Frizzy hair is sometimes a serious problem. We have all likely watched the comedy show called Friends. Do you remember the show in which they all go to Barbados? They went there to have a fun vacation, but it all goes wrong when Monica gets frizzy due to the humidity.

Further into the episode, Rachel tells everyone that Monica’s poor hair has doubled in size since they landed. And it just keeps getting worse and worse. While this was just a funny comedy sitcom on TV, don’t let what happened to Monica happen to your hair. You can make sure it doesn’t by following these hints:


If you are having problems with your hair, you need to take a look at the styling products you are using. The stuff you use all the time might be what is causing the havoc to your hair. Go get the container of whatever conditioner or shampoo you use and start reading its ingredients. Does it have any alcohol? Are there any sulfates? Both of those ingredients are quite bad because they will make your hair dry out. Get some with shea butter instead, for instance, as it’s good for the hair.

Similarly, you ought to possibly shampoo your hair less often. Everyone wants their hair to be clean, but going 24 hours between shampoos is a good idea. You should only shampoo the hair a few times a week, and the other times just use some conditioner. That’s known as conditioner washing or co-washing. Conditioners actually have a bit of the same cleansing products as shampoo, so it still works. It’s fine to not use shampoo every time. We suggest trying Hydra Shampoo and Hydra Conditioner for washing and cleaning the hair and keeping it hydrated.


You might love it hot, however your hair hates it. You should begin to use cooler water when you take a shower. Water close to boiling temperatures might feel good on the skin, but it hurts hair. It strips hair and even skin of the natural oils in them. If you really must use super-hot water in your shower, then make sure it doesn’t hit your hair.

When the hair has been washed, don’t instantly grab your hairdryer either. No one wants to sit there freezing in wet hair, but it’s best for your hair. You ought to let it air dry between 80 and 90 percent prior to using a hairdryer. If the hair is wet, believe me, it is vulnerable.

Talking about vulnerability, do you use any heat protecting products? Please say you do even if it’s not true. If not, hurry to your nearest store and get it. Heat protection products hold in the natural moisture of the hair if you plan to use any heated tools on it. We suggest you try Jon Renau Heat Treat Thermal Spray – it is astonishing! Oh, and also make sure the temperature is turned lower on tools like curling irons or straighteners. You truly don’t need to put them on high to fix your hair. They should be at a temperature under 350 degrees.


In the connection between your hair and yourself, you are the one who’s a bad guy. Your hair should be treated better, so stop damaging it and do things differently. Firstly and most important, stop all that hair touching! I bet you are doing it right now. Touching it is a mindless thing a lot of people do. But the fingers strip off the hair oils your hair needs and it an also make the hair strands break or the hair could get frizzy.

You must get a silk pillowcase. That is not due to being luxurious though. A person’s hair lays flat against the pillow for several hours every night. The majority of material is very rough on your hair and causes friction which then causes breakage. If you use a silk pillowcase your hair will stay smooth as you sleep.

If you believed your pillow had the only bad material, you would be wrong. Towels too are way too rough to use on hair. Yeah, I know you can’t use silk for towels. But you could use a plain cotton tee shirt for drying your hair after you shower. And do not wrap the hair up in towels or even that tee shirt after you wash it, it causes more frizziness and friction. Keep your hair free.

With all that effort and time people use when taking care of their hair, you’d never think you’d end up with frizzy hair. But several small alterations in your habits will give you great sexy hair. But if you still end up fighting with frizzy hair, you may want to consider getting extensions. They are so simple to use, especially if you get the clip on kinds. Consider it!

What do you do to battle frizzy hair? Tell us via the comments!



Several things that happen in life can be bad for your hair, i.e. if you get gum stuck in it (hand me some scissors), a relationship that breaks down (don’t even think about scissors), and of of course the cold weather of wintertime. If you’re fortunate enough to abide somewhere it doesn’t get cold, then you don’t need this article. Just enjoy your beautiful weather.

