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How to get volume with fine hair and extensions?

Many women with thin, fine hair wish to have full hair on their head and we all know how gorgeous you can look with full hair. Asides that, you have limitless options of hairstyles to choose from and try on. And so they keep searching for ways to get full hair. Yes there is the approach of getting healthy treatments for your hair with little or no application of chemicals, less heat on the hair, eating health foods too. This method undoubtedly takes a while before you see results, and in some cases doesn’t yield the desired results. The genetics of a woman is a huge determinant for her hair’s density. If you don’t naturally have thick hair on your head, then you may not get the hair transformation you are looking for from biotin supplements and vitamins. If you are looking for a quick fix to your hair fullness challenges, using hair extensions is what you need. But you need to know the type of hair extension that is suitable for women with thin, fine hair. Not all hair extensions will fit every woman with thin hair.


You won’t get the everyday volume of hair you want by using clip in hair extensions, this is just a temporary solution. However, tape in hair extensions is a what you need to get your desired volume of hair and here is why, they are light, very thin, invisible and can be used regularly for as long as 3 months. More so, the tape in hair extensions don’t damage so you don’t have to worry about losing your natural hair. While using this extension, it gives room for your natural hair to grow to its full volume. Another reason to use tape in hair extension is, you can use the extension repeatedly. I am one person who loves to wear hair extension because it not only boosts my confidence but also gives me numerous options in terms of hairstyling.


If you take a look above, you may not notice on first glance but I am wearing a tape in hair extension and you can tell how much I love it. With thin hair, you can instantly change your looks by installing hair extensions. There are things I could not do without using a hair extension, like curling. Without hair extension, my hair is somewhat boring and my entire head will be itching for me to have my extension back on. There isn’t anywhere I can’t go with my hair extension, even when I go to the gym to workout, I can still rock my ponytail. This is basically applicable to those who have always had thin hair, if you already have full hair on your head then it’s really not important for you.


For those whose hair is fine, thin, but damaged, you will need to choose a hair care routine as well as a hair extension method specially for women with your type of hair (fine thin hair). Eat healthy, use treatments, get the right type of hair extension for your hair, all of these are a necessity. In my opinion, no other type of hair extension should be used asides tape in hair extension else you end up losing your hair. Hottie hair tape in hair extensions are of medical grade and can be taken off easily using our organic coconut remover. (This shouldn’t bother you because it is strong enough to hold for up to 12 weeks and will never just slip out. The extension can only happen slip out maybe when you are taking a shower but that can only happen after about 3 months of usage). With Hottie hair tape in hair extension you will never find us using any harsh chemicals and will never advice you to do that either. We strongly suggest you follow eco-friendly practices. You find out that a lot of other tape in hair extension brands make use of gel or glue base that is really strong and sticky such that you will require chemicals to take them off. This can cause loss of hair, there have been stories of women losing their due to the use of these chemicals. You should also know that clip in hair extensions can end of leaving bald spots when you install them poorly. You will need a tail comb to be used in creating a backed up hair nest. As weird as this sounds, it actually is the best description to give it, because as you back comb the hair, it creates a little hair nest. However, once that is done, you will need to back up the hair up so you have space to clip the clips to your tightly to your head. Women with thin fine hair should never use fusion and weft hair extensions, these are the type of extensions that damage your kind of hair. The weight of the hair extension stresses out your natural hair and can further cause you to lose your hair, and that’s not something you’d want. Now, if you have ever suffered aby damage to your thin hair, I recommend the use of one tape weft and a single sided piece of tape. This way there isn’t so much stress or strain being put on your hair. In addition, you can add micro strands to fill in the crown of your head or alternatively apply a chemical free color.


Tips to help improve the volume of your hair daily

  • When styling, use a curling wand to create big curls and then use your fingers to run through till the end. Once that is done, spray it and the end result would be a full looking natural hair.
  • To get the perfect volume while styling your hair, make use of a flexible hair spray.
  • Apply dry shampoo intermittently when washing to remove grease and dirt that dulls up the look of the hair.
  • Be cautious of keratin treatments, their effect on the hair is dull and gives the hair a flat look which is bad for people with thin hair.
  • Once in a while make use of thickening treatments.
  • A hair that is free of chemicals is best, rather use 2 tape colors, ombre or micro-strands. With ombre you will need a light color which you would later color at the top. Less hair processing, preserves the hair.
  • Eat healthy foods that help with hair growth like, leafy greens, omega 3s, nuts etc.

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