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Guide To The Pros & Cons Of I-Tip Hair Extensions 2020

People with short hair are often confused about using hair extensions. Many people think that hair extension requires lengthy natural hair and ask if there is a hair extension made for people with short hair.

Well, I’ve got good news for people who have short hair resulting from accidental hair damage or a haircut. There are hair extension options that people with short hair can use. In fact, in the unlikely scenario of complete baldness, we still have options for you as well.

Sit back and relax as we guide you through hair extension solutions for people with short hair.

Measure the hair length

Before we go any further, we need to know how short (or long) your hair really is. If you do not know how to go about measuring your hair, we shall show the right method in the following paragraphs. Before then, let’s talk about the wrong ways people measure their hair length.

The wrong ways to measure hair length

Some people use strands of hair that are detached or collected on a comb for measuring hair length. Such an approach is wrong. Also, don’t just lift two strands of hair for measurement because it results in figures that are incorrect and erratic. You will be surprised that each measurement you take with such a method results in a random number!

The right way to measure your hair

To get the most reliable hair measurement result, use a tape and measure from your forehead, over your head, and down to the back. This approach gives you an accurate and consistent result because you’ll measure from the same point always.

Some important facts

Before we start talking extensions, here are some vital points you should remember about using extensions with short hair.

The importance of volume and length: Having enough hair volume and hair length plays a vital role in blending and concealing the hair extension.

Use the right length and weight: The length and weight of the extension should align with the rooted locks of the shortest part of your real hair. Adding a long and heavy extension to short hair strains it and makes it look unnatural. For short hair, it is best to simply add enough extensions to reach your shoulders.

Match color and texture: The best extension for your hair is the type that matches the color and feel of your hair to give a natural look. A slight deviation in the shade can lead to a significant difference in appearance that makes the hair extension visible.

You can add a few twists here and there that gives you a different look. For instance, add highlights, lowlights, or a few blends of colored strands. The baseline is to avoid radical variations. Besides the color of your natural hair and extension should maintain the same texture, wave, or curl. That is how to make hair extensions look natural.

Recommended hair extensions for short hair

Micro Ring Loop Hair Extensions

Minimum hair length: 4-5 inches

Most women with short /medium hair prefer the micro ring loops. However, the hair needs to be at least four inches long to completely cover the extension. Following the recommended length is crucial to prevent the loops from getting exposed, especially when a strong wind blows through the hair.

However, most ladies are ditching micro ring loops for tape-ins because they are faster, and you can even handle it yourself. However, the use of tape-ins or loops is a matter of personal preference.

Hair Weaves and Wefts

Minimum Hair Length: 3-5 inches

For sewn-in hair extensions, it is recommended that the natural hair be at least three inches long. Although this approach is not the best option for using an extension on short hair, an experienced stylist can conceal the needlework perfectly. It is safer to simply wait for your natural hair to grow or use any other fusion styles.

If you have an experienced stylist, the weft extensions can be transformed into tape-ins, clip-ins, or strand-by-strand extension.

Clip-in Hair Extensions

Smallest Hair Length: 3-4 inches

The smallest hair length that is appropriate for using clip-ins should be at least three inches. This hair length is just enough to conceal the base and attach the clip without making you feel awkward. We recommend this method for beginners because it is fast and easy. If you are experiencing hair pulling, chances abound that your hair length is shorter than the recommended minimum.

In essence, people with shorter hair strands will likely attach the clips too close to the hair roots. If you still feel uncomfortable after securing the clip extension correctly, the culprits might be the clip itself. All types of clips are not created equal. For instance, the AiryHair brand coats the clips with silicone to prevent hair from attaching to the clip.

You can choose the 1-piece strands if you still want to use clip-in extensions without satisfying the hair length requirements. They have smaller clips but can be very difficult to install. That is why we do not endorse this approach.

