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Are Remy human hair extensions worth buying? Know all the details.

Are you planning to invest in hair extensions to transform your hair and make them look all fresh, voluminous, and bouncy? Are you confused to decide which hair extension is best to use? Yes, there are several hair extensions available in the market that comes in different hair lengths, colors, and styles. So which one is best to buy? Tape-ins or clips-ins? Or what if microbeads are the safest? This struggle to choose a best-buy might freak you out. However, you will come across one term a lot while looking for the hair extension, and that is Remy human hair extensions. The purpose of writing this article is to deliver all the necessary details regarding Remy human hair extensions. We will also decide if these extensions are preferable or not.

What are Remy human hair extensions?


First of all, be sure that Remy extensions hold real human hair. All human hair extensions do not fall in the category of Remy hair extensions, but Remy is human hair only. Are you still confused? Well, let’s see what does the term Remy mean? Remy relates to the features of hair and the method used to collect hair to form into extensions. Though the hair comes from different sources, it is made sure that the cuticles are not detached, and hair follicles go in one direction only. It makes Remy human hair extensions look smooth, healthy, and shiny. Remy human hair extensions are of high quality that no other extensions can match.

Yes, human hair extensions are more costly as compared to the synthetic ones. It is because it takes a lot of time and effort to collect hair from donors and then sort them out carefully to make sure that all cuticles are of the same length. Remy hair is assembled in a single bunch to maintain the hair quality and natural movement. It prevents hair tangling also.

Synthetic hair extensions are composed of plastic fibres that are processed to look like natural human hair. They are less costly but are tough to maintain and style. Synthetic hair extensions are not as durable as Remy human extensions are. You can style Remy extensions with any tool, dye them into a new colour and wash them regularly too. If you take proper care of human hair extensions, then you can use them for one year straight.

These are lightweight and easy to carry. Just clip in the Remy extensions, and you are ready to rock a party in style.


Remy human hair extensions can cost you anywhere from $100 to $500, but the price is worth the quality it delivers. These extensions are for you to add an X-factor in your style. If you are ready to add a natural bounce, volume and shine to your natural hair, then Remy human hair extensions are the only extensions that are worth buying.


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