Read this article before using hair extensions on your wedding day. 150 150 Crystal

Read this article before using hair extensions on your wedding day.

When you take a glance at Hollywood red carpets, you will see various fascinating options for hair extension. You might be tempted to adopt one of these fabulous styles to pep your hair on your wedding day. However, there are several factors to consider before reaching a decision. Don’t get ahead of yourself; you deserve the best for your d-day. 

bride wearing white off shoulder bridal dress with long black hair-extensions flowing over her shoulder

Of course, you would want to look your best on your wedding day. At the same time, you must be comfortable. One of the first decisions you have to make is to decide on the type of hair extension you want to use. After that, you determine the kind of style you want to wear. Justin Espinoza, who is the master stylist at Hottie Hair Salon, gave some useful tips regarding hair extensions. Espinoza said that an easy way to navigate through options is to decide to wear the extension upwards or downwards. 

Crystal Frehner, the co-founder of Hottie Hair Extensions and Hair Salon in Las Vegas, affirmed her salon had hosted several brides and bridal trains over the years. She said that most brides use high extensions on their wedding day. 

bride standing on rocks wearing white wedding dress with hair in beautiful updo

Extensions are great for a wedding day as the increased length and volume of hair increase the grandeur of the wedding veil. Frehner explained further that clip-in extensions are the most commonly used extension types for the bride and her bridal train. She said clip-ins present a simple, effective, and cost-efficient means of adding volume, length, and color to hair.  

“At Hottie Hair, we usually advise you to come for a trial before the wedding day. Our hairstylists seize the opportunity to review various hairstyles with you. After that, they create the necessary customization and cut the perfect blend that gives you a perfect look on your day,” says Frehner.

groom and bride with long curled hair extensions facing each other affectionately

Frehner explained that though clip-ins do require some work in advance. There is a need to prepare them before the wedding day to create the style the bride desires. A typical prep scenario is the curling of the extensions with the right iron and keeping it in shape with a holding spray. Such background work is required for a style that involves waves. “Some styles may require the use of set-in pin curls which are equally excellent,” says Espinoza

The bride can choose to detach the temporary extensions immediately after the wedding day. Tape in extensions are a better option for those who want to keep the extension for more extended periods. Espinoza cautioned ladies that want to wear more permanent hair extension about the need for consistent home and salon maintenance. She also hinted that extremely curly hairs would not align properly with tape in extensions. “Hottie Hair is most appropriate in such scenarios, it works excellently for both wavy and straight hair textures,” says Espinoza.

bride getting her hair extensions done in preparation for wedding day

Finally, bear in mind that your wedding day is a lifetime event. You deserve the best, but you should not take risks. That is why you should consult a professional stylist to know if extensions are suitable for your hair type before your wedding day. Buy quality extensions and seek the service of a reputable stylist to help create a styling plan towards your wedding day. ” The plan should include extension customization which gives a perfect blend of color, shape that suits your shape and appearance perfectly,” Espinoza advised.

Should You Consider Hair Extensions for Your Wedding? 150 150 Crystal

Should You Consider Hair Extensions for Your Wedding?

There are multiple wedding hair extensions to choose from, offering a variety of solutions for the bride to be to obtain perfect hair. Regardless of whether you are seeking superior style-holding power, long for ultimate volume or dream of luxuriously long locks, there is a hair extension option for you. Regardless of color, length or texture, we consulted beauty pros to help us compile the top reasons why you should consider hair extensions for your wedding.

bride with wedding hair extensions standing in front of brown grass field kissing groom

We have all scrolled in awe of Pinterest board after board, wondering how those brides obtained such perfect hair on their wedding day. No, she probably wasn’t born with it – it’s hair extensions. Experienced pros take a combination of extensions with curling irons and hairspray, along with their fine-tuned talents, and turn it into perfectly arranged hair of legend. Contrary to popular belief, these well-kept secrets are easily obtainable by any bride.

Most Common Hair Extension Options

Whether you are looking for semi-permanent or temporary extensions, there is no shortage of options. With an abundance of choices in both categories, there may be a more specific extension choice, based on your exact hair type – be sure to choose the best product!

Anyone looking for a temporary solution may be interested in an application of glue-in extensions. The process takes a few hours to complete, comprising of small swatches of hair to be glued near the scalp, to the root area. Glue-ins may be expected to last two weeks.