Tape-in Hair Extensions

Minimum Hair Length: 3 inches

The tape-in hair extension requires at least three inches of natural hair to work correctly. Since the tapes are shorter than clips, they tend to conceal quite easily. So, even if you have shorter hair, the tapes can still attach appropriately since there are no other parts.

Moreover, the tapes can be split into smaller pieces to create fusion work. Most stylists love them. Tape-ins are the best method to use hair extensions on short hair without spending a fortune.

NOTE: You might see some brands selling tape-in extensions with standard tapes at lower prices. These types of extensions are not suitable for people with short hair. More so, choose the brands that have transparent tapes so they can blend perfectly with your natural hair.

I-Tip Hair Extensions

Minimum Hair Length: 2.5-4 inches

The I-Tip hair extensions work best when the length of the natural hair is not less than 2-3 inches. It is more rigid in shape than tape-ins and requires the cold-fusion methods for its installation.

This type of extension was quite popular before the introduction of tape-ins and u-tip fusion models. It presents a viable option for women that hate heat treatment and prefers to use strands instead of tapes.

Fusion Hair Extensions

Minimum Hair Length: 2 – 3.5 inches

Those who want to use fusion hair extensions should have at least two inches of natural hair. Hot pliers are used for attaching this type of extensions, so the ideal range will depend on the method that the stylist chooses. Fusion extensions are the best extension types for women with short hair. But these types of extensions can be pricey and the installation can take between two to four hours!

Even if your hair is very short, a professional stylist will do an excellent job of attaching fusions to it. Because this type of hair extension does not have loops, tapes, or clips, it blends perfectly compared to other kinds of hair extensions. This type of extension will make you transform your short hair into a fluid, flowing long hair overnight!

You have the option of choosing a fusion extension with regular glue or the one that has keratin-based adhesive. Although natural, the keratin-based adhesives strands do not last long, but they can be removed easily when the need arises.

For those with extremely short hair, bald, or balding

Don’t get worried if your hair is so short that you cannot use any of the methods described above. There are other solutions that you can use to increase your hair length and volume.

Human Hair Wig: Using a human hair wig is a viable option for balding women or those with extremely short hair. You can select from a wide array of AiryHair wigs from this link.

Hair Topper: The hair topper option is made of durable and lightweight pieces that are excellent for balding women or those with thinning hair challenges.

Flip-in Style Extension: This type of extensions does not place additional pressure on the hair. This feature makes it perfect for women that want to use hair extensions in spite of having a couple of balding spots.


There are lots of options for transforming your short hair into flowing, luscious long hair. Your hair needs to be at least two inches long to wear the extensions comfortably. Near in mind that natural hair of 3-5 inches works best.

The skill and experience of your stylist also go a long way to determine how snug your hair extension would look. Personally, I prefer tape-in or clip-in extensions while working with customers having short hair.

You can choose from any of the methods described above to transform your cute short hair to flowing mermaid-like hair. Your final choice would depend on your preference and available budget. We have proved that you can still flaunt lovely long hairs even if you harely have hairs on your head.

How To Curl Hair Extensions? A step by step guide. 150 150 Crystal

How To Curl Hair Extensions? A step by step guide.

It is possible to style hair extensions to create numerous elegant looks! One of the things we love doing with hair extensions is to have them curled. Naturally, when curling hair extensions, you are can add volume to your hair and achieve those heavy sweet appearance you’ve always wanted. This is particularly true for many of us who have thin or tiny hairs.

hair stylist curling hair extensions at a hair salon


Long before you bring out your curling iron, it is essential that you know the different kinds of hair extensions before styling. You won’t be happy destroying your stunning substitute hair. While the human hair can tolerate higher heat degree during styling, synthetic hair on the other is not so disposed to heat. Therefore it is important that you know if you are working with human hair or synthetic hair before getting started! You can use heat tools with human friendly hair so far you don’t surpassed 350 degrees. These five steps below will teach you easy quick methods to a beautifully curled hair


woman curling-her hair extensions with a wand

Before we start, you will curl your hair same way you usually do. We will be styling synthetic hair extensions before fixing them, therefore ahead, curl your hair the usual way so that we can get done with that part

Step one: Ensure that the curling wand is set between 250-350 degrees if you are using synthetic extensions. If you surpassed this temperature, you are likely to melt the synthetic fibers! It is essential that you don’t use a normal hair brush on synthetic hair, a wide tooth wig comb is the preferred hair brush to use.

