where you want to have an updo or half updo look without any problem. You can go out for dinner, party etc… with halo weft on your head comfortably because it stays put securely on your head without pulling your natural hair.

Hair Clip comes in either double clip or single clip pieces that are suitable for various head sizes from petite to large heads

Wefts come in elastic material so its more suited for sport activities, running, swimming etc…


The halo hair extension is a perfect solution for women who want to achieve the look of long, thick locks without actually having to grow their own hair out. Halo extensions come in two different types: halo clip and halo weft. The halo clip is designed with added security features that will keep it securely attached to your head so you can wear them comfortably during sporting events or other physical activities where a normal hanger would easily fall off. The hao weft comes in an elastic material which means they are more suited for people who do not have time to worry about what’s going on up top because these clips stay put!