Sew-in extensions are bundles of extensions applied to braids of your natural hair. This technique requires several hours of service, sometimes up to four, and provides semi-permanent extensions that last anywhere from two weeks to two months (depending on natural texture).

bride in white wedding dress with hair extensions holding hand of groom

Another semi-permanent solution to hair extensions is tape-in extensions. This technique features extensions in small swatches on pre-glued tabs. This product requires up to two hours for application, by pressing the tabs together near the scalp. This look can be maintained for up to two months when maintained properly.

Caucasian hair works well with fusion, or pre-bonded extensions, a technique that lasts on hair with little to no texture. Pre-laced beads are attached at the root, with small bits of hair, to create a natural look. While this technique takes upwards of four hours to put into place, the results last over two months with good care and provide a seamless appearance.

If a bride is planning to wear extensions solely on her wedding day, something temporary such as clip-in extensions would be advisable. Small clips attached to little bundles of hair, can be worn near the scalp temporarily. This provides a flawless hairdo that will last throughout your special day, without the long term commitment of semi-permanent to permanent extensions.

bride and groom kissing with beautiful-long hair extensions flowing down her back

Another aspect to take into consideration, suggested by top stylists, is to make sure extensions are dyed to match your current hair color. Products may appear differently online, depending on monitor settings or blue light filter settings on cell phones, etc. While you may do your best to pick the correct color, some coloring may be required to prevent a slight shade difference that will show up on your special day. Ask your stylist to match extensions to the color at the end of your hair – not the roots. This is the portion that shows in the majority of your hairdo, which may cost more, but provides more natural blending. Otherwise, another option would be to invest in extensions of several shades for an overall multidimensional color.

Should Brides Invest in Hair Extensions?

Not everyone has the time to be engaged long enough to grow their hair out for one single day. Truth is, most of the full, fancy and long updos you swoon over on Pinterest are filled in with extensions. Clip-in extensions are commitment-free, offering length and volume where teasing only enhances a look so much. Once you are finished enhancing your hair with extensions, you can take the clips out after your event is over.

groom kissing bride with hair extensions

Textured hair may be a game-changer, but extensions are still there to save the day. Extensions offer faster and easier styling on your wedding day, allowing manes of all textures to look their best. Beautiful hair boosts the confidence of every woman, especially as she’s walking down the aisle, and enjoying extensions for a day allows them to look and feel their best.

What Type of Wedding Hair Extensions to Shop for

Remy extensions are a great option for extensions and worth the investment, regardless of the extension type. Always seek out the opinion and guidance of a trusted stylist, before purchasing any hair extensions, to ensure you achieve the desired result as far as length, style, and color. When you plan to apply heat in order to style your hair, always opt for human hair in order to prevent melting and kinks. Synthetic hair extensions will become damaged when styled with a straightener or curling iron, leading to irreversible melting.

Would Wedding Day Extensions Affect Your Styling Options?

groom and bride with long hair giving affection looking over beach

The location of your wedding can have a big effect on your chosen hairstyle, especially if it is rather dry, or more humid. While some hairstyles aren’t always dependent upon length and volume, it never hurts to increase the amount of hair. Semi-permanent and permanent extensions alike can mean the difference between a hairdo that lasts, and one that loses hold – extensions hold curls well. You should also make sure to notify your stylist if you have chosen to include extensions in your hairstyle. Wedding day extensions narrow your choice on professional since they’re not all comfortable working with them. Pick a professional who understands how extension placement will complete your wedding day style.

Do You Make a Good Hair Extension Candidate?

bride standing near ocean in wedding dress with long beautiful braided hair extensions

Anyone can make use of extensions, thanks to the variety of types available for use. Regardless of the condition of your hair, texture or length, wedding day extensions can be worn by anyone with a minimum of three inches or more of hair. This provides brides with the ability to add length or fullness to their style, with very little effort. Maybe you suffer with fragile or thin hair, or made a last minute decision to chop off your locks – extensions may just save the day. Talk with your stylist to find the best choice for your hair type, and whether you may benefit from clip-ins or sew-in extensions. A pro stylist will know how to guide you toward the best product.

