What is the difference between Halo & Clipo hair extensions?

You may or may not be familiar with halo hair extensions and are probably are new to the concept of a Clipo. We would love to help you get to know these two amazing types of hair extensions. The halo first came about because many women were struggling to put 7 to 10 pieces of clip in hair extensions into their head everyday. Also women were noticing when they wore clips ins allot their hair was still subject to damage where the clips attach. Thus the one piece halo on a wire came about where you could add volume to your hair fast without out any damaging side effects of prolonged use. However we still had many clients who love the full coverage that a set of clip ins offer but they want an easier way then using the traditional 7-10 pieces. After much thought Hottie Hair founder CryStyle designed the Clipo a 3 piece combination set that could be worn as a 3 piece clip in set or a 1 piece halo and 2 piece clip in set. This gave both clip in lovers and halo lovers the option to get full coverage with less pieces to install. Both options are still loved and can give you a much easier and safer choice for your hair.

Our Indian Remy Halo Collection

Our Indian remy halo extensions is the first type of once piece halo hair extensions that Hottie Hair made. They are made with four weft layers and and adjustable wire. They are offered in two lengths with different gram options to take into account each person’s hair length and volume.

Indian Remy Features

  • Made with a four layer weft base
  • Offered in  16″ 100 grams, 20″ 120 grams
  • Made of 100% remy Indian human hair salon quality
  • Virtually no shedding
  • Can withstand heat, and dye

Should I Pick Indian Remy Extensions?

Our Indian Remy Collection is good for you if:

  • Your hair is fine and fragile
  • You have thick hair
  • You have medium to thick short hair (blunt/above shoulder length)
  • You prefer more volume at your roots
  • You plan to use them for ponytails or down styles
  • You plan to dye the extensions (the fabric can be dyed)

Our Clipo Collection

Our Clipo extensions are a part of a new collection Hottie Hair came out with in 2018. An upgrade to our original designed Indian Remy Halo set, this set has two additional face framing pieces. As well as a full set of 5 clips on the main halo piece so that it can be worn clipped in or with the wire or a combination of both. The main piece also has just as much hair is the original one piece indian remy set. This allows you to wear it all by it self if you like as well. We think you will love all the flexibility and options you get with this new design!

Clipo Features

  • Made with a lace backed double weft base plus two 3 inch clip in pieces
  • Offered in 16″ 120 grams &20″ 150 grams
  • Made of 100% real Indian remy human high-quality hair
  • Virtually no shedding
  • Can withstand heat, and dye

Should I Pick Clipo Extensions?

Our Russian Remy Collection is good for you if:

  • Have fine above shoulder hair
  • Have fine hair but a lot of hair strands
  • You have an average amount of hair
  • You want a more natural look with less volume at the root
  • You have balayage hair
  • Want to add sun-kissed dimension to your hair with no commitment and no damage

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