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Hair extensions with tape are all the rage these days as their popularity grows among people. However, various client’s question about the longevity of tape in the hair extensions. The hair extension itself should last for about four to six months, normally.


First, the life of your hair extension completely depends upon your lifestyle and how you maintain them. The client needs to visit the hair salon that installed their hair extension every six to eight weeks in order to re-tape them. This service is done for about three times before installing a new set. The tape of Hottie Hair Extensions is U.S. made, and it guarantees the durability and lifespan of the hair extension tape. Several companies that produce hair extensions use other kinds of tape that is not supposed to be applied on hair; hence it won’t last for a long time.

Since this tape is produced locally, it guarantees reliability and greater quality control. The Tape-in Hair Extensions by Hottie Hair do not need additional heat, waxes, or glues. Furthermore, make sure to visit the hair salons that provide the service of installing hair extensions. A hair salon that is certified will definitely make sure to use great quality of hair extensions and related products.


We use our prep-shampoo for the hair that wasn’t ready properly for hair extension service. Unwashed hair tends to have built up oils and dirt that result in the slippage of the extensions. This also applies to clients who have oily hair, naturally. Hence, they are advised to thoroughly wash their hair and roots with our given shampoo. It is crucial that the client waits for 48 hours after getting hair extension when it comes to washing their hair for the first time. This will ensure that the tape has been properly fixed inside the hair.

At times, certain issues can arise when it comes to the installation of the hair extensions. For example, the amount of hair between two pieces of the tape could be a lot. Hence, this results in the tape not being able to hold that much hair. Moreover, even touching the tape a lot prior to installation or perhaps using hairspray that has alcohol in it can also result in premature slippage.

The hair stylist should be properly educated when it comes to the process of application of the hair extensions and also the aftercare. It is vital that the hair stylist informs their client about the importance of noting down the products they are using and the maintenance of their hair extensions.


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