Hair extensions: Are double-drawn hair extension worth the hype?

The trend of hair extensions has become massive these days and, so has the demand for its new colors, styles, lengths, and methods too. It is difficult to find the best hair extension to match your natural hair type. While looking for the hair extension options, one gets to know about the different forms such as 100% human hair, Remy hair, single or double drawn hair, and many more. This vast and fancy range of extensions has made it difficult for a person to decide for the best hair extension option.


What are the different hair extensions?

There are various hair extension types available from which a person can choose to match with one’s hair type as per preferences and the budget. You can look for;

  1. Clip-in hair extensions.
  2. Hot fusion hair extensions.
  3. Cold fusion hair extensions.
  4. Sewn-in weft hair extensions.
  5. I-Tip hair extensions.
  6. Tape-in hair extensions.
    1. Tape-in hair extension is a new venture of the hair extension industry. The hair industry classifies tape-ins as the semi-permanent solution, and it can give an extra volume and length to natural hair for which a person wishes for a more lasting period.

What are the best hair extensions made of?

If we talk about the best quality of extensions available, then definitely it has to be those made using real human hair. Let’s see how the different forms of hair extensions are processed.

  1. The weft hair extensions are the ones that come into shape when the processed hair is sewn to produce bundles of extensions.
  2. The single drawn hair extension comes in the form of a single hair type cut from only one source and placed in the weft to create the extensions. This version is commonly available at a very economical rate because it costs less for production. You will find hair length equal in each strand as the shorter length hair gets discarded while on the weft. This process makes the single drawn extensions look thinner from the end but heavy on the top. It will be great to have a nice haircut from your hairstylist after wearing these single drawn hair extensions as it will keep your hair from straggling while giving a healthy and bouncy look.
  3. The double drawn hair extensions received special processing as the shorter lengths of hair get sorted out and chipped off manually and get replaced by longer lengths in the weft. This method maximizes the quality of extensions by giving the same volume and healthy look to hair strands from top to bottom. 
  4. Remy hair extensions carry the high-grade human hair only in its strands. It does not involve synthetic hair and is very expensive.


Yes, single drawn hair extension can be the inexpensive and easy-to-access form of the extensions. But why not pay more to get the quality together with the volume and thickness? Double drawn extensions give great fullness to your hair for a long time and give your hair the bounce, which you always desired.


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