Extensions Hair Store Las Vegas – Clip In, Instant, Tape In, Weft, I-Tip

Our extensions hair store in Las Vegas features a large selection of hair extensions. We carry everything from professional Tape-In, Weft, I-Tip & Fusions to do it yourself Clip-In, Instant, Ponytails & Toppers. Find what you looking for today at a Hottie® Hair store near me. You can even try them on for size to see how everything fits. Our experienced hair stylists can even customize them for you.

Clipo!™ Hottie Hair®

Clip In & Instant Extensions Just Had a Baby!

Clip In & Halo Hair Extensions at Hottie Hair Store Las Vegas

Hello Hotties. Introducing CryStyles Newest Design Clipo!™ Hottie Hair®. CryStyle Wanted To Bring The Best Of Both Worlds Together. Clip Ins & Instant Hair Extensions. For What May Be The Most Exciting Hair Accessory This Year.

Clip In! Hottie Hair®

Add length. Add volume. Style. Go!

Clip In Hair Extensions at Hottie Hair Store Near Me

Remy Clip In hair extensions: made in two amazing high quality types of hair. The highest and rarest in the world. Real Russian Remy hair and the next best real remy Indian hair. The russian hair we stock in 20″ 150 grams. The Indian hair we stock in 18″ 120 grams, 22″ 160 grams, 26″ 170 grams.

Instant! Hottie Hair®

Instant Style. One Piece. 30 Seconds or Less. Volume. Length. Done!

Halo Hair Extensions at Hottie Hair Store Las Vegas Made With Real Indian Human Hair

Real Remy Instant Human Hair Extensions: made in two amazing high quality products. The first is the traditional one piece instant made from real Indian Remy Human Hair. The second is our very own design called the Clipo. It is a three piece set that combines Clip Ins with Instant Human Hair Extensions to make a unique multi use full head coverage set. The one piece Instant we stock in 16″ 100g and 20 120g. The Clipo we stock in 16″ 120 grams, 20″ 150 grams.

Tape In! Hottie Hair®

Most Comfortable. Most Loved. Semi-Permanent Extensions.

Tape In Hair Extensions at Hottie Extensions Hair Store Las Vegas

Tape In Hair Extensions is the Leading Professional Hair Extension Method. Giving You the Natural Hair You’ve Always Wanted With Little to No Damage. It Hides Well, Styling Is Easy, and can even be worn in Ponytails! It’s Simple, Yet Amazing.

Weft! Hottie Hair®

Bead It In. Sew It In. Original & Much Loved. Semi-Permanent Extensions.

Weft Hair Extensions at Hottie Hair Store Las Vegas Made With Real Human Hair

Hottie® Hair Extensions Las Vegas Remy Chic hair is the perfect weft for beaded weft extensions. Our Hair comes straight from Russia- so you can be sure it will be great quality hair. Our beaded weft method is great for clients that want a secure method that will provide length and lots of volume. We also stock traditional salon quality Indian remy weft hair in a variety of colors.

I-Tip! Hottie Hair®

Natural. Strand By Strand. Semi-Permanent Extensions.

I-Tip Hair Extensions at Hottie Hair Store Las Vegas Made With Real Russian Hair

I-Tip Hair Extensions is the Leading Individuals Hair Extension Method.  Creating the Illusion of Not Wearing Hair Extensions At All. Giving You the Natural Hair You’ve Always Wanted. We offer many colors and blends and as always, our hair is 100% Remy. This means your hair will last longer without tangling and shedding over time.

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