Wedding Day Prep

However you prep your hair the morning of your wedding day, remember to wash your extensions in the same way. Consider a deep conditioning treatment in order to lengthen the wear of your hairdo, as well as to ensure the best finish for your overall style. Take your time in combing out any tangles before washing or styling. And, depending on the type of hair used to create your extensions, you can style with a curling iron to add blending ability for a more seamless look.

women bridal bride brunette wearing hair extensions looking out window

Semi-permanent extensions have different care requirements than clip-ins do. Extra steps should be taken to complete daily care to ensure the best appearance on your big day, such as satin or silk pillowcases, sleeping caps, etc. Most manufacturers provide cleaning and maintenance details to follow, regardless of the extension style you own.

What Does This Investment Cost?

Higher priced remy hair provides a quality unmatched by cheap, synthetic extensions. While they may be tempting at a low price point, they simply can’t hold up to heat styling. You can expect to shell out up to $350 for real hair extensions, depending on length and quality, amount of tracks, whether you want intact cuticles or even virgin hair extensions. Highly skilled professionals ensure your natural hair won’t be damaged or compromised along the way, but also that you’re having the best hair extension experience. Remember, when it comes to investing in your wedding day hair extensions, high-quality product, and top-notch services are worth the money.

Are Remy human hair extensions worth buying? Know all the details. 150 150 Crystal

Are Remy human hair extensions worth buying? Know all the details.

Are you planning to invest in hair extensions to transform your hair and make them look all fresh, voluminous, and bouncy? Are you confused to decide which hair extension is best to use? Yes, there are several hair extensions available in the market that comes in different hair lengths, colors, and styles. So which one is best to buy? Tape-ins or clips-ins? Or what if microbeads are the safest? This struggle to choose a best-buy might freak you out. However, you will come across one term a lot while looking for the hair extension, and that is Remy human hair extensions. The purpose of writing this article is to deliver all the necessary details regarding Remy human hair extensions. We will also decide if these extensions are preferable or not.

What are Remy human hair extensions?

First of all, be sure that Remy extensions hold real human hair. All human hair extensions do not fall in the category of Remy hair extensions, but Remy is human hair only. Are you still confused? Well, let’s see what does the term Remy mean? Remy relates to the features of hair and the method used to collect hair to form into extensions. Though the hair comes from different sources, it is made sure that the cuticles are not detached, and hair follicles go in one direction only. It makes Remy human hair extensions look smooth, healthy, and shiny. Remy human hair extensions are of high quality that no other extensions can match.

Yes, human hair extensions are more costly as compared to the synthetic ones. It is because it takes a lot of time and effort to collect hair from donors and then sort them out carefully to make sure that all cuticles are of the same length. Remy hair is assembled in a single bunch to maintain the hair quality and natural movement. It prevents hair tangling also.

Synthetic hair extensions are composed of plastic fibres that are processed to look like natural human hair. They are less costly but are tough to maintain and style. Synthetic hair extensions are not as durable as Remy human extensions are. You can style Remy extensions with any tool, dye them into a new colour and wash them regularly too. If you take proper care of human hair extensions, then you can use them for one year straight.

These are lightweight and easy to carry. Just clip in the Remy extensions, and you are ready to rock a party in style.

Remy human hair extensions can cost you anywhere from $100 to $500, but the price is worth the quality it delivers. These extensions are for you to add an X-factor in your style. If you are ready to add a natural bounce, volume and shine to your natural hair, then Remy human hair extensions are the only extensions that are worth buying.



Do you know the constituent ingredients of your shampoo? It is very much likely that you don’t. Many individuals doesn’t know what or why they have to search for components like sulfates and parabens. It might look like a difficult task, however it is essential to at least check the constituents’ components of your hair care products.

While we are always conscious of looking out for captions like “moisturizing” or “oil-free” on the bottles of our hair conditioners, having a good knowledge of the presence or absence of these ingredients can have a significant impact on the state of your hair.

So what exactly are Parabens and sulfates? Permit us to enlighten you.


women in bathtub washing hair

Parabens were originally introduced into the beauty care scene back in the 1950s. They served as preservative to elongate the shelf life of beauty care products by inhibiting the growth of mold and bacteria from within their containers.

Sounds awesome right? But then why are different cosmetic makers like BeautiMark producing Paraben –free shampoos? Although the usage of preservatives is very much demanded by suppliers, there is a danger associated with it. Let’s examine the advantages and downsides of parabens to understand why some cosmetics companies are taking the decision to remove this ingredient from their products.

