An Expert Guideline for Brides on Using Clip-In Hair Extensions

Most brides are often overwhelmed about the type of hairstyle to wear while walking to the altar. They dream of charming looks with luscious hair flowing seamlessly and aligning with their body curves. Does that sound like you? You should consider using a clip-in extension for styling your hair on your wedding day.

You may want to focus on styling your hair to blend your physique or to complement your exotic wedding dress. Whatever might be your motivation, the hairstyle is a vital aspect of the plan for your wedding event.


There are several benefits of using clip-in hair extensions, and it might be the best choice for your wedding day hairstyle. However, you should do your homework to be extra sure.

During an interview with Crystal Frehner, the co-founder of Hottie Hair Salon & Extensions Store, she made some informative disclosure about clip-in hair extension.

Let’s listen to the expert.

Get Prepared.

Frehner advised people not to wait for the wedding day before wearing their hair extension. Wearing it a couple of days before your big event will help you feel more comfortable. A couple of days gives you the time to become used to changes in your look and the feeling of the extra weight of hair on your head. That is why clip-in hair extension is appropriate for your big day.

For those who are planning a DIY approach to their wedding hairstyle, Frehner recommends the use of clip-in hair extensions because of its simplicity. ” But just like every other thing, you perfect your skills with consistent practice, ” Frehner says. It will be helpful to practice and perfect placing and styling of weft before the wedding day.

Now that you have got some fascinating hair length and volume, it’s time to play around with it before the wedding day. The bachelor’s night and the bridal shower gives you a perfect opportunity to put your skills to test. Although you may hire a professional to handle your hair on the wedding day, you have to handle it yourself afterward. That is an excellent reason to practice so you can perfect your skill.

Frehner said that many people have the misconception that hair extensions are difficult to use. But she advised ladies to keep their mind at rest because it doesn’t take time to perfect the technique. “At BFB Hair, we do our best to make people comfortable with using hair extensions. We want to empower them to influence their looks and feel good,” she says.

Selecting the Best Hair Extension For Your Wedding

Hair extensions might look the same, but they differ extensively in many ways. You will end up wasting money and enduring stress if you purchase the wrong one. Frehner advised that ladies should ensure the extension is made from human Remy Hair, which is regarded as the most excellent quality of human hair. “Remy Hair is an excellent investment because it lasts longer and does not degrade the way synthetic hair does,” Frehner advised.


On the second note, Frehner emphasized on the need to get a perfect color match. “To get a perfect blend, the colors must match perfectly,” Frehner says. Another critical factor is to consider if the shade of your hair will change on your wedding day. If you are considering changing the tone, seek the service of a colorist to get samples offered by various hair extension companies.

On the final note, make sure the edges are tapered to perfection because that is the crucial factor that gives the extension a natural look. “You should purchase the ones that are naturally tapered, or you may have to pay a stylist extra to fine-tune them for you,” Frehner said.

How To Properly Care For & Maintenance Your Hair Extensions

An excellent clip-in hair extension would be pricey. That is why you should take good care of it so you can use it for other important events. Frehner advises that you treat these extensions like your natural hair so they can last long. For instance, you should use a heat protectant and refrain from using the highest temperature settings during heat styling. Wash the clip-in extension only once every month if you use it daily. Once in a month is just appropriate, don’t forget that the extension does not have a scalp that secretes natural oil! However, you can deep-condition the extension when it feels dry.


“Brush the extensions gently just before wearing it and after removing it. The best approach is to brush from the bottom upwards. Whenever you are not using the extension, place it on a flat surface, “Frehner concluded.

That is all you need to know about clip-in hair extension. Get an excellent brand and start practicing!

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