How do you take out Tape In extensions and reinstall?

Removing Tape In hair extensions is quick and easy in comparison to traditional methods like fusion. It is best done by an experienced professional hair stylist. It does take extra care and know how in order to avoid damaging your own natural hair.

Removals, installations, and move-ups are best performed by a licensed experienced extension specialist.

How often should I remove and reinstall my them?

Your hair extensions should be removed and reinstalled every six to ten weeks. Consult with your hairstylist and pre book your appointment in advance if possible. While it is easier than traditional methods it does still take time to complete the whole process.

To complete the whole process can take anywhere from two and a half to three hours. If time is an issue consider splitting it up into two appoints. First removal and then reinstallation. This can be a nice break for your natural hair as well.

What ever you decide it is important that the Tape-In reinstallation is thorough. Any skipped steps can result in slippage. A good experienced stylist will not take shortcuts and will often use an assistant to help along the whole process.

What type of Tape-In remover should be used?

It is best to use a professionally designed oil based Tape-In extensions remover such as extension release. Your stylist will start by applying a good amount on each tape-in bond. As the product works its way into the bond it will disintegrate the adhesive that holds the tape in place. Once the bond has loosened your stylist may use a rat tail comb to separate the tabs. If they don’t easily separate they will apply a bit more remover between the bond. Once the tapes are moved they will go back through your hair and remove any left behind tape residue. They may use additional remover solution to help comb it out.

How to wash your hair and the hair extensions properly for reinstallation?

This step is very important in order to avoid slippage. Your natural hair and the extension hair must be washed with a clarifying shampoo before reinstallation.

Washing Your Hair

Your stylist will wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo once. Any residue still found in your hair they may apply something such as baking soda where the tabs were to help break down the adhesive and wash a second time.

They may also condition your hair from the mid shaft down avoiding your roots to help your hair be more manageable in the re-installation process.

Washing the Extension Hair

Your stylist will wash the extension hair with a clarifying shampoo. They may also mix a product such as baking soda as well to remove adhesive residue. 

Replacing the Tape

While avoiding the touch of finger oils or other products a stylist will peel replacement tape off a plastic card touching the edge at most. They will then apply the tape firmly to the top of each tab.


Finally a stylist will reinstall each tape bond into your natural hair.

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