Benefits: Parabens preserves the shelf life of products for months and even years. They have no adverse effect on the general quality or potency of the product. It is a very economical method of preservation, and this explains why a lot of companies prefers to use it instead of an organic preservative.

Downside: Parabens can get through to the skin and infiltrate the body. It has been discovered in human bodies and also in sea animals (probably resulting from sewer cast-off). Though it hasn’t been established to be dangerous in minute quantities, the fact remains that its accidental penetration of the body has been a source of concern to dermatologists and cosmetics producers.

Certainly, with considering the intense warning against the use of parabens, many skincare and cosmetics producers won’t put that specific name on their label. Instead, carefully search for the following names in your hair care ingredients:

  • Propylparaben
  • Methylparaben
  • Butylparaben


women in bathtub blowing bubbles with the suds made from sulfates

You have probably heard the words “sulfate-free” prior to this time because they are now clearly and boldly written on some shampoo and conditioner containers. Nevertheless, sulfates were ground-breaking discovery way back in the 1930s when this strong detergent was introduced into the haircare products. Sulfate is the material that produces that bubbly lather in our soaps, which we have known to be good cleaning agents.

But with time, we have come to learn about the harmful effects of sulfates on our health.

Benefits: They are quite affordable, powerful and easily accessible, it works in one end by attracting grease and dirt and on the other end by dissolving the grease and using water to wash them away.

Downside: It is too strong, the constituent molecules are very powerful such that they are used as grease removers and cleansers for heavy construction machinery. It basically remove all the natural and protective oil coverings needed by the hair. Sulfates are the major causes of follicle stress, dry scalps, and even flyaways.

If you really want to use a hair care products that is Sulfate-free ensure that the following names is are not on your hair-care container:

  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS),
  • Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES),
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate,
  • Sodium Lauroyl Isethionate,
  • Sodium Lauroyl Taurate
  • Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate
  • Sodium Lauroyl Methyl Isethionate
  • Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate
  • Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate


A condition known as male or female patterned baldness or alopecia areata is most prevalent cause of thinning hair. The best way to cover up these patches of fine hair atop your head is by using a hair extension topper, this is used to cover hair loss and can be worn with bangs. Because of the various ways you can use bangs, I doubt if it will never go out of fashion.

Hair toppers are designed in different styles, colors and sizes just so you don’t run short of the amount you need for the coverage and that you get the perfect match for your natural hair.

Trying clip-in extension bangs or snap bangs isn’t a bad idea as it also helps in covering receding hairline. This however, depends on the area which you have the thinning hair.

Before you make use of hair extension toppers or bang hairpieces, ensure that there is at least one inch of healthy natural hair for them to be clipped on, so you don’t cause further hair loss. Ensure that you apply and remove hairpieces properly, this is very important.

We’d now explore some innovative ways bangs can be made to blend with our day to day hairdo. With these solutions you will forget you had hair loss in the first place.


Bangs are a quick fix to thinning hair because they help produce volume. The idea behind this is to have a knowledge of the quantity your hair can handle and the products that will give you what you want. Knowledge is power, a combination of that and the right equipment, and your bang will generate that front end volume to your astonishment.

Below is how you can style and treat your bangs to achieve full volume:

Revitalize the roots: When you gently comb your bangs from the roots, you can suddenly uplift the hair in such a way that it alters your hairline. Get a thin toothed comb from Amazon or a dollar store and that should do the job perfectly. With the comb, brush the hair in the opposite direction to get instant volume. When you repeat this method while working on your bangs through your hair’s roots you will experience the difference in your looks in no time.

Always keep the neat: when you go about your daily activities, your hair is bound to pick up dirt and other external things that can be damaging to the hair if ignored. Endeavour to keep your bangs fresh and clean and you stand a better chance of hiding the thin hair on your head. This is not to say you should wash them every day, because washing them requires the use of products and the constant use of these products can cause greasy and oily roots which would in turn add to the dirt.

Use only products meant for thin hair: if you would prefer to nurture your own bangs rather than using Clip-In bang extensions then it is best you use products that are specifically meant for thin hair only. These products contain ingredients that are suitable for those with thin hair. Another familiar source is Rogaine, if you visit the Rogaine’s website, you will find information that states that Rogaine is clinically proven to nourish hair growth by up to 25 percent and is equally recommended by dermatologist. Dry Texturizing spray is great product to too, it helps thicken the hair’s appearance as it builds the texture and increases the volume of your bangs.