In the meantime, everyone else needs to listen up. Winter weather is frightful and it causes hair problems. In a few short weeks the humid summer weather is going to turn into cold, dry air. Swiftly, we are all going to be troubled by frizziness and scalps that are all dried out. You might decide to wear a cap in the wintertime, but that’s really not a good idea and we’ll tell you why later on. I am going to propose a better suggestion. Here are a few hints so you can have great hair all winter long.


Firstly, please remember, no matter if you’re in or out, wintertime can hurt your hair. You may say, “How? If I remain indoors all winter, I won’t be in the frigid weather so how can it hurt my hair?” Great thought, but not true. The air both in and out is dry, cause everyone turns up the heat in wintertime.

Winter’s main issue is it’s dry. You use twice as much moisturizer on your face cause it’s dry in wintertime. And hair is feeling the same kind of dryness, so you need to give it love too. In winter, you need to use a type of conditioner that’s hydrating. You need one including fatty oils and humectants. To increase the moisture, use a mask for deep conditioning once a week such as Intensive Recovery Mask.

Do you tap that snooze button several times when it goes off in the morning? You better quit or you could lose your job firstly, and secondly, you have to find some time to wash and dry your hair correctly. You shouldn’t go out with wet hair in the wintertime. Not cause you can get sick, but because it can cause breakage in the hair. You must make sure your hair is dry or take your shower in the evenings.


On the subject of washing your hair, you should do that less in wintertime. In the end, you are not particularly sweating as you did in summertime. Irrespective, shampooing your hair washes off its natural oils, so it’s more susceptible to the winter’s punitive temperatures. You should wash it every other day or less. Plus, you need to use warm, not hot water, no matter how great a hot shower feels in wintertime, as it’s bad for the hair.

When going out, you ought to wear a cap. That works to protect the scalp and your hair roots from the adverse conditions. What’s bad about it? You get hat hair. That’s due to friction from wool or cotton material that makes your hair subject to breakage. So, you need to choose a hat lined with silk or satin or use a silk scarf to wrap your hair up and wear the cap over that.

It’s also important to hair nutritious meals all year to help your hair stay beautiful. In wintertime, your hair can remain strong if you get the needed vitamins that keep the hair healthy and strong. For instance, each some spinach for the iron and Vitamin A, as those help hair grow. Do you like avocados? The have lots of Vitamin E and that works to keep the hair and scalp healthy too.

In spite of your top efforts, hair breakage along with split ends is going to occur. That’s the reason it’s vital to get haircuts regularly. You need to trim off any dry ends. If you are scared of getting split end or breakage, then be sure to ask your hairstylist for a short trim and then get some professional hair extensions to make the back longer. Professional hint: Artificial hair extensions will not dry out or break like real hair does, therefore they’re perfect for wintertime.

Perhaps you had what some call a “warm girl summertime,” nonetheless there is no reason you cannot keep partying all winter long. Of course there are no sandy beaches, however, you can have fantastic looking hair!

How do you get your hair prepared for wintertime? Tell us all your secrets here in the comments!

Clip-In or Tape-In extensions? Decide which one is better for you? 150 150 Crystal

Clip-In or Tape-In extensions? Decide which one is better for you?

Are you looking for the options to upgrade your hairstyle? Do you want to make them look thicker and healthier? Do you want to flaunt silky and beautiful locks? If yes, then hair extensions are the only option for you to consider. Multiple benefits are associated with choosing the hair extensions options, such as;

It is a quick process: It takes only a few minutes to fix the tape-in or clip-in extensions and one or two hours for other types, and you get a new look within the wink of an eye. Isn’t it easy and less time-consuming? You don’t get tired of visiting hair salons time and again for frequent sittings and other hair treatments.

It is free from chemicals: If you are worried about the damages that chemicals used in treatments to your hair, then extensions are the way to go. However, if you notice the issue of hair loss or hair thinning, then immediately stop using it and consult a doctor.

