Several things that happen in life can be bad for your hair, i.e. if you get gum stuck in it (hand me some scissors), a relationship that breaks down (don’t even think about scissors), and of of course the cold weather of wintertime. If you’re fortunate enough to abide somewhere it doesn’t get cold, then you don’t need this article. Just enjoy your beautiful weather.

In the meantime, everyone else needs to listen up. Winter weather is frightful and it causes hair problems. In a few short weeks the humid summer weather is going to turn into cold, dry air. Swiftly, we are all going to be troubled by frizziness and scalps that are all dried out. You might decide to wear a cap in the wintertime, but that’s really not a good idea and we’ll tell you why later on. I am going to propose a better suggestion. Here are a few hints so you can have great hair all winter long.



Firstly, please remember, no matter if you’re in or out, wintertime can hurt your hair. You may say, “How? If I remain indoors all winter, I won’t be in the frigid weather so how can it hurt my hair?” Great thought, but not true. The air both in and out is dry, cause everyone turns up the heat in wintertime.

Winter’s main issue is it’s dry. You use twice as much moisturizer on your face cause it’s dry in wintertime. And hair is feeling the same kind of dryness, so you need to give it love too. In winter, you need to use a type of conditioner that’s hydrating. You need one including fatty oils and humectants. To increase the moisture, use a mask for deep conditioning once a week such as Intensive Recovery Mask.

Do you tap that snooze button several times when it goes off in the morning? You better quit or you could lose your job firstly, and secondly, you have to find some time to wash and dry your hair correctly. You shouldn’t go out with wet hair in the wintertime. Not cause you can get sick, but because it can cause breakage in the hair. You must make sure your hair is dry or take your shower in the evenings.


On the subject of washing your hair, you should do that less in wintertime. In the end, you are not particularly sweating as you did in summertime. Irrespective, shampooing your hair washes off its natural oils, so it’s more susceptible to the winter’s punitive temperatures. You should wash it every other day or less. Plus, you need to use warm, not hot water, no matter how great a hot shower feels in wintertime, as it’s bad for the hair.

When going out, you ought to wear a cap. That works to protect the scalp and your hair roots from the adverse conditions. What’s bad about it? You get hat hair. That’s due to friction from wool or cotton material that makes your hair subject to breakage. So, you need to choose a hat lined with silk or satin or use a silk scarf to wrap your hair up and wear the cap over that.

It’s also important to hair nutritious meals all year to help your hair stay beautiful. In wintertime, your hair can remain strong if you get the needed vitamins that keep the hair healthy and strong. For instance, each some spinach for the iron and Vitamin A, as those help hair grow. Do you like avocados? The have lots of Vitamin E and that works to keep the hair and scalp healthy too.

In spite of your top efforts, hair breakage along with split ends is going to occur. That’s the reason it’s vital to get haircuts regularly. You need to trim off any dry ends. If you are scared of getting split end or breakage, then be sure to ask your hairstylist for a short trim and then get some professional hair extensions to make the back longer. Professional hint: Artificial hair extensions will not dry out or break like real hair does, therefore they’re perfect for wintertime.


Perhaps you had what some call a “warm girl summertime,” nonetheless there is no reason you cannot keep partying all winter long. Of course there are no sandy beaches, however, you can have fantastic looking hair!

How do you get your hair prepared for wintertime? Tell us all your secrets here in the comments!


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