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Step-by-Step Guide for Micro Link Hair Extensions

Transform Your Hair With Invisible Extensions.

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  1. What Are Micro Link Hair Extensions?
  2. Overview
  3. Best Candidates
  4. Finding a Hairstylist
  5. Install
  6. Cost
  7. How Long Do They Last?
  8. Some Drawbacks
  9. Maintaining
  10. Combing & Brushing
  11. Washing
  12. Aftercare
  13. Sleeping


Best Candidates

If your hair’s health is in jeopardy (weak, damaged, breakage, shedding), I would not recommend this extension treatment.


Finding a Hairstylist




How Long Do They Last?

Micro Link Hair Extensions Benefits Hair Extensions Before and After Micro Link hair extensions, such as Hottie Hair Extensions, provide a wide range of benefits for people who choose to wear them, in addition to adding volume, length, and diversity to hairstyle procedures.

Micro beading is safe for those who take this approach if it is applied or removed correctly. In addition, with proper and frequent maintenance, they are one of the least hair-damaging options for hair extension implantation.

When it comes to upkeep, the second advantage of wearing micro Link extensions is their low-maintenance nature. While your hairdresser would advise you to schedule regular appointments for continuing care and “simple” repairs, micro Link hair extensions do not require much upkeep and can be cost-effective on occasion. For example, if they slip, they can be readjusted without reapplying with adhesive or heat to restore them.

Micro Link hair extensions mix seamlessly with your natural hair, giving for a wide range of styling possibilities.


Some Drawbacks

While there are numerous advantages to wearing micro Link extensions, there are a few drawbacks to consider before proceeding with the insertion process. The potential of injury to the hair or scalp that can occur with poor installation is perhaps the most significant disadvantage of wearing micro Link hair extensions. Therefore, make sure you’re getting your hair done by someone who has experience installing extensions.

Shoddy installation may cause pain.

Your micro link hair extensions may be painful if they are not installed correctly. This assertion is particularly true if hair extensions are installed too close to the scalp. Setting extensions too close to the scalp can create irritation and pain for the first three weeks, making individuals who are wearing them unhappy.

While the convenience of changing your style with hair extensions quickly is appealing, the negative is that the removal process is inconvenient. That annoyance will include a trip to the salon to visit your micro Link hair extensions stylist. It would be paramount if you never tried to remove your own micro link hair extensions since you risk pulling out your natural hair, which would be pretty unpleasant.

To prevent falling into any of these traps, you should seek the help of a professional who is acquainted with the micro beading hair installation process and contact your stylist if you have any pain from your micro Link hair extensions. A professional stylist will pay attention to the problem. To avoid damaging your natural hair during the removal process, make an appointment with your hairdresser for micro link removal.


Taking care of your micro Link hair extensions necessitates consistency as well as some professional assistance. To put it simply, you’ll need to see your micro-beading hair extension hairdresser every two to four months at the absolute least for maintenance and lifespan. A stylist knows how important it is to change components that may change over time to maintain your style.

Failure to maintain frequent appointments to the hairdresser may result in hair damage, extension slippage, and much frustration. Ascertain that your stylist is well-versed in the care of micro Link extensions. Anything less could be harmful to your hair.

Hair Care products should be used with caution. Some items can induce slippage due to lubrication that isn’t solely oil-based.

Combing and Brushing

Keep in mind that your hair extensions may appear beautiful and natural, but they are still your natural hair. It would be best to exercise caution when manipulating your hair daily. You don’t have to wear child gloves. Still, excessive manipulation from heavy-handed combing and brushing procedures can cause beads to slide or, in the worst-case scenario, cause your extensions to come out prematurely. On those tresses, several professionals advise using a nylon boar bristle brush or a loop brush. To avoid tangling, you must separate those strands at the roots throughout your hair brushing routine.



How often should your extensions be washed? It is suggested that you strive to keep the frequency of cleaning or wetting this hair to a minimum. Finally, you want to prolong the life of this hair, which is possible if you don’t subject your extensions to the rigors of the hair washing process too frequently. However, there will come a moment when you will need to wash your hair. If you prefer to wash your hair, there is one rule to follow, and it has to do with the direction in which you apply and rinse your shampoos and conditioners.

When washing your micro link extensions, the key is to act with prudence and a sense of purpose. This is not to suggest that the procedure is without risk; nevertheless, it is essential to realize that while your extensions appear to be growing from the root, they are not. Therefore, to avoid creating damage or unintended loosening of those tresses, you should use a specific approach for washing your hair. Before beginning the hair washing process, comb or brush your hair to remove any tangles.

Rinse and wash your hair in the direction of growth once you’re in the shower. To avoid tangles, wash your hair from top to bottom in a downward manner. Avoid rubbing your head in a circular motion or in a way that frizzes or twists your hair. Also, flipping your head upside down to wash your hair is not a good idea because it may cause snarls.

Scalp care is essential, and you’ll want to clean your scalp as well. However, be careful not to disturb those beads or bonds when you wipe your scalp. Instead of intensively cleaning, consider massaging your scalp.

Avoid shampoos containing parabens, silicone, or many proteins. The improper shampoo can cause your hair extensions to deteriorate and fall out.

When conditioning your hair, make sure to apply conditioner to the strands, not the beads and bonds. First, apply conditioner to your hair from the mid-lengths to the ends. Then, for every other wash, start a deep conditioning routine. Your extensions’ lifespan will be extended as a result of this action.

Take the time to discuss the best shampoos and conditioners for your micro Link extensions with your hairdresser.

During the initial stages of the hair drying process, try to avoid wrapping the towel around your hair because this might generate knots or snarls. Instead, gently squeeze your strands to help release excess water before gently patting the micro link hair extensions dry. Letting your hair air dry should be your goal before using a blow dryer to speed up the process. To avoid matting and tangles, make sure your hair is completely dry before going to bed.

After Care

Micro Link hair extensions fit in perfectly with your natural hair. Still, if you want to spice things up by coloring your hair, the good news is that you can do it with micro link extensions as well. The trick is to buy hair that can be colored.

Is it necessary to put heat on your micro link extensions? It’s a reasonable question. Due to the risk of hair damage, you should use heat on your hair extensions as little as possible. Follow the typical approach for protecting your natural hair from heat damage if you decide to use heat on your extensions. To avoid damaging the hair structure, use a thermal or heat protectant spray.

Also, if the beads come into contact with the heat of colored irons or wands, they can melt. As a result, you must take care to keep the heat away from the beads!


Did you realize that you should put those micro link extensions on a sleeping schedule? Your goal should be to keep those tresses safe from knots, snagging, and pulling as you sleep. Using a silk pillow case, satin hat, or putting your hair in a protective style like a loose side braid or plait can help to reduce the likelihood of tangling in the morning.


These are just a few things to be aware of when it comes to micro Link hair extensions. So take some time to modify your mood and your appearance with this hair installation procedure!

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