Changing your hair every now and then can be really exciting. You can always go for a new cut, a new style or a new color. But sometimes the waiting period for your hair to grow or get healthier can be really long. This is where hair extensions come to save us. Hair extensions are the easiest and surest way of adding extra length and volume to your hair. They’re a proven way to completely change your whole look. You can always rely on these extensions to switch up your style as they’re always supportive through any harsh conditions. You can finally have a good hair day every single day!


There are different types of extensions. There are different ways to practically wear this extension. Different types of hair extensions would be Clip-ins, Keratin Fusion, Micro Beads, and Tape-Ins. The best and easiest extensions to find would be the Clip-in hair extension. They’re the easiest to install! Within minutes, you’ll be able to flaunt your new hair as they easily add color, volume, and length to your hair.



Here are some things to remember before you buy your Clip-in extensions:

  1. Select a color that suits your hair. Find a color that matches your hair. You don’t need extensions with the same color, as they don’t have to perfectly match your hair. They’ll just blend in and lift up your natural hair color as well. You can also go through our Color List and Color Chart to select a color that’s almost close to your own hair color. As the color of the roots and the ends of your hair is different, matching the color to the tips of your hair is a good trick.
  2. Always go for the best quality. Our top recommendation would be the Remy Human Hair Extensions as they blend in easier with your own hair and also last longer.


The first and foremost step you must do is that you tease the roots of your hair before securing the clips. You can use mini rubber bands to hold sections of your hair before clipping them.

  1. Divide the hair into 2 parts horizontally about an inch from the back of your neck. Tie the hair above the horizontal part with a rubber band.
  2. Ensure that the clips are open so they’re easily attached to the hair.
  3. First, you add the middle clip in your hair, secure it with pressure and then close it. Then you follow the same procedure for the other clips.
  4. Make sure to check the clips are positioned flatly against your scalp.
  5. Untie the tied hair and create a horizontal partition above your Clip-in. Make sure the hair covers the Clip-ins.
  6. Follow and repeat the above steps.
  7. When you’re left with 2 Clip-ins, you can create horizontal parts right above your ears and secure the clips flatly against your scalp.
  8. Do this with the help of a mirror to check whether the clips are visible or not. Style your hair the way you want now!

Clip-in hair extensions are the best way to achieve that simple and everyday hairstyle with so little time!


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