Style and Grace: Here’s Why Russian Hair Extensions Are So Popular

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Growing your hair out to the perfect length takes a lot of time, and let’s be honest, can be frustrating to wait for. Thankfully, hair extensions are now an option that you can use to get your hair to the perfect length. 

While there are several different styles of hair extensions, none are quite as high quality as Russian hair extensions. These beautiful extensions blend into your natural hair perfectly, getting you the length you want. 

Before you rush to the hair salon to get Russian hair extensions, it pays to know a little more about what you’re getting into. Let’s take a look at what these are and why they’re so popular. 

What Makes Russian Hair Extensions Special

Once you’ve picked your method of application, it’s time to choose the type of hair you want to use. Some people choose synthetic hair because it’s cheaper, but they’re missing out. 

Instead of opting for synthetic locks, you can go for hair provided by a human donor. Today, the most popular type of hair extension is a Russian hair extension. This is for a few key reasons.

It’s Similar to Western Hair

In the past, most hair came from Chinese donors. For westerners wanting hair extensions, however, this hair simply didn’t blend in the same way that hair from a Caucasian donor did. 

One reason that hair from Russian donors is so popular is that it is very similar to most common Western hair types. It comes in a number of different shades and doesn’t need to be chemically refined before it’s ready to be used. 

It’s Made from Real Human Hair

One big problem for women with fine hair who want hair extensions is that it can be tough to find synthetic hair that looks real. Synthetic hair isn’t as fine as real human hair, which can make it obvious that the wearer has extensions. 

Russian hair extensions are typically extremely fine. And, since they’re made from real human hair, it’s far easier for stylists to match the thickness and style of the hair to the client. 

It Doesn’t Lose Its Quality

Because the hair on our heads is actually already dead, we have to make sure we take care of it properly. When you get a synthetic material, it’s not the same as the hair that you already have. 

What results is frizzy or dull hair after only a few washes. Since Russian hair extensions come from human donors, you can take care of it the same way that you would care for your normal hair. 

How to Apply Your New Russian Hair Extensions

Now that you know what Russian hair extensions are and why they’re such a great choice, it’s time to look at how they’re applied to the head. There are several different methods for doing this.

Easy Ring Extensions

Easy ring extensions are sometimes called micro ring extensions. These types of hair extensions are very easy to place in the hair and give you a beautiful appearance. 

They work by pulling strands of human hair through a ring. The ring is then closed to keep the hair in place. The best part about these extensions is that they’re very comfortable and lie flat on the head. 

For a full head of hair, it takes roughly two hours to install micro ring extensions. Once installed, you won’t need to get them touched up for another three months.

Tape-in Extensions

One of the newest types of hair extensions is tape-in extensions. This method is a great choice for anyone wanting long hair extensions because they’re very flat and work well for even fine hair.

To apply tape extensions, your hairstylist will place a strip of your natural hair between two strips of the hair extensions and press them together. You can remove these extensions easily and can actually reuse them as long as they’re well cared for. 

Tape extensions are easy to apply and will only take a stylist about an hour to give you a full head of extensions. These extensions last roughly two months as long as you take care of them properly.

Hot Fusion Hair Extensions

Another type of hair extension is pre-bonded, or hot fusion hair extensions. The way this works is by bonding together hair using keratin glue. Then, an iron is used to melt the strands together and keep them in place. 

The bond is extremely small and is clear, which makes it a very natural-looking way of getting hair extensions. This tends to be the most popular method of hair extensions thanks to its seamless look. 

It will take a stylist about two hours to apply a full head of extensions. Once in place, the hot fusion hair extensions will last about three months before they need to be touched up. 

Weft Extensions

For anyone wanting to avoid chemicals or glue, weft extensions are a good choice. This type of extension is woven into the hair using braids or by sewing it into your current hair. 

Weft extensions are the most comfortable variety of hair extensions out there and are one of the more common choices. They’ll usually last about three months for a full head of hair.

If you see celebrities with hair extensions, there’s a good chance they got weft extensions. That’s because these last a while but give a natural appearance and are comfortable for the wearer. 

Clip-in Hair Extensions

Just because you want longer hair doesn’t mean that you want it permanently. Sometimes all you want is a little extra length or volume for a particular style or a special occasion. 

Clip-in hair extensions are easily removable extensions. They can be clipped into the hair and removed at the end of the day. They’re a great choice for DIY hair extensions that don’t require a visit to the salon to get put in. 

How to Tell if Your Extensions Are Real Russian Hair Extensions

So, you got your hair extensions and now you’re wondering – are they real or not? There are a few ways that you can differentiate Russian hair extensions from synthetic extensions and other hair donors. 

Your Salon Will Charge Based on Material

One way to tell if you’re getting real Russian hair extensions is the way that your hair salon prices extensions. Because Russian hair is so much more expensive, it should cost more to get this type of hair extension versus synthetic hair extensions. 

If your salon prices its extension services based on the length of the hair, there’s a good chance that they aren’t really Russian hair extensions. That’s because doing so would actually lose the salon a lot of money. 

They’re Expensive

Okay, no one wants to hear that their hair extensions are costly. However, what you pay for is what you get. Russian hair extensions are much rarer and much higher quality than other types of hair extensions. 

The most common types of hair extensions are Chinese and Indian extensions. If you’re getting one of these types of extensions, you can expect to pay less for its sheer availability.

In contrast, Russian hair extensions account for less than 2% of the world’s donated hair. That means that it should, in theory, cost a significant amount more than other types of extensions. 

The Hair Extensions are Soft

When you touch synthetic hair extensions, you’ll feel right away that the hair is a little more coarse than natural hair. Asian hair, such as from Chinese or Indian donors, also tends to be much coarser than Caucasian hair. 

In contrast, Russian hair is very fine and soft to the touch. If you touch the hair extensions and feel that it’s soft and fine, there’s a good chance you’re dealing with real Russian hair. 

On top of that, the appearance of the hair shouldn’t be unnaturally shiny. While you certainly want some sheen on your hair, if it seems as though the hair is glossier than usual, there’s a good chance this isn’t real hair. 

Add Length and Volume With Quality Hair Extensions

Russian hair extensions are one of the best quality types of hair extensions you can purchase. They’re the perfect choice for anyone wanting to get volume or length added to the locks that they already have. 

If you’re interested in getting Russian hair extensions, you’re in the right place. Here at Hottie Hair, we get you stunning, high-quality hair extensions. 

To make an appointment, simply give us a call or shop on our online hair store. We’re here to help you get the type of hair you’ve always dreamed of!


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