It is seamless and light on your pocket: You don’t have to go for some drastic measures to reform your beauty. It is the most easy and pocket-friendly method to look more charming and feel more feminine.

You can find many options of hair extensions available with the beauty experts these days, but the clip-in and the tape-ins are getting viral and revolutionizing into a trend. Let’s compare these two types of hair extensions and know which one is the best to choose. 

Durability of Tape-In vs. Clip-In Extensions

Are you looking for a semi-permanent kind of solution for your hair transformation, or do you want to make it an essential part of your daily beauty routine, or do you want a quick solution to look attractive at parties and make every other girl jealous? These factors are critical to consider before investing in either clip-in or tape-in hair extensions. Hair experts recommend the one-time use of extension only in a day and encourage its prompt removal in the evenings or before hitting the bed. It is a must-do step if you want to keep the quality of your extension for a more extended duration.

Tape-ins are a sort of semi-permanent solution as they remain taped along with your natural hair for five to eight weeks. It is necessary to take them out after some time to make space for the newly-grown hair. On the other hand, clip-in extensions are easy to apply, and you only put them on when you feel the need of having a new hairstyle. The type of hair used in the extensions and the way you take care of your extensions also determine the durability and life-span of the product.

Type of hair used to make the Clip-In or Tape-In Extensions

As mentioned before, hair extensions are made by incorporating different hair types through diverse techniques. In some cases, it gets tricky to dye the hair extension and transform it into a new color because of the nature of hair used to assemble the extension. You must carefully search for the details and the coloring and styling options that come with the clip-in or tape-in extensions to choose best for you.

The remy clip-in hair extensions are better to use if you are a busy person. You do not have much time to invest in hairstyling or want your style to stay in place for longer hours as you do not want to bother for retouching. Remy clip-in holds the style for a more extended time. Tape-ins are made of Remy human hair and are a great time saver because you do not need to spend time installing everyday like a set of clips ins.

Can you do the extensions by yourself or is it necessary to go to a hair salon?

Clip-ins takes the trophy for their easy-to-apply feature. Like tape-ins, you do not have to make hair salon visits to get the extension fixed. You can go to YouTube, watch tons of influencers applying the clip-ins and do it all by yourself. Keep on practicing, and you will become an expert. As far as tape-ins are concerned, you get them installed for a few months, and they require maintenance sessions every 5 to 7 weeks.

Now it’s all up to you which type of extension you want to buy. If you find it hard to re-do extensions time, and again then tape-ins are better for you, but if you love to experiment with your looks, then clip-ins will do wonders for you.

The Smooth and Simple World of Hair Extensions 150 150 Crystal

The Smooth and Simple World of Hair Extensions

Styling your hair is essential, nay compulsory. The reason is simple; it not only augments your personal outlook but also compliments your clothing and makeup. Among the various options about the styling of the hair, the use of hair extensions seems the best one. Whether your desire volume, length, more color extension is the perfect solution for what you desire. It is for this very reason that the use of hair extension is the most in thing, be it the celebrities or ordinary people. My words of wisdom for people confused about what color hair extension to choose from well it is always better to start from a lighter tone and gradually move towards darker. The reason is that lighter colors blend well. Talking about colors and hair extension, the standard options are either an ombre or gradient. Both options add to the natural texture. To answer most of your questions, I have attempted to write more about hair extensions.

Chose what you desire

Basically, it all depends on what you desire. If the heart says, go for a more natural look, prefer hair extensions that will blend well with your original hair. But for a different and bold statement, it is better to opt for the brightest color available

The Clip-ins:

If simple, easy, and hassle-free is what you desire, then this is the perfect option for you. They do not require much time and are the simplest to use. Although misconceptions do exist that these clip-ins are not natural, well, my personal opinion differs in this regard. What matters is how you apply them. The hair extensions must be blended with the hair. While using, better to do so in sections and leave ample space such as hiding the clip-ins. The fact worth mentioning is that extensions are usually available in bundles of 9 to ten . The clip-ins are small but blend exceptionally well particularly in the case of fark colors

The ponytails

Simple and easy to use, adds volume and length to your hair, making your hair statement the perfect one: the ponytails. There is no need to clip them (ponytails) together, as it rolls and wraps around natural hair using a string. For those not able to take this step of opting for hair extensions, ponytails are the first step towards perfect hair. Move from the more simpler outlook using ponytails to a bolder and rocking one by enhancing your hair extension usage

Well, that is not all but just the tip of the iceberg, so much more to tell you about hair extensions.

