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Which Hair Quality and Brand of Hair Extensions Is Best?

What is the best quality of extension hair?

Finding the best quality and brand of extension hair near me is not an easy task. If you have ever purchased or worn hair extensions in Las Vegas before you will quickly find out that not all extensions are created equal. It really helps to understand where the majority of hair comes from, how it is collected and how it is processed.

Where does the hair come from?

84% of the world population has black hair. This means most hair comes from places like India and Asia. While this quality is ok for most temporary hair extensions, the best quality for permanent hair is collected from Russia where you can get real blonds, browns and matching textures of black hair.

How is the majority of hair collected and processed?

Most hair is collected from hair that has been cut and fallen to the ground, similar to how you see in your local hair salons or barber shops. For extensions this is a big problem as the hair must remain in the same direction in order to not tangle when installed in your hair. This is because hair cuticles are designed to go one direction. When hair is collected from the ground the direction of the cuticles get all mixed up. Manufactures will use harsh chemicals to remove the outside cuticle and coat it in a silicone product so they feel smooth and shiny when you purchase them. However, the silicon will soon wash off and your left with the damaged hair underneath it which will tangle. To complicate matters even more they will further damaged the hair when the color is changed to lighter colors with bleach type products

What is the best way to collect quality hair?

the best way to collect quality hair extensions

The best way to collect quality hair is to put it in a ponytail, then cut it. This keeps the cuticles in the same direction. The amount of hair collected this way is less than 1%. However, collecting black hair this way still means it needs to go through a bleach type processing  to change its color. No matter how gentle, it will cause damage to the hair and lessen the quality greatly and how long it will last. The best hair to collect is Russian ponytail hair. This is even far less at less than .01% of hair. This hair does not require any harsh chemicals thus keeping the integrity of the hair in the best condition.

What brand of extension hair is the best?

The reality is that the majority of brands use hair that is collected from the ground. The best brands in the world specialize in correctly collected Russian hair. The majority of hair salons and hair stylists use brands that process correctly collected bleach color changed black hair. This kind of hair is a good goto but it will not ever be as good of an experience as correctly collected Russian hair. The Las Vegas Hottie Hair Extensions brand specializes in the best correctly collected Russian hair. While we also stock correctly collected processed black hair as a budget friendly option.

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