Clip In Extensions to Volumize Fine Hair

Do you envy celebrities with long, thick hair? They always look perfect in every photo, no matter where they are or what they’re doing. If you weren’t blessed with thick, luxurious locks you can still have great hair by using a little secret that models and TV personalities have been using for a long time to get their fabulous looks: hair extensions. They are the solution to the problem of thin, wispy hair.


Types of Hair Extensions

If you have thin hair what you desperately need is volume. A little lift at the roots and some volume would make your hair look 10 x fuller. When it comes to the subject of hair extensions, clip in hair extensions are recommended more often because they do not damage your hair or scalp the way that some others do. When you have fine or thin hair, causing damage is the last thing you want. Extensions that are sewn-in or put in with hair tape can be tight and painful, and removing them is not enjoyable. With clip in extensions, you don’t even need a stylist to place them. Putting in extensions is so easy you can do it yourself in your own home.

You may have seen those kits and wondered how hard they would be to use. Well, using clip in hair extensions is actually very easy. If you have a hot date this weekend or an upcoming reunion, imagine how you would look walking in with 16” extensions and turning every head in the room. The nice thing about it is the kits come with eight wefts with clips and you can use as many, or as few as you like. The wefts are made from human hair so you can style them like you would your natural hair. You can curl them with a curling iron or hair straightener. They give you instant volume and length and no one will even know they’re there. And the best part, they only take minutes to put in and take out. You can style your hair in the morning and look fabulous all day.


Extensions for Special Occasions

I can’t think of a better time to try out a new look than your wedding day. No doubt you have fantasies of what your dress will look like and how you want your hair to look. Thick, luxurious hair swept up into a cascade of curls or an elegant French Twist with pearled combs? Both hairstyles would look lovely and both are possible using hair extensions. Backcombing and teasing will only get you so far; you need a lot of volume and this will do it.


Style and Fullness

No matter what your hair length is, you can add fullness and style to look your best wherever you go. The Hottie Hair Clipo adds length and volume to thin hair without anyone knowing you have them. They come in 16, and 20-inch lengths.

They are great for adding a little fullness when you want a casual look for daytime or adding curls and length for a more dramatic evening look. Everyone will wonder who your stylist is because you always look so polished and put-together.

Tips for Hair Extensions:

  • Give new hairstyles a trial run to make sure the clips remain hidden before wearing your new style out in public.
  • Use a hand mirror to check the sides and back of your hair to make sure nothing shows. You don’t want any clips peeking out where they might be noticeable.
  • Curl your hair at the crown and add a little lift to cover any clips near the top of your head.
  • Do not use if you have any cuts or abrasions on your scalp. Wait until it has healed to avoid irritation.
  • Discontinue using hair extensions if you experience any changes in hair density.

Clip in extensions can give you the hair you’ve always wanted but weren’t born with. Long and flowing, or full and curly, the choice is yours. You design your perfect look.


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