Bangs may appear like old school but here’ the interesting thing about bangs, there is no limit to the style you can make with them, just get creative and you can make any style of your choice. You could decide to go for the modern long look, bold look, definite chop, you name them!!! Bangs can give you whatever you choose, but below are a few I would recommend:

Side Swept: Raquel Welch is a clip-in extension bang known as “The Chameleon”, and represents the exact meaning of its name. The monofilament is designed such that the bangs blend perfectly with your natural hairline, making you look simple, but gorgeous.

Classic: Looking for a classic way to wear clip-in bang extensions? Then this is the perfect choice. Its straight edge gives you that classic look and apparently is the best solution for thinning hair without the need to cut the hair. It is cost effective as well.

Long: With the application of our EASIFRINGE clip in bangs which are heat resistant allows for you to add a wispy curl if you desire to give you an entirely different look.


The secret solution for thinning hair lies in the use of hair extension toppers. This takes the place of wearing a full wig that covers up your entire hair, with Hair Toppers you can just get the exact amount of coverage you need for the area it is needed. Though Hair Toppers with bangs make an excellent blend, but the introduction of hair toppers means you no longer need to rely on bangs as your only option.

Go for a hair topper that comes with a lace front and a monofilament part to give you a complete natural hairline look with multi-directional parting. Raquel Welch’s Top Billing is one we’d recommend and it can be customized, has a wide range of colors, so you don’t have to worry about finding a perfect match. And it’s quite affordable too.

Visit our hair extension toppers collections and check out the variety of style and lengths that are available and select the best hair loss and thinning hair coverage that suits you.



Whoever it was that conceived the idea of a dry shampoo really deserves some accolades: a cookie, a medal… anything to show the deep appreciation we have for this product as ladies.

Without this important product, we would be hurrying off to our workplaces with an apparent greasy gym hair, leaden curls and practically no volume. Nevertheless, while we appreciate the hair Gods for this work of genius, there is one little defect that even the best dry shampoo can’t overlook.

Brunettes, you perfectly understand this. Though we all enjoy that freedom to jump out of bed every morning without needing to wash off our hair once more, the pale cast off from dry shampoo is so unpleasant. And while even blondes can testify to the pervasive residue which a dry shampoo produces, brunettes suffers this adverse effect. Luckily for you, there are numerous dry shampoos out there in the marketplace that solves this problem.

So here are you best dry shampoos for brunettes!


Batiste is a popular shampoo of choice if you are searching for the best dry shampoo available in the market. It is affordable and easily available at your neighborhood target for less than $10. It is offered in three distinct colors which includes, Divine Dark, for very lush brown hair colors

Its constituent ingredient is lightweight superbly refined rice starch is an excellent absorber of oils, making it a perfect dry shampoo for brunettes. There is no unwanted deposit on your roots; just well-textured and voluptuous hair you can carry for weeks without the need to wash (washing won’t be such a bad idea though)


Got2b is popular for its wide variety of numerous hair care products, however, now that it has added brunettes’ dry shampoo to its collection, their position has risen significantly. Fresh It Up, a popular dry shampoo brand in their collection is now available in dark brown color. The blacker finish guarantees that no powdery residue is noticed on brown roots. Furthermore, it may even serve as a root touch-up temporarily while stopping your hair from appearing oily, and it has this nice chocolate smell too.


It will not be out of place to consider Moroccanoil one of the best dry shampoos around just because of its creamsicle-like fragrance (the smell is really delightful). We also love the fact that their Dark Tone dry shampoo is made especially for our dark-haired ladies. This dry brunettes shampoo accentuates pigments of your brown hair to give them a texturized and vibrant appearance simultaneously. One of its constituent is argan oil, making it very rich in essential fatty acids, tocopherols (Vitamin E) and also has antioxidants. This natural oils is very effective in rejuvenating destroyed hair follicles while the extra starch assist in absorbing any surplus oils. It gets rid of that dull residue and preserves the dark brunette colors



Storing clip in hair extensions can be tricky, because if not stored properly they tend to lose their life and can’t be reused. So, if you’re clueless about it then do not worry as below are some of the best tips to store your precious clip in hair extensions and save them from going to waste.


