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How are Tape In Hair Extensions different from other hair extension methods?

One of the biggest differences from all other professional hair extensions is that installation is fast. Part of the reason is Tape Ins are the only method that no tools are needed to install them. This cuts the time down considerably as there is no threading and crimping of beads with pliers. There is no using a hot tool to melt glue or needle and thread to hand sew in.

Hair styles are always changing so the ease of install and removal allows you quickly change yours style. This was not always so easy to do with traditional methods like sew in or glue ins that can take a full day out of your schedule. Plus methods like sew ins can look bulky as they micro braid tracks in your hair and then sew the weft to the braided tracks. In many cases the installer will double or triple the weft adding bulk on top of the braids. Tape Ins are known to give you a flat sleek look that blends far better with your natural hair as the base of the tape wefts are very thin. Tape In extensions have truly revolutionized the hair market in comparison to traditional methods.

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