Step Two: Prepare the hair extensions for styling. Please bear in mind you must not style the extensions before fixing. With the help of a styrofoam head along with T-Pins, have the hair extensions pinned to the head of the Styrofoam so as to secure the hair during curling.

Step Three: As soon as the curling wand is heated to the right temperature, get a small portions of the hair wrapped around the curling wand for 5-10 secs

Step four: Fastened it until it is cool, take out the curling wand, but the curled hair must be kept in place with the help of your fingers or paper clips until it is cool. This step is vital in making sure that the synthetic hair maintains the curl.

Step Five: Spray with hairspray specifically made for extensions and wigs, ensure you do not use hair sprays made for human hair, this can destroy the hair extensions. A heat protection spray will elongate your extension’s life so that you can have a lovely hair for several months.

Now look your amazing elegant curled hair!

blonde haired woman standing between green plants with curled hair extensions

It generally requires a good bit of time and effort to curl hair extensions, more demanding than what is required to curl your natural hair. However, it come with additional advantages. If your extensions are heat –tolerant synthetic hair, they can retain the style for longer duration compare to natural hair. Therefore you don’t need to style your hair every time. So long you follow these simple five steps, you can always get a gorgeous curly hair extensions whenever you so desire!

How do you wash human hair extensions? 150 150 Crystal

How do you wash human hair extensions?

As a woman, there’s nothing that makes you feel more beautiful than a look that’s flawless from top to bottom. I’m talking about makeup on point, new shoes, an edgy outfit, and of course — long, gorgeous locks! Now, because of genetics, not all of us are born with gorgeous, naturally long hair that looks out of a magazine, or perhaps we went through a bad breakup and cut it off (girl, we’ve all been there).

But no matter the reason, that’s what human hair extensions are for! They help to enhance our beauty and confidence all the while looking flawlessly natural in the process.

But while hair extensions can be an awesome addition to any look, there does come a point where they need to be cleaned, and that’s where it can get tricky.

Not everyone has mastered the art of washing human hair extensions the right way, which can ultimately result in damage they just can’t heal from! For that reason, we’ve put together an easy go-to guide to help you wash and care for your extensions the right way, and make sure you’re getting the most out of them. Let’s get started!


1) De-tangle Your Clip Ins

Clip-In human hair extensions require a special wide-tooth comb for detangling. Do this before beginning to wash in order to give them a proper cleanse and truly clean away any dirt or grime.

2) Use Warm Water (not too hot, not too cold)

Next, fill a sink or bucket with warm water. It is extremely important in this step that you don’t use hot water, as this can damage extensions and cause them to wear away easier and appear more dull. Make sure the water isn’t cold either, as this will not properly cleanse the oils and dirt away.

3) Soak Extensions

Next, hold your extension piece by the clip and make sure you dip it all the way up until that point. You don’t want to get water on the clip of the extension, as this can ruin it and make it very difficult to attach again. And just as you would with your natural hair, run a comb gently through the hair extensions to ensure you are wetting all hair pieces for a full and proper cleanse.

4) Lather, Rinse, & Repeat!

Next, you’ll want to select a shampoo that’s gentle and moisturizing. Shampoos that are free of sulfates (which are very damaging) are best for this! For this, we would recommend the human hair extensions shampoo Pure Care Hydra Shampoo by BeautiMark.

This one is a beautiful blend of amino acids and avocado oil for safe, natural, and pure hydration for healthy hair!

