Directions for washing hair that has Tape-In hair extensions

If someone has tape in extensions, it can be a bit challenging to get it washed. So, if one of your customers gets hair extensions, it’s vital to show them step by step how to take care of them. First, they shouldn’t even wash their hair at all for two days after they get hair extensions as it will cause them to slip.


Showering with Taped in hair extensions

Ensure your customers use the following information when they wash their hair if they have taped in hair extensions.

  1. Hair must be brushed prior to taking a shower
    1. It is vital that the hair must be brushed using a Wet/Dry Detangling type of brush two or three times every day if the person has hair extensions. The hair must be brushed prior to stepping into a shower. That ensures your hair won’t get tangled when you wash it.
  2. Ensure you shampoo your hair the right way
    1. When shampooing the hair, ensure the type of shampoo used is a formula precisely designed for someone with extensions. That ensures your hair extensions will stay looking great. Plus, there’s a precise method for shampooing your hair. You begin with the roots and then rub the shampoo slowly into the hair in a downward motion. It’s not necessary to put shampoo the entire length down to the end of the tips. Don’t scrub your hair or make circles while washing it or you’ll end up with horrible tangles.
  3. Put on Conditioner starting mid-shaft and downward
    1. When using conditioner, be sure it’s not one with a hydrating formula. It’s vital not to put this kind of conditioner on, particularly near the sticky part of the taped on the hair extensions. You only have to apply it mid-shaft downward. A type of conditioner that gets left on the hair and not washed out is fine with hair extensions.
  4. Dry with a towel and brush hair carefully
    1. After you get down taking a shower, brush hair carefully and towel it dry. Begin on the top part of your hair and go downward on the shaft until you reach the hair tips. Don’t rub the towel into your hair while drying it, or you’ll end up with horribly tangled hair and damaged extensions.
  5. Blow dry the hair out
    1. Then, apply a protectant like Heat, Treat and Shine throughout your hair and blow dry it out. That aids in ensuring your hair stays safe from getting damaged from heat from the blow dryer. You should also dry each section of your hair separately, one by one. Plus, it lessens the chances of your hair being hurt by the blow dryer.

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