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Clip-In or Tape-In extensions? Decide which one is better for you?

Are you looking for the options to upgrade your hairstyle? Do you want to make them look thicker and healthier? Do you want to flaunt silky and beautiful locks? If yes, then hair extensions are the only option for you to consider. Multiple benefits are associated with choosing the hair extensions options, such as;

It is a quick process: It takes only a few minutes to fix the tape-in or clip-in extensions and one or two hours for other types, and you get a new look within the wink of an eye. Isn’t it easy and less time-consuming? You don’t get tired of visiting hair salons time and again for frequent sittings and other hair treatments.

It is free from chemicals: If you are worried about the damages that chemicals used in treatments to your hair, then extensions are the way to go. However, if you notice the issue of hair loss or hair thinning, then immediately stop using it and consult a doctor.

It is seamless and light on your pocket: You don’t have to go for some drastic measures to reform your beauty. It is the most easy and pocket-friendly method to look more charming and feel more feminine.

You can find many options of hair extensions available with the beauty experts these days, but the clip-in and the tape-ins are getting viral and revolutionizing into a trend. Let’s compare these two types of hair extensions and know which one is the best to choose. 

Durability of Tape-In vs. Clip-In Extensions


Are you looking for a semi-permanent kind of solution for your hair transformation, or do you want to make it an essential part of your daily beauty routine, or do you want a quick solution to look attractive at parties and make every other girl jealous? These factors are critical to consider before investing in either clip-in or tape-in hair extensions. Hair experts recommend the one-time use of extension only in a day and encourage its prompt removal in the evenings or before hitting the bed. It is a must-do step if you want to keep the quality of your extension for a more extended duration.

Tape-ins are a sort of semi-permanent solution as they remain taped along with your natural hair for five to eight weeks. It is necessary to take them out after some time to make space for the newly-grown hair. On the other hand, clip-in extensions are easy to apply, and you only put them on when you feel the need of having a new hairstyle. The type of hair used in the extensions and the way you take care of your extensions also determine the durability and life-span of the product.

Type of hair used to make the Clip-In or Tape-In Extensions

As mentioned before, hair extensions are made by incorporating different hair types through diverse techniques. In some cases, it gets tricky to dye the hair extension and transform it into a new color because of the nature of hair used to assemble the extension. You must carefully search for the details and the coloring and styling options that come with the clip-in or tape-in extensions to choose best for you.

The remy clip-in hair extensions are better to use if you are a busy person. You do not have much time to invest in hairstyling or want your style to stay in place for longer hours as you do not want to bother for retouching. Remy clip-in holds the style for a more extended time. Tape-ins are made of Remy human hair and are a great time saver because you do not need to spend time installing everyday like a set of clips ins.

Can you do the extensions by yourself or is it necessary to go to a hair salon?

Clip-ins takes the trophy for their easy-to-apply feature. Like tape-ins, you do not have to make hair salon visits to get the extension fixed. You can go to YouTube, watch tons of influencers applying the clip-ins and do it all by yourself. Keep on practicing, and you will become an expert. As far as tape-ins are concerned, you get them installed for a few months, and they require maintenance sessions every 5 to 7 weeks.

Now it’s all up to you which type of extension you want to buy. If you find it hard to re-do extensions time, and again then tape-ins are better for you, but if you love to experiment with your looks, then clip-ins will do wonders for you.


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