Five Secrets to Why Hottie Hair Extensions are the Best in Business

Five Secrets to Why Hottie Hair Extensions are the Best in Business

Five Secrets to Why Hottie Hair Extensions are the Best in Business 150 150 Crystal

“They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” We believe diversity is beautiful, everyone is gorgeous; we just need the perfect eye. Talking about the perfect eye, we have the ideal eye when it comes to flawless hair extensions. So the question is, does hair matter? Indeed they do, especially for every woman on this planet because she is the queen of her world and her hair – the crown she wears to perfection.

Also, perfect hair brings happiness. There is an immense sense of joy in seeing a flawless you in the mirror, this happiness gets double and triple on hearing a few words of appreciation from others. Well, if you are seeking perfection in your looks, then at Hottie Hair, “We promise perfection through our flawless hair extensions. Our extensions will make your day.”

In fact, your search for the best and perfect hair extensions ends today, here are your five reasons to trust us.

No Tricks Just Quality

At Hottie Hair, there is no compromise on quality and customer care. We ensure quality and impeccable client care through professional salon grade services. So how does this impact, you girls? Well, it’s simple:

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  • Our Hair extensions are 100% genuine
  • 100% human hair which have been ethically acquired,
  • Blond is blonde, and the brunette is brunette; no dyes
  • Healthy hair from root to the tip
  • The cuticles are perfectly intact
  • Hair extensions are super silky and smooth
  • No use of Animal hair
  • No synthetic blending of fibers and
  • No silicone coating of hair extensions

In short, we keep it honest and straightforward, no tricks, and acting smart with our clients, because we want to see you not once but always coming to us for perfection. So at Hottie Hair, we promise, and we deliver the best quality and 100% authentic hair extensions. You are perfect, and you deserve nothing short of perfection.

Say no to frizzy hair and itchy nose

We desire that you look perfect every day, and the photos you take bring out the best in you. That is why we promise that after using our hair extensions, there will be no bad hair days at all. It will be smooth and shiny, nothing kinky or sticking up. The thick hair in our extensions will make sure you don’t give the vibe that you had your fingers stuck in an electric switch. You will be over the moon after these extensions, thanks to our anti-shed technology as we promise no stragglers, top to bottom.

Secondly, we hate itchy noses, and this can happen if you compromise on quality, at Hottie Hair we promise to look after your hair and your nose too. Say goodbye to frizzy hair and itchy noses.

101 problems and your perfect hair

Life is not easy, and there are 101 problems. You are accustomed to tossing your bad and good pricey extensions after the first use. So out of 101, you have two issues related to your hair extensions: they are expensive and need not to be thrown away after the first use.

At Hottie Hair, we add perfect extensions to your hair while taking away your problems. How? Let me share the secret with you, our extensions are natural, and they are reusable up to three extension move ups. Surprised? You should be, and here is more to shock the bad extensions out of your hair- our hair extensions generally last 9-12 weeks per application. Just reapply the tape, and you are good to go. No need to ask your man for new extensions every other month.

Our babies blend like butter and cream

We know your biggest fear, “Will my hair extensions blend well with the natural color of hair?” At Hottie Hair, they will blend as if they were your own hair. Our diverse shade pallet will suit everyone and anyone’s hair color. We offer more than 25 shades of original and authentic hair extensions to match your hair.

And that’s not all

We love to customize, so if your babies don’t match your taste, share your heart, and wishes with us, and we will give you the perfect hair extensions you have dreaming of lately.

Sweet, isn’t it! Let’s make it sweeter just like you, visit us personally or reach us over email and telephone with a picture taken in natural light of your hair, and our Style Wizards will create magic for you. Just remember our babies blend like butter and cream.

We last the longest

Yes, our extensions last the longest; proper application gives you 9 to 12 weeks of perfect extensions. The best part is our adhesives are not only durable, but they also do not damage your hair. Why? Because as we don’t use any sort of gel. In fact, our tape is of medical-grade, hypo-allergic, and latex-free, and the best part is it is water and sweat proof so you can enjoy your swims and don’t worry about the sweat of the summers damaging the extensions.

Rest assured, our extensions will last the longest while giving you perfection till the last second. We like honesty and quality, that’s why we claim that our extensions are the best in the field. Try it; you will leave with a smile.


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