Cheap Hair Extensions are Expensive

Pricing is a fundamental part of consumer behavior. The average human being seeks to spend as little as possible to get the best quality product or service available. Consequently, it is not uncommon for an average customer to prefer a cheaper hair extension to a more expensive one, after all, they seem to all look the same and perform similar purpose anyways. However, in our own smartness at times, we may end up paying more indirectly. This is because most cheap hair extensions are of inferior quality both in composition and materials used; hence they are mostly not durable. Furthermore, unlike quality hair extensions, they are difficult to restore once it starts to wear off. Hence, in an attempt to be smart, you tend to end up paying double in the long run.


Your head deserves to wear quality hair extensions and this regardless of price. Our brand is not associated with inferior and dud products. We don’t sell products that tangle often and difficult to manage. It is amazing the lengths at which many hair extension companies can go just to maximize profits and fleece customers of their hard-earned money. They could come up with synthetic hair that is dry and mats quickly. In the process of getting a cheap hair extension, you will end up settling for a low-quality one which will wear out quickly and then you will have to replace.


What do you want? Do you prefer a quality and durable product or a cheap but fake product? It is best that you go for the quality one because apart from the fact that they are more durable, it glows and shines naturally and this will even make it look better on you. If you are really money conscious, then you have nothing to worry about because our products are in different grades but they are all good for use. Just check our array of hair extensions and make your choice. It is as easy as that.

Cheap Hair Extensions Vs High Quality Extensions

Quality hair extensions are not ostentatious in nature, there are some reasons why they may seem expensive and these reasons are discussed below:


For a start, everything that is good will come at a high price and this includes hair extensions as well. If you truly desire a hair extension that will blend well with your natural hair, it may cost you a bit. The reason for this is the cost of production and manufacturing that is involved in the process of making the hair extension. So, bear this in mind when you go shopping for hair extensions next time.

Hair Quality

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The quality of our hair extensions is high. The beauty of a good hair extension hair is when it is difficult to detect and it can be repaired if entangled. When you use quality, you will be more confident about it and this is why purchasing our hair extensions should be a priority before going to the saloon for your next hairdo. The prices are affordable as well compared to the quality that is obtainable from the product. A lot has been written and said about the threats of global warming. Our company is eco-friendly because we are interested in the wellbeing of the environment. Wouldn’t you rather support an eco-friendly company!



Apart from pricing, the volume of hair is another major factor for consideration in the purchase of hair extensions. A hair extension is usually stratified as single, natural or double based on the way it is drawn. The single drawn hair extension is usually comprised of shorter or longer lengths i.e. the lengths may vary. Whereas in the double drawn, the hair is of equal length all through. In natural hair extensions, the norm is that the hair will be composed of 75% of the current length, and 25% of shorter hair. It is the responsibility of the buyer to verify the nature of the hair as single, double or natural drawn before purchase because the hair company may be malicious in their evaluation of the hair as single, double or natural drawn.


The key determinant of the state of hair extensions is the manufacturing procedure. There is a quick and cheap way to manufacture hair extensions and this is a thorough and more refined way to produce them. The difference between the two ways is that the quicker and cheaper way makes use of hot bleach which distorts the quality of the hair and damages its cuticles. In order to cover up the flaws of the end product, silicone can be applied on it to increase its softness. The longer and better way to manufacture hair extensions is to make use of strong, quality and durable products in an eco-friendly atmosphere. This process avoids the use of harsh chemicals that could damage the complexity and outlook of the hair extension. Essentially, hair extensions aren’t really expensive if you consider the processes involved. In case you are not fully convinced about the quality of our products, you are free to request for a sample. You may also seek the opinion of experts about the quality of the product but always ensure that you go for quality when you buy hair extensions. You can also adopt this strategy in everything you purchase in the future.


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