So what is your opinion? Are you finally ready?



As new extensions and wigs keep flooding the market with each passing day, you may find it confusing to know the best and most suitable options for you in the market and how and where you can purchase them. From Ariana Grande’s length extensions to simple weaves or even the gorgeous colors that the Kardashians rock, there’s a single, common factor in all of them – They make you look absolutely stunning and beautiful! That being said, we’ve got a new, trendy product here, which we’re sure you awesome gals will appreciate. We promise you – you’ve never seen anything like this before! Here are the complete deets about our latest obsession and product, and a helpful guide about where and how you can purchase them!


Let’s get this clear from the start – Halo hair extensions are simply dazzling. You won’t find any other hair extension in the market today that matches up to their natural appearance, style, length, and overall quality. You can spend all day on your computer or phone browsing extensions, which cost hundreds or even thousands, and spend an inordinate amount of time and money getting your extensions ‘professionally done’. Even then, you’re unlikely to match up to these puppies. Why?

Halo hair extensions are unique, which is why we consider them to be a cut above the rest. We, at Hottie Hair have mastered the art of hair extensions, especially the 16” and 20” Invisible Extension. Thanks to these stunning extensions, it is now possible to have ready-to-go awesome model hair, which both feels and looks natural and expensive. They also offer great length, volume, and enhance your overall beauty. Made using remy human hair, these extensions are heat-friendly and can be added and styled in many ways that gives you a unique look, setting you apart from the crowd.

Halo Hair Extensions Model

Not just that, these hair extensions are incredibly easy to add and apply as well! If you’re looking for hair extensions with heat-friendly features and gorgeous design, these Halo Extensions are exactly what you need. No more pesky clip ins or painful tape extensions – You can use this just the way you would a headband. These extensions don’t need much effort to blend in either, thus making it a flawless and effortless model application. Additionally, they are made using authentic human hair too!

Model Demonstrating How To Put On Halo Hair Extensions

Therefore, if you’re tired of spending time on prepping your hair every time you head outside to the office or school, these Halo hair extensions are exactly what you need. Don’t take our word for it – Try them out yourself and there will be no going back, we promise you! If you’d like to learn more, you can shop them over here. Ladies, your wait for the perfect hair extension is finally over!



Are you aware of how crucial it is to take proper care of one’s hair extensions during sleep? Yep, bedtime hair care is equally as vital as daytime haircare! That’s because extensions are prone to damage due to turning or tossing actions that you make during your sleep. Hair extensions can be damaged due to improper bed routines as well, such as falling asleep with your hair extensions still wet, a move that can cause tangled hair.

Do understand that if you’re looking to have natural-looking and healthy extensions, you’ll have to spend some extra effort and time for maintaining them properly. Here are some invaluable bedtime hair care routines, which can extend the life & look of all your beloved hair extensions:

Try to avoid matting and tangles by braiding your hair or making it into a ponytail. In case your extensions have ample length and can be braided easily, simply go for it! Just ensure that the braid is slightly loose. In case your hair is not long enough, ponytails are a good alternative. Just remember – Use only those hair ties that are snag-free. Whenever possible, tuck the ponytail under in order to prevent further tangling and friction.

You might also consider making use of a satin/silk pillowcase or silk scarf. As a matter of fact, the slippery and smooth texture of silk can work wonders in reducing friction and enhance your extensions.