First and foremost, it is necessary to ensure that hair extensions are in mint conditions so they can be easily reused without looking worn out. In order to ensure perfect conditions, you need to get your hands on combs that are especially designed for hair extensions. Brush the extensions with that comb and avoid any breakages. One great brushing tip is to start from the bottom of hair.

Moving forward, it is best to blow dry the hair extensions if they are freshly washed, it is never good to store wet extensions as they can cause breakage. But first make sure that the extensions are heat-friendly so blow drying does not cause any damage. Also, all the clips on the extensions must be closed so they do not make hair knotted or tangled.

For human hair extensions, it is highly recommended to keep the hair tips moist in order to prevent split ends. There are different hair extension serums available in market for this purpose. For synthetic hair extensions, there are products like leave-in conditioners. They keep the synthetic hair extensions safe. Moreover, always tie the wefts at the end of hair to keep them in good condition.

Once you have ensured taking all the right measures to store hair extensions, next step is to choose the right location. Find a place that remains dry, maintains normal room temperature and is out of the reach of direct sunlight to store your hair extensions.

Storing them in a box or container is also a good option. Hair extensions can either be stored in their original box or in some storage container that keeps them safe and dry. If you choose to store hair extensions in a box, then make sure to carefully place them in a circular way. Also, if you have children or pets in the house, always keep hair extensions out of their reach.

Another one of the highly recommended storage methods is to store hair extensions in a hanging bag. They some handy, do not consume much shelf space and always remain unreachable for children.

This storage bag is of soft fabric which comes with a zip. Perfect for storing hair extensions safely.



I’ve often wondered how celebs are able to alter their hair at the drop of a hat with no adverse effects at all – especially actresses who keep popping up on the news every now and then for the projects they’re working on. Kim Kardashian West has always remained an enigma to me.

Every once in a while, she pulls off a completely new hairstyle on Instagram that is always more dazzling than the previous one. How do celebs pull such hairstyles off? The answer is simple – Hair extensions!

Yes, almost every star has used hair extensions for adding length or volume or for achieving a certain style or look. While Hollywood stars are often reluctant to admit it, hair extensions are an awesome way for you to switch up your hairstyle every now and then without damaging your hair.

Let’s go through some trendy hair extension styles and extensions used by celebs in the past that have now become iconic:


Right from the start, Ariana Grande has been famous for her vintage-themed outfits and a long ponytail hairstyle. Her reason behind opting for this hairstyle is that she wanted to allow her hair some time to recover from the harsh, damaging dying processes that her hair had undergone during her television stint. She used hair extensions so that her hair could have enough time to heal & grow.

This was achieved by utilizing a striking ponytail hairpiece extension, which could be attached to her hair without causing any damage whatsoever. It’s an excellent and seamless hair extension for most first-time hair extension users who are scared about damaging their hair.


Famous for her healthy, long hair and stunning beauty, Gigi Hadid has graced the covers of over 35 Vogue magazines in the last 48 months. Her shiny and voluminous hairstyle is something to aspire to. Lucky for us, her hairstyle isn’t too hard to replicate. Her free-flowing and back hair locks, which is her signature look, can be easily achieved by using clip-in extensions, which match your color as well.

The number of actors and actresses who make use of hair extensions, either for their characters on TV or the movies, or in their daily lives is only increasing day by day. People have been using hair extensions for a long time now, for crafting new, exciting hairstyles and for enhancing their current hairstyle.

As stars continue to popularize hair extensions, with some even choosing the livestream the process as their hair stylist works on them, anyone can now use hair extensions for elevating their hairstyle to a whole new level.

Your guide for removing hair extensions 150 150 Crystal

Your guide for removing hair extensions

Hair extensions are a preferred choice when it comes to looking after and augmenting your hair. From adding length and volume to giving you a complete makeover, hair extensions cater to everyone and anyone looking after their unique needs. Today, the use of hair extension is done with passion, and it is no more a secret.

While some of the extensions are easy to apply; and the overall impact extensions in making us look even more prettier. The process of removing these hair extensions is by no means easy and straightforward. The complete and thorough removal of hair extension is necessary. If not, then not only that, the extensions will be ruined but also considerable damage to normal and natural hair. For your convenience, we have discussed and addressed this matter in detail.

The steps involved in the removal of hair extensions

The process of removal for the sewn-in and clip-in hair extension has been discussed in the form of steps to be ensured for safe removal.