After selecting the shampoo of your choice, make sure you lather your extensions fully and begin to work it into the hair, avoiding the clip. If you run into tangles, gently brush through the hair once more to ensure you have covered all bits of hair with the shampoo.

5) Rinse with Warm Water

Next, gently dip your extension back into the water and gently squeeze from the clip down to the ends, gently squeezing out all shampoos. Then, run it under a faucet of warm water until the water runs clear.

6) Work In Conditioner

Afterwards, you can choose your favorite conditioner to work into the hair! What we would recommend is the Pure Care Hydra Conditioner by BeautiMark. This conditioner for human hair extensions is sulfate free, with the essential amino acid and antioxidant compound for hydration, strength, and natural shine.

Work the conditioner from top to bottom, greatly focusing on the middle and ends, as this is where most damage occurs. Work the conditioner through as if it were your own hair and allow it to sit for a minute or two before rinsing with warm water once more.

7) Allow To Air Dry

And lastly, allow your hair extensions to air dry instead of blow drying or towel drying. Blow-drying and towel drying can cause damage and can dry out your extensions — which we definitely don’t want! Use clothespins to hang them on a clothing hanger so they can dry sitting straight up.

And after that you’re done! Simple, right? Now go show those extensions who’s boss and rock them, girl!

Where To Buy High Quality Human Hair Extensions 150 150 Crystal

Where To Buy High Quality Human Hair Extensions

It’s fun to put on hair extensions. A quick clip and you look totally different! You can add volume to fine thin hair. You can also add a punch of color. You can have the cascading waves you’ve always dreamed of. It is even more amazing that all of this is a Hazard-free process? You don’t have to chemically alter or ruin your own biological hair while pursuing beauty.


While a brick-and-mortar hair store option isn’t always available, the World Wide Web is. There are a thousand and one sites you can buy from. As such, have a lot of choices and you can buy human hair extensions from any site. So why buy from Hottie Hair?

First, we sell only trusted brands. The internet is full of knock-offs and fakes. Yes, I see those cheap extensions on Amazon, too. I see those extensions on the Wish app and it’s understandably why you’d find such a bargain tempting. But trust me, if it seems too good to be true, that’s because it is. I’m sure you don’t want to be that lady with the bad hair extensions.

At Hottie Hair, we want to make you feel beautiful! We love our customers and we want them to keep coming back to us, so we sell them only the best. We are confident you’ll love what we have in store. We have made great efforts to create the best possible shopping experience for you. We tried to remove the guesswork from shopping for extensions in order to make certainty easier for our customers. While other sites offer one or two images of their products, we show several images of our extensions in different styles and different models so you really know what to expect. But don’t just take our word for it – check out the reviews on every product. Most products even have videos. Plus, we are growing our community by reaching out with expert advice on our blog and social media channels.

Lastly, if for any reason you are unsatisfied, check out our return policy. We offer you hassle-free returns because life is stressful enough and we aim to relieve you of some of those stress. We will happily take your return and allow you to move on to the right extensions for you.

Our hair extensions will not just make you look beautiful, they will make your beauty glow.



Are you thinking of any hair extension that will suit you on your wedding day? From the types of hairstyling tips, here are the necessary things you should know ahead of your big day.

Things you must know about hair extensions before your wedding

On your wedding day, you would like to look nice starting from your top to toe. There is no better place to start apart from starting with your hair. Hair extensions can go a great way in raising your bridal hair in case you want to change the length of your hair and as well add thickness to it.

bride in wedding dress showing her beautiful hair extensions with her groom watching

How can a bride choose her hairstyle with the help of a hair extension?

So many brides always have the idea or the way which they would want their hair to look like on the day of their wedding, but most times their stylist will say that they would have looked better if they had added just a little bit hair.

Types of hair extensions

Five different types of hair extensions are very popular. At Hottie Hair Salon & Extension Store we also offer seamless clip-ins as a temporary hair extension method.

