What is the best brand of Tape In hair extensions to try and why?

This question can often be answered by your budget and lifestyle. Keep reading to learn more about the best brand and hair types available. Most professional salon quality hair extensions are made with some type of Asian or Indian hair. This type of hair is the most widely available as 84% of the world population has natural black hair color.

The rarest hair in the world comes from Russia! Russia is the only reliable source of REAL Blonde, REAL Brown and high quality black hair.Russian hair texture blends the best with most women’s hair too!

Only the very best brands in the world source this type of hair.

Russian hair washes and wears better and way longer than other hair too! This is because you do not have to change the color. We all know what bleach does to hair right! Russian hair does come with a higher price tag because it is so rare and lasts longer but it is so, so worth it! Come see the difference, touch the hair for you self!

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We also stock your traditional salon quality hair made from Indian hair so you can compare. We have many experts on staff that can install it for you as well. If you have your own stylist you can take it to them!

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Say goodbye to the days of fighting with your extension hair! Dousing dry extension hair in oil and replacing it every couple months!

Give your hair the best hair extension experience ever with Hottie Extensions!

No need to wait for shipping for our local Las Vegas hotties. With 25+ colors and blends in stock we have the perfect match for you. Tape In! Hottie Hair brand comes in three product lines or hair qualities from awesome to the best in the world. All three made of premium beautiful remy hair. See below for more info.

The best experience with your hair extensions comes from using the highest quality of hair. That is why we are introducing our gentle processed hair extensions. 99.9% of hair extensions started out as black hair. 84% of the world population has black hair, so this color is the most readily available. How the hair is processed to change its color is vitally important. Only the gentlest of processing will protect the hair for longer use.

Many will say their hair is remy but they will coat it in silicone so it feels soft to the touch. It’s not until after you start to wash the hair and this silicone begins to wash off that you are left with the actual real non remy damaged hair. We know that you and your hair deserves the best so let’s get you the hair that you have always dreamed of! Actual REAL remy hair that is made from the finest quality 100% REAL human hair.

Our Tape in hair extensions are very thin small wefts that lay flat to your head and are extremely comfortable. Perfect for all types of hair lengths and thicknesses. The tape is made of a medical grade adhesive that is designed to bond to your hair without damaging it. You can curl, heat, straighten or wash them just like your own hair. Let’s find your perfect color today!

Here Are The Top Brands of Tape Hair Extensions

  1. Day Dream by Hottie Hair: Made With Traditional Salon Quality Indian Hair
    1. 18” IN STOCK
    2. Traditional salon quality hair, budget friendly and still a great option for Tape In extensions! Lighter colors go through a 5-7 day pigment removing process and dark hair from 3-5 days. Our Indian Remy hair will last anywhere from 3-6 months!
  2. Remi Chic Hottie Hair: Made With Rare High Quality Russian Hair
    1. 20” & 26” IN STOCK
    2. Amazing quality made from real blondes, browns and high quality black color human hair from Russia! Gentle processed that may have the original color adjusted 1 to 2 shades giving it a lifespan of 6 to 9 months with care vs. traditional salon quality Indian hair that will go through up to 12 shade changes from the original color. Remy Chic Tape Ins are also double drawn which means that the hair is thick and full from top to bottom.
  3. Virgin Russian Hottie Hair: Made With Rare High Quality Russian Hair
    1. 18” & 20” IN STOCK
    2. The “HOLY GRAIL” of tape ins. The absolute best of the best. This hair comes from Russia. The VERY BEST place to get gorgeous VIRGIN BLONDE, natural BROWNS and MATCHING TEXTURES of black hair. This Russian hair goes unbleached and unprocessed, it remains the BEST QUALITY and can last up to TWO YEARS!! This would be unheard of anywhere else! So what are you waiting for?! Come in get the BEST HAIR IN THE WORLD right here in Las Vegas!


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