Air dry occasionally – You shouldn’t ever go to sleep while your hair extensions are wet. However, instead of simply applying heat several times in a week to your extensions, you can choose to shower a few hours before & let your extensions air-dry for a while before you go to sleep. Your hair extensions will be grateful to you and you won’t have to work extra before you go to bed either. It’s a win-win.

Use hair masks and deep conditioners – These products can help retain the shiny quality and smoothness of your hair extensions. Research properly and see which products have been recommended by experts. Use them before retiring for the day. You’ll wake up with a great head of hair, we promise you! You can use Milbon Hair Extensions Conditioner as a deep hair conditioner by applying it to your hair for between ten to fifteen minutes.

By following these simple yet effective tips, you’ll be able to savor your stunning hair extensions for a longer period of time. These tips don’t take much time to execute either. Along with these tips, also ensure that your hair is brushed carefully using an extensions brush during the day & before you braid your hair. But do not over brush, since that can increase friction and cause breakage.

To learn more helpful tips like this, do go through our other blog posts where we’ve provided helpful information. You may also browse through all the hair extension-related products offered by Hottie Hair Extensions. Enjoy your extensions to the fullest!



In my experience as a hairstylist who offers tape-in hair extensions, I have discovered that the single side tape allows us more flexibility on the client’s hair. Single side tape will enable us to use only one tape hair extensions piece per section instead of two. The arrangement is such that the stylist places one hair extension on top of the client’s section, and a part of the single-side tape is put at the bottom, replacing the second tape hair extensions piece.


You can best keep your hair luxurious and luscious by using single side tape hair Extensions. It is especially great for thin and fine hair. It is also great when applied on the sides of the client’s hair, where there is a lot of hair.

Single sided Tape Hair Extensions placing the first tape on the hair

The amount of extension grabbed by the tape when the hairstylist places the first tape on the hair is the right amount needed for the application. Then, the single side tape is put at the base of the section to put the first piece together.

The sticky part of the single side tape

Avoid making contact with the sticky part of the single side tape with your hands to avoid the oils on your hands, sticking to the single side tape.


Close the tape hair extensions piece to the single side using pressure. We recommend that the clients do not wash the hair until 48 hours after it was applied to enable the tape completely attach to the hair.

There are 36 pieces of single-side tape per pack in our product, and it is made in the United States Of America.



Hair Extension Consultation for hairdressers – The initial consultation between the customer and the beautician is essential and can be very delightful for both parties involved. As a hairstylist, you get the chance to meet a bounty of various individuals from different backgrounds.


The initial consultation between the customer and the beautician is critical and can be very delightful for both parties involved. As a beautician or hairdresser, you get to meet an abundance of different people from different backgrounds. Some people see hair extensions as indispensable that they simply cannot live without, and for others, it is just a luxury. The customers are investing their resources and time into the installation of the hair extensions for the best of results. To make sure that the initial consultation goes well for everybody involved, remember to use the following tips:


Many individuals that are getting their extensions in for the first time have never experienced anything like this. Prior to the customer’s appointment, remind them to gather pictures of how they need and how they expect to look after getting their extensions. Ladies usually observe a few hairdos online or on a celebrity that they wish to see on themselves. If you have an image of what the customer needs, you can have the option to picture the hair for yourself so you can give the customer what they need. At times, you won’t have the option to give the customer precisely what they need. It may be the case that their hair is simply excessively short, or it may be unreasonably dainty for what they are anticipating. In different cases, the color probably won’t go well with their skin tone or their face casing may require a different color or cut. To evade any confusion with the customer, it is important to be completely honest with them. Give them a professional alternative. They will value that.


As a hairdresser, you may now and then overlook that not every person realizes what you do or how you do it. Ensure that you give your customers all of the information that they should know at the consultation. Experience the entire installation process with them, what to do after the installation and the procedure for reinstallation. Go through the instructions for taking care of their hair after the completion of the installation, from washing their hair with the correct items to styling guidelines. You can be incredibly useful by giving them a checklist to go over so they would know what to do prior to the installation and after the installation. Giving your customers a checklist is an approach to beat the competition and help your customers if they are ever in doubt.

