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How to make hair extensions look natural?

Information about hair extensions, eyelash extensions and microblading eyebrows are like the best kept secrets. That notwithstanding, when it comes to natural beauty enhancers, it is ideal to ensure that your hair extensions appear natural. The goal of using hair extensions is to step up your beauty but shouldn’t be obvious to everyone that you are using a hair extension. By combining the perfect pair of extensions, people will be wondering if you have extensions on or not, even if they go as far as coming to feel your hair, they would hardly know. Here at Hottie Hair, our extensions are 100% invisible, our clip-ins as well can’t be felt even by running finger all through the hair. Hair extensions are not supposed to announce themselves to the world, such that people know that you are wearing extensions. Rather hair extensions are meant to complement your beauty in the most natural way possible, be it by feeling or by just a glance.

Let’s find out how to make extensions look natural!!!


You may have seen someone who’s using a hair extension. And how did you know? Because you either just saw and knew of probably felt it and you without a doubt knew because it didn’t look/feel natural. None of us want to be seen wearing unnatural hair extensions. So in order to prevent that from happening, below are five tips you can follow to ensure that your hair extensions look natural all the time;

1 – Get sufficient hair extensions at your disposal


It is advised you have a lot of hair extensions, so much that it matches your natural hair density. What this implies is, if your hair is the thick type, then it would take the application of plenty extensions to go with your type of hair. And if your hair is the thin type, you would require less hair extensions. Furthermore, is your hair the short type? If yes, then you will also need a lot of hair extensions. What always gives away someone who’s wearing hair extensions is when they don’t install the right amount of hair extension depending on their type of hair. This is an important factor when it comes to making your hair extension look natural.

2 – Always apply the suitable type of extension for your hair


If your hair is very fine and thin, it is best you avoid using the conventional clip extensions, they are not suitable for thin hair. Clip in extensions are usually too weighty and will pull your natural hair, and that wouldn’t look nice. If you happen to be the type that uses hair extensions occasionally, then the Hottie Hair invisible clip is the best choice for you and your hair. But if with your thin hair, you prefer the semi-permanent hair extensions, using something like tapes ins will be the perfect choice. Endeavour to use the right type of hair extension for your hair, it makes it easy for both extension and natural hair to blend and give you the desired natural look.

3 – Use Matching Colors


The interesting part of using hair extensions is you can go with up to 2 or 3 shades lighter or darker than your hair’s natural color and still get the extension to blend perfectly and look natural. But this may not be applicable in some case as some people have very unique hair color or could be making the hair extension purchase online and you will by all means need to get the right color for your hair. Hair extensions are not being matched to your hair roots but the ends and most people will need to use 1-3 colors to get the perfect blend of colors. Once the hair colors don’t match, that automatically shows people that you are using extensions. If you are buying the extension online, one way to get a perfect color match for what you are buying is by getting a free color match before paying for extension. Hottie Hair does color matching for thousands of hair colors daily so we ensure that there is a matching hair color for everyone. Having the right color(s) is crucial when it comes to using hair extensions. For instance, we advise you go for the lightest shade of blonde #60 and change the color to match with your natural hair. For those with unique hair color, this is one of the best ways to make your hair extensions look real. Changing the color of your hair extensions is very simple, just ensure that the shampoo you use is color safe.

4 – Have a variety of hair extension lengths at your disposal


People with thin shoulder length hair don’t need to do as much to make wearing hair extensions look real. All it takes is one length, and a little bit of hair and boom!!! Hair is enhanced, looking all beautiful and natural. But for those who have layers or long hair, you will need to make use of two different hair lengths. The longer hair extension is there to give your hair the lengthy look while the short hair extension job is to blend with your layers. This approach will definitely make your hair extension look natural.

5 – High quality human hair should be your first choice


Nothing is as important as using high quality human hair if you decide to wear hair extensions. If you get cheap hair which is in most cases fake hair, it doesn’t take long before the quality deteriorates, you only need to wash it one time and it gets muddled and frizzy. There is no fizzy looking hair extension that will fit your natural hair texture. Spending money to get the best quality of hair extension is cost effective as it prevents you from spending more in the future. It takes away the need to frequently replace your previous hair extensions and you won’t be scared of dealing with a matted hair just after a few washes. As far as hair extension is concerned, durability is important and you need high quality human hair to get that.

6 – Always seek the services of a professional hairstylist


All of your efforts would have come to waste if you follow steps 1 to 5 without the help of a professional hairstylist. A hairstylist is like the icing on the cake. In as much as the extensions being made these are the ones you can do yourself, but only a professional can cut and blend the extensions perfectly. If you spend so much in getting the best quality human hair, nothing should stop you from taking them to a professional. What is worth doing, is worth doing well.


With these six easy steps, you can have your hair extensions look very natural. All of which will save cost for as long as a year peradventure you take good care of them.


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