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Your Guide to Different Types of Human Hair-Extensions (Virgin VS Remy VS Non-Remy)

The Different Types of Human Hair Extensions

The use of hair extensions is prevalent among women, thus ensuring excellent prices and ample supply. The demand and desire for hair extensions are not specific to any region but are worldwide. Only choices vary; the willingness to use hair extensions remains a constant. A reason to wear the extensions is that they blend well with the original hair and have longevity. But the fact remains that in times where many online stores claim to be selling top quality hair extensions, not every seller and certainly not every brand of hair extension can be of prime quality. A future buyer/ client needs to be aware of all the types of hair extensions. And should have basic knowledge regarding the process of making the hair extensions. The fact needs to state herein unequivocal terms that no all hair extensions are human; many sellers and suppliers, while trying to cut their costs, make use of animal hair or synthetic hair. The morally questionable side is the selling of such extensions as human hair extension. While they are cheap in terms of their price, they are no different in quality. It is always better to buy from a reputed seller and of a known brand. The seller/ supplier or the manufacturing company must have acquired them in an ethically correct manner and from a healthy source. Also, ensuring the selection and final product are of top-notch quality. Let us suppose we require hair extensions, there are basically three types: Virgin, and two types of Remy hair. While Brazilian and Peruvian hair types are more a figment of someone’s imagination. Each class of extension has distinctive qualities and gives the person wearing them a unique experience.


While many misconceptions and wrong information on this topic exist, let us start the discussion about issues and facts from one of the most reputed hair manufacturers. (Be cautious hair extension companies desire that you remain oblivion to this information )


The Virgin hair extensions are 100% authentic and genuine human hair. And they have never been chemically processed. It is a fact that no higher quality hair extension other than Virgin Hair, thus making it the top quality product on the offering. While it costs more than the Remy hair, it certainly lasts longer. In a way, it is a good value for money. The collections are made in an ethically correct manner from virgin donors. This implies that while there is no mixing of the hair with other donors, the hair is untouched. Thus the name Virgin hair. As there is no history of chemical treatment, so the hair shows no signs of greyness or splitting of ends. The donors are carefully selected, having healthy hair, and also, the selection is made correctly from thick and long ponytails. There is another added advantage since the hair is from a healthy source and in great shape, there is no need for any sort of further processing to make it shine or look great.


Important Note: This hair will now be cleaned and treated to cater to a wide range of clients with a variety of hair colors. Better to keep the processing to the minimum and of gentle nature to retain originality and quality.

While a concept exists that by the virgin, it is implied that they are presented in as it is formed from the source, and no coloring is possible. They believe that coloring amounts to adulteration, and hence it is not virgin hair extension anymore. While this argument in its entirety is untrue. The concept of Virgin hair implies that hair collected is virgin( without chemical treatment), from a healthy source, free from graying, and split ends. In the world of hair extensions, Virgin means unadulterated hair at the time of being acquired. The real difference in the end product of various types of Virgin Hair Extensions is really how different companies treat their virgin hair after obtaining them.


At Hottie Hair, we use environmentally friendly ingredients in a twelve-step process and a slow bath for the coloring of the hair to ensure even color quality. Please bear in mind that in the case of Virgin hair, the client must develop an understanding of the whole process to get the best quality hair extension. The rationale behind this is that many suppliers and companies resort to excessive treatment using much stronger and acidic ingredients for quickening the processing time, while this not only leads to a reduced usage period but also impacts the quality. Only the issue of environment-friendly material and moderate use of treatment improves the quality. The shine and gloss is not the end result of chemicals. If maintained well, Virgin hair lasts between one to two years.

Because of price and their quality, the Remy hair extensions enjoy much more embrace from the client and thus have a more substantial selling ratio. It is known to last almost a year and has good blending quality owing to its high quality. In the Remy hair extensions, all the cuticles are intact, having the same direction. This ensures there will be no tangles or mats, but the processing needs to be flawless.


The top quality Remy hair comes from a single donor, cut while in a ponytail and in proper lengths. It is also ensured that cuticles are in the same direction and stay aligned, thus giving you pure and real Remy hair. The Remy hair is of different qualities, and as a matter of fact, your experience is based on how the supplier treated this Remy hair. The life of the Remy hair extensions is also dependant on the treatment. If no ethical questions arise relating to its procurement, their place of origin, such as Asia, Africa, or Europe, is of no concern. The pure Remy hair will be one length, without any tangling and will undoubtedly give a perfect blend.

For your information:

All hair extensions are Remy at the collection. The only difference in quality is because of how the hair gets treated. While many manufacturers resort to excessive and harsher use of chemicals which are never of prime grade. To hide their rushed and cruel mistreatment to the hair, they use silicone coats, thus creating artificial softness. As the silicone coat wears off, poor quality becomes evident manifested in the shape of matting and tangling.

At Hottie Hair, we pledge the use of environment-friendly materials, state of the art latest technology, thus keeping cuticles and originality of the hair intact.

The distinction between Remy and Virgin Hair

Well, there is a crystal clear difference; in the case of Remy’s hair, there is more than one donor, and the hair collected from multiple donors is mixed together. Also, the Remy hair may have a history of color or other processing. While the Virgin one comes from a single donor that is from one thick ponytail and has no history of any sort of chemical treatment.

Non-Remy Extensions and Associated Problems

You must bear in mind that much Non-Remy hair is being sold as Remy. These are not the real ones because the method of their collection is questionable. Floors of indian temples, hair salons, and random non-verified suppliers. While this raises ethical concerns, quality concerns can not be ignored either. The cuticles lack direction or get mixed, which leads to a plethora of other problems such as shedding, tangling, and matting. Another associated problem is that with non-Remy hair to hide the quality issues, suppliers resort to the use of chemicals, like silicone coating, to give the silky touch. This feel wears off after a few washes, and the problems start to emerge.

The problem with the non-Remy hair is that while after a few washes, they start becoming brittle and cannot be used anymore. And while suppliers strip the cuticles, so no heat or color treatment is effective.

The best practices relating to hair extensions are discussed as under:


It is always better to test and try the hair extension before buying. Also, reading customer reviews is a good option. Following up with the customers who have used the brand previously. Lastly, developing an understanding of how the company processes the hair extension can go a long way in helping you choose the right brand.

The important point that deserves mention here is that real Remy and virgin hair extensions cost much more than ordinary ones, but as they last longer so they give the best value for money. Also, bear in mind, not every hair extension labeled as Remy might be authentic Remy having cuticles intact. After two weeks, it will begin to show problems like the hair will mat and tangle.


It is advised to use the weft samples by Hottie Hair and also to apply one tape in sandwich. After the wash, blow-dry, and styling, they will feel like your own.

Hottie Hair is a foremost supplier in hair extensions. The hair extensions we offer are ethically sourced, designed in such a way to last longer. All the material used during the process is environment-friendly. In the end, let us ask you, have you ever had a bad extension experience?


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