Remember these things and your consultation should go smoothly. Make sure that you and your client understand each other completely so that when the day for installation comes, there are no surprises.



Why should all hair salons do hair extensions for their clients?

The following are the top reasons all licensed hair stylists or hair salon owners ought to consider providing Hottie taped-in hair extensions:


  • Taped-In Hair Extensions have been reported as one of the quickest growing hair services being offered by salons. The request from customers is increasing quickly also.
  • Hair salons are asking customers to pay between a hundred to one hundred fifty bucks an hour to get taped in hair extensions put in.
  • The customer returns to the hair salon each six weeks to two month period to get more extensions put in. This gives you the opportunity for extra profits as well as a chance to upsell some of your additional products or services.
  • Stylists can be taught the way to do taped in hair extensions via a single class. This certification session requires three to four hours’ time and covers all that’s needed to be able to do it. If no one does this certification training close to you, it’s possible to get certification straight from the course offered by Hottie Hair Extensions.
  • Applying a total head full of extensions requires less than 60 minutes. Taped in style extensions are the quickest way for applying total coverage for hair extensions.
  • Taped in hair extensions from Hottie Hair Extensions are the best priced extensions you can buy. They have a competitive cost and are listed lower than the average market costs.
  • Clients can re-use taped in hair extensions as many as 3 times, so they aren’t required to purchase new ones all the time.
  • Taped-in extensions don’t hurt someone’s hair. The only way a customer’s hair could be hurt is if they don’t properly maintain them or if they take or put them in wrong.


Once you start offering extensions at your hair salon, you are delivering opportunities. Folks do not desire to go to salons in order to imitate someone else’s ideas or desires. They do it because they desire to be independent and have their own identity. If a salon offers additional choices for customers to express their identity, then they are collectively expanding their products as well as their productivity.



Realize why it’s critical to get your hair extensions done by a Certified Hair Extension Professional.

Importance of getting your hair extensions installed by Certified Hair Extension Specialist

If you are getting hair extensions fixed, you want it done perfectly. You do not want a street amateur installing your hair extensions but a certified specialist. For you to have natural looking extensions, they need to be professional hair extensions, that’s why you need a certified professional to install the hair extensions for you. But how exactly does being certified allow these professionals to be better in installing hair extensions? What makes these people stand out from the rest?


There are various types of hair extensions out there. For each unique kind of extension, you can discover some that are of top quality and some that are low quality. To have top-notch professional hair extensions fixed, you need to contact an expert, somebody who is certified in hair extensions. A certified hair extension specialist will have the option to provide all your expectations and many more. They will have the option to blend your natural hair with the extensions consistently, giving you the most natural look you’ve ever desired.


How about we consider something for a second. If you had the decision of getting your hair extensions installed by somebody, would you choose a certified hair extension specialist or a non-certified one? Of course you will go for the certified hair stylist. For that expert to get that certification, the expert needs to enroll for a course which explains in details the best way to install each specific type of extension. You would prefer not to use somebody who has not gone through this course since they can endeavor to give you an inappropriate extension or attempt to install an extension using a strategy expected to install an entirely different extension. Having that certification sets apart the professionals from the amateurs.


We don’t like encountering problems during the installation of our hair extensions. But that’s not the reality. Professional hair extensions could be complicated, and when issues arises, you probably want a certified hair extension specialist working on your hair. A certified professional knows precisely what needs to be done in each circumstance with regards to hair extensions. There are different kinds of extensions, each having their own sets of potential issues, so you want to be sure that whomever you have working on your hair is certified and knows what to do.

A certified professional in the hair extension industry is qualified to do whatever extension job is placed before them. When you need professional hair extensions installed, make sure that whoever you are using to install those extensions is a certified professional.