Expert Guide on the Dos and Don’ts of Wedding Hair Extensions

Most brides use hair extension as an integral part of hair styling on their wedding day. It’s not surprising because the extra length and fullness that an extension provides add to the beauty of any hairstyle. The best part is that an experienced hairstylist can make the extension look perfectly natural on you.


The goal of this article is to help you avoid the blunders that people make with hair extension. Crystal Frehner, the co-founder of Hottie Hair Salon & Extension Store in Las Vegas, offers some valuable tips for beginners and experts alike. Her company has a famous brand of hair extension called Hottie Hair (I used it and loved it!). Frehner is an authority in hair extensions; let’s listen to what she has to say.

The Dos of Bridal Hair Extensions

You should choose a hair extension from a brand that offers multi-level coloration. In essence, each color shade will have between 7-11 colors to choose from. Such hair extensions allow stylists to blend your hair to look completely natural. It even gives the hair stylist the freedom to be creative by playing around with shades to give your hair an elegant look. You can try Hottie Hair Clip-in Extension for a massive choice of shades.

Make sure you curl your natural hair together with the extension. This is how you get a perfect blend between your natural hair and the extension. Of course, you would want your hair extension to look as if it’s your actual hair.


TIP: Adjust the heat settings of your curling iron to 350 degrees. After that, curl only one-inch hair per time and run the iron from front to back, then repeat the sequence. That is how to make a hair extension look natural.

Take the time to wash and condition your hair extension before the day of your wedding. Do this for both synthetic and human hair extensions and allow them to dry. Cleaning them before use on your wedding day will remove unwanted product accumulation over time.

The Don’ts of Bridal Hair Extensions

Do not use too much hair extensions because it makes it look unnatural. Moreover, the weight on your head will also make you feel uncomfortable. Although you want to look gorgeous on your wedding day, you don’t want to look strange. The essential factor here is to add a single length that gives you the required volume and length. It’s quite simple, that is all you need to do.

It is crucial not to clip the extension very close to your hairline because it makes you feel uncomfortable. Aside from the issues with comfort, they can also slide out easily. Clip the extension about half an inch away from your scalp and just two inches from your hairline.


Tip: Tease the hair with your hands. After that, apply hairspray on the area to allow the extension to grip correctly and avoid slippage.

Avoid blunting the edge of the extension when you cut them. Do not cut extensions in a straight direction, it makes the edges look blunt, and anyone can easily recognize the extensions. The best approach is to first attach the extensions to your hair, then ask your stylist to cut it to suit your looks. If you follow this method, everyone will admire your hair without realizing that you are using hair extension,

Are you planning to use hair extensions on your wedding day? Perhaps you have already been to the altar? You can share your experience below. If you have additional tips, you can share them with your readers by posting a comment.

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