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Finally you’ve decided to join the train on what is probably the best innovation in hair extension development and start offering your customers Tape-in hair extension services. Or perhaps, you have been offering this service already, but the quality of tape-in hair extensions your customers are using have left you totally dissatisfied. Whatever be the case, you have come to the perfect place! Our mission is to help you find the best Tape-In Hair Extension Company.


So what are the things you need to look out for to know the right Tape-in hair extension producers?

Hair Quality


Considering that Remy Tape-In hair extensions are long-lasting extensions, they have produced with 100% human remy hair. Majority of the hair extensions producers are using hairs of lower grade or strong chemicals to get the cuticles of the hair removed in order to quicken the hair process. However, at Hottie Hair Extensions, we sell only 100% human remy hair. Also, we do not apply any strong chemicals to get the cuticles removed. Our methods includes a mild 2. 1-day lifting process so as to keep and preserve the quality of the hair. This innovative strategy ensures that the hair is kept healthier, and shinier for longer duration. We never apply any silicone material to coat our hair products. And our hair extensions can be re-used for as much as three times, saving your customer the money they would have otherwise used to buy a new set of hair extensions.

Tape Quality


Generally the tape ins are supposed to last for 6-8 weeks, therefore the quality of the tape is equally as important as the quality of the hair. Most Tape-In hair extension makers use tape from foreign countries that is typically extremely thick, inflexible and leaves so many residue on the hair of the clients when it is taken off. Our tape ins at Hottie Hair Extensions is made in the United States, and it is probably the tiniest and most flexible tape available in the marketplace. our tapes comes pre-cut, therefore they don’t waste time and are easier to use. Our tapes at Hottie Hair Extensions are extremely resilient and the process of removing them is pretty fast and neat and they don’t leave any residue on the hair.

Packaging & Lengths


The regular number for a complete head of Tape-ins for one customer is 40 pieces (or 20 complete tape Extensions) a lot of hair extension businesses are offering their Tape-In extensions in sets of 40 0r 20 pieces. Leaving the hair stylist only one or two colors to choose from. A good number of hair extension stylist will make use of 2-3 colors per customer at the minimum so that the hair can blend with the natural color of the hair. There are 10 pieces in a pack (or 5 complete extensions) in our packaging, providing the hair stylist with the opportunity to choose as much as 4 different colors for their customers. 10 pieces per pack allows the hair stylist or the salon owner to control their hair inventory more, since clients will occasionally only need a handful for replacements.

Accessories & After Care Products


Offering just Tape-In service is not adequate. Providing accessories and after care products such as conditioners, shampoos, replacement tabs and removers are essential for a total service. At Hottie Hair Extensions, our shampoo and conditioner are the best hair extension maintenance product in the market, and they are Sulfate and paraben free. Most hair extension companies use acetone or pure alcohol to remove tapes, but we offer two excellent hair removers.


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