How To Place Ponytail With Hair Extensions

It takes a lot to become a professional hair stylist, because different clients come with their own ideas as to how they’d want their hair to be styled. It is a criteria for you to be able to give your client what they want. Take for instance, a client who prefers to try on different styles and makes use of ponytails. You should be able to ask and answer questions like; what type of ponies would they prefer? Is it high, low, middle or updo ponies? Once a choice is made on which hairstyle they prefer, you can start the process of mapping out the head. Make sure you know where the hair extensions will end before you apply them, this is very essential for a lot of reasons like; being able to determine how many hair extensions you need, figuring out the best way to get your client to look exactly how they want, and also ensuring that the layout is properly organized to give your client more comfort.

High Ponytails

If you know the star music artiste, Ariana Grande, you will always see her rocking a ponytail on her head with lengthy hair flowing down to her waist. Without a doubt she loves ponytails and I won’t be wrong to say that, that’s her signature hair do. Most of us fall in love with a particular hairstyle because one celebrity or icon is rocking that hairstyle. So it is possible you may have had one or more clients come to you asking for ponytail or some might simply say “Ariana Grande’s hairstyle”. You should be able to give such clients a full breakdown of what it would take to achieve that look, you should educate them more or less. The extension suitable for high ponytails are cylinder or keratin fusion hair extensions because they have more mobility than tape-in hair extensions and are invisible too. Do well to properly inform them on the advantages and disadvantages involved in either of the systems before they make a choice.

During the styling process, ensure that there is sufficient hair to cover the nape of the neck and sides of the face, very important. Half an inch or 2 fingers wide is a good measurement unit. Once you have gotten the right measurement, the next area of focus will bin in creating a lot of density, that is to say, making a lot of cleanly placed rows.

Tip: Don’t forget that in applying Keratin Fusion Extensions you need to try and match the density of the clients’ natural hair. For a client with thinner hair, you might be required to cut the bonds with the aid of our Bond Cutting Pliers. This will help create small bonds and reduce the stress on the hair. On that note, a client whose hair is thinner than the individual extension should avoid using Cylinders.

Low Ponytails


It doesn’t matter the system you choose to wear, you can still achieve this look regardless. You can choose the method we recommend for a lot of clients who desire length and thickness, which is the tape-in brick or row method placement structure. Above all, always remember to pull the hair back loosely away from the face and to never add any unnecessary tension on the hair. Any client using hair extensions should be able to pull their hair back and get the low ponytail look without worrying about any applications showing.

Mid-Length Ponytails

You can achieve this style with the use of tape-ins, though other systems can get you the same result, however, you should take note of the perimeter of the face and neck. Using tape-in makes it a bit difficult to place them comfortably for your client to wear again. To find a way around this, ask your client to show you how they usually wear their hair up. This information will guide you on the areas to avoid application, you may even have less surface area around the scalp to work with thus making easier for you to fit in fewer tape-ins. In order to achieve this look with the use of extensions, then what your client should be concerned about is gaining density and not length.

Immediately you have traced out the area with which the extensions will be placed, the application process should follow. During the installation of hair extensions, the ideal way to place them is from top-to-bottom. This way you are sure there is ample space from the scalp and flexibility for the tabs to move naturally.

Below are a few things you need to know when creating an updo for your client.

What to avoid?

Pull the hair too tight backwards, that can put too much stress on the hair. When you over direct Tape-in hair extensions in the opposite direction they lay naturally and cause unnecessary tension of the hair.

How To Achieve The Look?

To get a mid-length ponytail look, you need to use your fingers to direct the hair to the back gently an endeavor not to tug on the extensions. The moment you get the desired position of your ponytail, hold it in place and then section out the front hairline. With the aid of a teasing brush, comb the hairline section backwards continuously to smooth out the hair. This will not only create volume bit cover the bonds as well. Afterwards, you can style it as you desire and secure it using your favorite hairspray to keep it together for long.


If all your client wants is a daylong ponytail or a weekend, that type you just want to rock for a special event, then clip-in hair extension system is the best method for this look. All it takes is to pull their natural hair into their desired ponytail, be it low, medium or high, and then secure the hair with a scarf or hair tie. After which you’d take a medium sized clip-in weft and secure the clips around the ponytail in the form of a circle. Keep building the ponytail around with the leftover weft pieces, from the medium size, then to the smallest size and finish up with the longest. Following this pattern will ensure that the weight is evenly distributed around your natural ponytail. Once this is done, take a small section of hair and wrap around the weft so you prevent any clip-ins or hair ties from being revealed and secure it beneath the ponytail with a small bobby pin.

One very easy and quick style to achieve is the side swept fishtail or pancake braid. Pull out a few face framing hair or small fringe and loosely curl them to jazz it up. What makes a boho braid interesting is, the messier it looks the better.


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