Guide for Choosing the Right Hair Extension for Full Head Application

This article aims at guiding readers about the most appropriate hair extension depending upon hair type and type of extension that will be the most suitable, e.g., Fusion, I-tip or Tape-in extensions. Certain useful tips and suggestions are mentioned at the end of this article.


The Case of Long and Thin Hair Touching Shoulders

In the case of long and thin hair, a full application is easy and can be done promptly. Whether to go with few or more extensions is dependant on budget constraints and the amount of desired thickness.

If you are using Fusion or I-tips, then extensions between 50 to 100 would suffice. For single side Tape-ins 10-15 and 20-30 for double-sided


The Case of Medium Density Hair Touching Shoulders

For hair with the medium density that is touching the shoulders. The length of such hair can be easily increased by using 120 to 175 extension pieces of Fusion. But for thick hair, more extensions will be required. It is crucial to balance the thickness of the client’s hair with the thickness of the hair extensions to get a perfect blend.

Here is a suggestion, for Fusion or I-tips, the number of extensions should be between 120 to 170. For Single side tape-in extensions, 15 to 25 and for double 30 to 50 is the appropriate number.


The Case of Medium Length Hair

For Hair that is thick and touching shoulders that is medium length, augmentation is quickly done with 175 to 225 Fusion extensions.

The trick here is that the thickest hair will require more extensions as compared to thin hair. It is imperative to balance the thickness of the client’s hair with the depth of the hair extensions for a perfect match and texture.

It is advised to use 175 to 225 Fusion or I-tips. For single side 35 to 45 tape-ins (But single-sided is not recommended for thick hair) and 60 to 80 double-sided ones (the shorter and thicker the hair, the more hair extensions you will need).


The Case of Short Hair

The short hair is the trickiest, especially augmenting and increasing the length of hair shorter than 5 inches. For this reason, many hair experts do not recommend it. And for lengths shorter than 3 inches better to focus more on the crown.

While it is mentioned above that short hair is the trickiest to lengthen, a length between 4 ½” – 5” of short hair on the crown should not be augmented.

Also, we don’t recommend I-tip extensions for short hair due to an excessive number of beads. Interestingly, the I-tip (the flat ones)

Because these flat I-tip is broader and has a better hold or grip when compared with the normal regular ones. It is better to use more than 150 and up to 175 fusion extensions for short hair, make it 200 to 225 for hair with medium thickness, but for thick and dense hair, the number crosses 250.

But, more rows are needed in case of thick hair. In the past, we encountered situations where the hair was so thick that they needed 14 bundles of lush hair extensions, which would be 350 for Fusion extensions. This is rare, but be aware that this may happen. People can get upset if you run short or out of hair.


Some Useful Tips Regarding Hair Extensions

Here are a few tips regarding hair extensions that are worth sharing:

It is advised that always set aside an appropriate amount of extensions for the front side before starting the application process.

To help you decide the right number of extensions for the front side, for short hair, whether thick or thin 30 to 50 pieces of Fusion or 8 to 12 pieces of tape-in hair extensions will suffice.

If the hair is of medium length (thick or thin), 25 to 35 pieces of fusion for each side or 5 to 8 pieces of tape-in will do great.

In case of long and thin hair, consider 15 pieces of fusion or 2 to 4 pieces of tape-in extensions.

Always make sure that you have enough hair to finish the desired application. In case of a situation where hair extensions may run short. Better to nape solid the first row andbrick lay the next two to three rows

The reason is that by doing the bricklayer, a lot of extensions can be saved, and there is always the option of applying the leftover ones later.


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