Removing the Sewn-in extensions:

  • First, to collect all the hair in a ponytail, proceed to separate the extension as a separate ponytail.
  • Then locate the point where the thread ends and make a careful yet precise cut.
  • For locating the point where the sewing- in took place, move your fingers along the line of the scalp.
  • It is advised to move gently while the cut is made, the possibility of normal hair being cut can thus be avoided.
  • A definite recommendation for asking another person to assist in this process.
  • Afterward, untie the remaining thread from the scalp. For this, make use of one hand to secure the normal hair to avoid cutting or breaking them in the process.
  • Make use of the second hand to undo the remaining thread.
  • Specialized solutions are available for breaking down threads, thus streamlining the whole process.
  • The process is revised until it is ensured that all artificial forms of hair have been removed, and only the natural hair remains.

Removal of the clip-in extension:

Well, the clip-in extensions are the easiest to be applied or installed. And when it comes to removing them, they are certainly not the ones posing any difficulty in removal.

Let us guide you:

  • Begin with portioning your natural hair from the extensions at the crown, back of the head, and around ears.
  • Avoid moving quickly to remove the extensions, a slow pace is recommended. Better to remove one clip at a time.
  • Also, to avoid any stress on the natural hair, it is better to hold them against the scalp.
  • Divide the whole process into sections for better focus. As it will also help in tracking every extension and ensure that the adequate force is applied.
  • In case a clip in extension has tangled, the spray of leave-in conditioner will help remove a clip in if you’re having trouble.

Removal of Tape-In extensions:

  • First, create workable sections of the hair.
  • Trace the extensions and oil them and leave it to work its magic with a 20 minute waiting period.
  • Actually, the oil breaks the chemical bonds of glue or tape, thus ensuring proper and painless removal.
  • The oil that can be used includes coconut, almond, and olive oil.
  • After the removal of Tape-In hair extensions, it is advised to condition and cover the hair with a towel for ensuring complete removal of any oil residue.
  • The process or few steps may be repeated for the best results.
Thinking About Purchasing Hair Extensions? Here’s What You Should Know 150 150 Crystal

Thinking About Purchasing Hair Extensions? Here’s What You Should Know

Nowadays, you do not have to wait for your hair to grow longer. You can get gorgeous long hair in an instant. This is possible thanks to Clip-In Hair extensions. Achieving long and beautiful tresses is no longer a dream. In this article, we will tell you the information that you should know when it comes to finding the ideal hair extensions for your hair type.

Firstly, you should realistically decide the length you are aiming for. In order to achieve ideal results, you should begin with the current length of your natural hair and from there figure out the length of your extensions. For instance, short hair that is above your shoulder should be integrated properly within the length of the original hair. Going too long can be a mistake, especially if the person does not have layers. A blunt haircut will appear like some sort of ledge. The systems that we offer have the hair lengths ranging from 16” to 26.” If you have enough hair that hides the extension’s top weft then it is possible for you to wear hair extensions of any length that you want. However, if you have shorter hair then you might need extra pieces than the amount that’s offered in one system.

Secondly, you should have an understanding of the systems. Every clip-in set of hair extensions comes in a variety of bases, lengths, and pieces. Therefore, you should assess and measure the length of your hair and the volume you want to get with the hair extensions. Certain people are fine with 8 to 10 pieces of clip-ins while others are more comfortable with four clip-ins. The system ranges from one piece, two pieces, five pieces, eight pieces, and ten pieces. Longer hair will require fewer pieces for the volume, while shorter hair needs more pieces for length. If one system has more pieces then each weft will contain less quantity of hair. On the other hand, the system that offers fewer pieces will have more hair on every weft. Therefore, do not get confused when you discover that the eight piece system is more expensive as compared to the ten piece system. You are now informed about the quantity of hair that is offered in each system; hence an eight piece system will have more hair. This all depends upon what you are looking for and what you desire.

Thirdly, you should also think about the time you are willing to spend in order to manage and maintain your hair extensions. Whether it is human hair or synthetic hair, each type has their specific benefits. Synthetic hair extensions are heat-friendly and do not really need to be styled besides integrating them with your natural hair. The downside is that this type of fiber is not long-lasting. On the other hand, the virgin human hair extensions are known for their durability and are also long-lasting. However, the downside of human hair extensions is that they need to be styled using heat each time you wear them. At the end of the day, it all depends on your preference and the time you are willing to spend on your hair extensions.