Real Remy Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are the new trend and with its high demand in the market, it is difficult to differentiate one with quality from a fake one. This can make you spend so much and still not get the right and good quality hair extensions. For this reason, it is advised that you take the time to do a research and learn about quality hair extensions, such that you will be able to tell the difference between poor quality and good quality hair extensions. Having this knowledge is the best thing you can do before you go purchase any hair extensions. Take for instance, remy hair extensions are equally designed, some are created with low end and others with high end real hair extensions. But even so, you can’t tell the difference between both especially if you are making the purchase online. The rate at which hair extensions are in demand is quite alarming, thus leading to an increase in the availability of Real hair Extensions. Now every hair extension store claims to have remy hair, which is why you have to be have the knowledge and an eye for the best before you eventually make the purchase. Furthermore, getting a set of remy hair extension is no guarantee that the hair is durable and of good quality. It isn’t easy to get hair extensions of great quality, however, knowledge is power, and with the right knowledge about hair extensions, you can get high quality hair extensions as well the best of real hair extensions.


What are the best hair extensions made from?

Pure remy hair is what real hair extensions are made out of. And to ensure that all the cuticles remain intact and angling toward the same direction, they are cut like ponytails. This method also helps in preventing the hair extensions from twisting and muddling up together after putting it on. Quality hair extensions go through the minutest processes during production and with the use of an environment-friendly technology the remy hair cuticles stay intact during and after the processing. Where most of the hair extension companies get it wrong is in the use of harsh chemicals to process the hair, which ends up destroying the remy hair. Because of the effect the chemicals have on the hair, the cuticles get damaged thus causing the hair extensions to weaken, break easily and then get tangled much later. In order to prevent you from noticing the poor quality of the hair, a chemical coating is used to make the hair extension appear soft, perfect and of great quality. This is however, unfortunately a temporary cover up. We know for a fact that a lot of hair extension companies always try to get remy hair (either Indian, Chinese or European original remy hair), which is meant to be great quality human hair. But the moment those harsh chemicals are used during processing, the texture and structure of the hair extension gets messed up and the cuticles loses elasticity.


Why quality matters?

While remy hair extensions are not created equally, many of these companies will convince you that the hair they have available is high quality remy human hair but what they actually sell is either remy hair that is of low quality. In some cases it isn’t even reny hair at all. These companies collect low quality Chinese or Indian hair, get them treated with chemicals, and coat them with silicon just to make the hair appear as ream remy hair extensions. This cover up doesn’t take long to wear off and you soon realise that what you bought thinking it was original remy hair extension is actually artificial and fake. And it is a lot easier for these companies to sell them online, because there is no way for you to tell the difference between the fake and real remy hair extensions from a picture you see online. The chemically processed hair extensions are usually a lot cheaper. But real remy hair extensions are costly. After being cut directly off the head using the ponytail method and further processed naturally, which of course takes a while and gives you the best quality of remy hair extensions.


What makes good quality hair extensions?

What determines the quality of remy hair extensions is in the processing. A remy hair extension could be 100% pure human hair, but what you should concern yourself with before making a purchase is with how the hair was processed because the best quality of remy hair extensions are processed using advanced eco-friendly methods. Unfortunately not so many companies follow this process, they rather go the route of chemically treating these hair extensions, obviously because it is quicker and cheaper to process. Which is why it is advised that you find out how the hair extension was process before paying for it. It can be frustrating knowing that you spent money in buying fake hair which you thought was the real thing. Hottie Hair is very open with how our hair extensions are processed.


How long should real remy hair extensions last?

The ideal duration for which a real remy hair extension should last is about 8 to 12 months without tangling or muddling up as long as you take proper care of the hair. Conversely, low quality remy hair extensions won’t last up to 6 months, some may even mat in just a few weeks of use. The irony with getting this cheap, low quality remy hair extension is, it costs more to maintain. The idea behind the use of hair extensions is such that they blend well with your natural hair and should be less costly and easy to maintain. What most people fail to understand is it doesn’t matter where the source of the hair is coming from. If there is anything I have learnt in the many years I have been wearing hair extensions is, as long as the remy hair is 100% human hair and is processed without the use of chemicals but the right technology you will enjoy your hair extension, regardless of the source.


What type of human hair extensions are the most popular?

In terms of hair extension popularity, Indian remy hair is the most popular. European hair is hard to come by and quite expensive as well. Before you purchase a hair extension, ask for a sample of the hair extension first. Furthermore, read people’s reviews on the hair extension you want to buy, make use of referrals too. All of these will help guide you.


Where to find the best quality?

If you are looking for the best quality in real hair extensions, then you are in the right place. Be it tape in or clip extensions, Hottie Hair has got you covered. Since we make our own hair, we take the time out to source for only high quality hair and provide you with the best.


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