Guide To Hair Extensions For Short Hair

With the introduction of hair extensions, women with short hair don’t have to feel left out anymore. Hair extensions have made it easy for women to transform their beauty by adding hair to their short hair. There are various ways in which they can achieve this.


Types of Extensions For Short Hair

The two types of hair extensions are; clip in extensions and tape-in hair extensions. Between these two, the best choice of extension for a woman with short hair is the tape-in hair extension, they are easy to blend as well as give length and volume to a woman with short hair, unlike the clip in extensions which are really bulky and will not look nice on a woman with short hair. With tape-in extensions, your natural has room to grow while using this extension, it invisible and doesn’t damage.


Hair Extensions Are Possible for Those With Short Hair

There are many reasons a woman with short hair will want to use an extension, it could be for length, volume or even a touch of a different color.
Peradventure you have been looking for hair extensions for short hair, one of the best ways to make your short hair appear long is by the use of hair extensions. Most people don’t think it is possible to use hair extensions if you have short hair, I am here to tell you that you can. It could be that you naturally have short hair, or yours was caused by a bad haircut and you and you are in search of ways to make your hair look long again. Hair extensions is a great way to achieve that. Some of you hate the fact that because of your short hair you can no longer wear ponytails. Before you may need to try various methods to get your hair long again, some of which takes years and still don’t yield results. This is no longer the case because hair extensions have come to save the day, you can go from short hair today and appear with long hair tomorrow. Take for instance, some of our role models, icons and celebrities who you see on TV on in real life today with short hair and in 24 hours or less you can spot them with a long and full beautiful hair on their head. If these celebrities you love can switch looks so can you!!!

Sometimes we decide to cut our hair to change our looks, and in a short while of rocking the short hair, start wishing for the hair to grow back. At this point you either regret the decision to cut your hair or you just fed up of carrying a short hair because you are limited to the hairstyle you can make. A quick fix to this challenge is in the use of hair extensions and what makes it even more interesting is you can use hair extensions and no one will notice.


Why Tape In Extensions are a Great Choice

As earlier stated, tape-in hair extensions are the best and probably the only solution for women who have short hair and want to be seen with longer hair. Naturally tape-in hair extensions are thin, very light and hard to see. You don’t need any tools or chemicals to add them to you natural hair. For anyone with short hair and is looking to transform the short hair look to long hair, this is the method to follow. It is less time consuming and in just an instant you have achieved the look you always wanted. With Seamless tape-in hair extensions, you get the full package, everything you want in a long hair including looks, quality and that ponytail too!!! There is a variety of things you can do with a long hair, from wavy, to curly, and to straight and a whole lot more. It takes only about 3-4 inches of hair to help blend in and cover the tape-in hair extensions and the best way to make the layers appear natural is to mix short and long hair extension lengths together. For instance, you can blend a 14 inch hair with an 18 inch hair rather than having 3 inches hair and the adding it with a 24 inch hair extension. That will just take away the natural look which is what we are trying to achieve by ensuring there is a blend between your hair and the hair extension.

A few other reasons why tape-in hair extensions are the best for women with short hair are; it doesn’t damage your natural hair but rather gives room for your natural hair to grow even with the hair extension on. You don’t have to get worried for your hair if it’s in that phase where you don’t know if it’s growing or not because tape-in hair extensions has you covered as it also gives great length and volume to you hair while your natural hair continues to flourish. With this hair extension, you are at liberty to style your hair any how you want and can take you for several months. The use of 1.5 inches tape-in extensions will get a lot of people confused when they look at you because it is 100% undetectable. Now you can wear ponytails with a host of styling ideas for you to choose from.


Tons of Options

Here at Hottie Hair, your choices are unlimited because not only do we bring you the best in human hair quality but also work directly with our suppliers worldwide to ensure we provide our clients with nothing short of high grade and premium quality hair. Our tape-in extensions are durable, easy to maintain, doesn’t damage and very simple to take off. If you decide to take off your tape-in hair extensions after three months of usage it would amaze to see that your natural hair has grown, free of damages.


Our Experts Can Help You

In order to get that desired by switching from short hair to long hair, to use or hair extensions for short hair, the services of the PRO hair stylist is what you will need. If it isn’t done by one who is certified enough to install tape-in hair extensions you may not get the result you had hoped for. Only a PRO hair stylist will do the right job and still advice you on ways that will keep your hair healthy and durable. The requirements needed to carry out this process are: at least two packs of Hottie Hair tape-in hair extensions, about 3-4 inches of your natural hair to ensure both hair extension blend properly to give you that natural look and a rat-tail comb. With all this in place, you should be done with the process in about 1 hour. With how the tape-in hair extension is carefully sandwiched in rows around and underneath the hair, the end result is always beautiful and natural.


Perfectly Blended For a Natural Look

The most important aspect in changing from short hair to long hair in an instant with the use of hair extensions is in the blending. Yet again, you would require the expertise of a PRO stylist to do the blend and get it right. You must also understand that, the length of your hair is crucial during the blending process. The shorter your hair the tougher it is to blend. It is for this reason we advised earlier that mixing hair lengths will save you the stress. If the blending isn’t done well, it will be easy to notice the meeting point of your natural hair and the hair extension. It becomes even more visible if the end of your hair are blunt. One way to easily carry out the blending process is by texturizing or by thinning out the top layer of your natural hair. Furthermore, the PRO stylist can make a FACE FRAME by cutting some layers into your hair extensions, you will get nothing short of the best. That popular saying “the more, the merrier” also applies here with hair extensions because the more hair extensions available for you to work with, the better. 150-200 grams of hair for layers is all you need for your hair to look full and natural.


What about maintaining them?

After changing from short hair to long hair with the use of hair extensions, you have to know how to maintain it. To do so, you will need the following; a dry shampoo, extension brush, shine spray, conditioner, a conditioning repair mask and a sulphate free shampoo. If you are like us who styles our hair regularly, then the following instructions will be of benefit to you so you know how to preserve and extend the lifespan of your hair extension;

Our natural hair is attached to our scalp and is constantly nourished by the natural oil the scalp produces. Unlike the hair extensions that have no source of natural oil, we recommend the use of shine spray more specifically after styling is done with hot tools. While dry shampoo will help ensure the bonds of the tape remain dry and free of oil. With the regular production of oil from the scalp, there is a tendency of this oil to break down to the bonds pf the tape, thereby causing the extensions to slip. Although this is majorly dependent on how oily your scalp is, as well as how often you get your hair washed. We advise the use of dry shampoo during washing. And extension brush is best suited for hair extensions because they come with loops that easily untangle the hair. Sulphate free shampoo and conditioner are in charge of maintaining the quality and beauty of the hair extension. For those who love to swim or are always styling their hair, using a deep conditioning mask is highly recommended. This will help prevent dryness, breakage and even damage.


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