  • Clip-In Pieces
  • Invisible Tape-In Hair (tape method)
  • Fusion Hair aka micro bond method
  • Weft Hair aka weaves (beaded weft method)
  • I-Tip Hair aka micro ring method

Fusion hair extensions (micro bonds)

Fusion hair extension is bonds in which keratin resin are attached to it, and also an ideal for medium to good hair types. Micro bonds method is the most modest method which helps you apply the hair even in the smallest of areas. However, this cannot be used again for the second time, so if you so much like your long and fuller hair after, it means you will likely be buying new hair every three months.

I-Tip hair aka micro ring method

Micro rings method is also considered to last long just like the micro bond method type of hair extension, it lasts at least three months. However, micro rings method can be reused unlike the micro bonds, and so it is costlier than others if you want to budget for it, and are also the best choice to make when you think of a quality hair for your wedding. Also, it is possible to adjust the length a little bit (maybe half an inch) when you have the hair refit.

Invisible Tape-In hair extensions

How do they work?

Tape-in hair extension is made with two pieces of hair sandwiched together using a medical A-grade tape. This is widely used by people who already have good-looking hair but want to add volume. Tape hair extensions are great introductions for people who had never used any hair extension before. Tape hair extension is seen to be semi-permanent because it lasts between 6 – 8 weeks. If you don’t fix the tape in hair extension properly, it will likely cause some damage to your hair, however, you may lose it a little bit of length when you are refitting.

Clip-In hair extensions

The seamless clip-ins from Hottie Hair Salon & Extensions Store are suitable for most hair types. There are classified to be under a temporary method because they do not last long. So, for you to avoid any form of damage to your hair, it should only be worn a maximum of three to four times a week and don’t forget to remove it before you go to bed.

Clip-in hair extensions are one of the options you have to choose yourself if you want to add length and thickness for a one-time occasion like a wedding.

What is the best hair extension for your wedding?

bride hugged by groom with long hair extensions flowing in the wind

This wholly depends on the bride and her choices, all the above methods have their advantages and disadvantages, so we recommend you consult experts first before you choose the type of hair to buy. Different methods suit different people. It also depends on the type of style the bride wants to wear on her wedding day.

For instance, tape extensions are great for a Boho look, adding volume to hair-down styles, but won’t work for sleek updos.

Also, if the bride wants to keep her hair and maintain it for a while after using it in the wedding, or wants to use it in her honeymoon, she has to make sure she buys a good quality hair.

How to look after your hair extensions?

Hottie Hair Salon & Extensions always talk about maintenance and aftercare with each of their clients and also gives a leaflet that contains the details about aftercare to each of their clients to take home and read at their leisure time so that they will know what to do and how to take care of their hair extensions. Simple things like using a good quality shampoo to wash the hair, use of soft-bristle brush and a good hydrating conditioner will go a long way to keep your look better for a longer time.

Avoiding to wear your hair in a high bun or ponytail will also help, and always dry your hair at the root. We also asked the experts that work at Hottie Hair Salon & Extensions about the way brides would plan their bridal hair before their wedding day.

When will the bride get the hair extension fitted for her wedding?

bride wearing white dress with long train and long hair extensions complimented with a long white wedding veil

I will suggest you get the Tape-In hair extension fitted for a week or two before the wedding. This will give the bride time to wash it and also plan her desired look, and get the feeling of having extensions.

Tape-In hair extensions can be worn by the bride up to three times so that the bride can wear her hair extension to her honeymoon. Also, we recommend the bride have another refit before her honeymoon.

Will the extensions show if the bride has an up-do?

If the extensions are well fixed on the head, it will not show. A pro in hair extension fixing can fix the hair extensions in the proper place and it will not show when the bride has an up-do.

Do Tape-In extensions cause damage to the hair?

Tape-In extensions will not damage or be harmful to your natural hair if properly applied by an expert. Also, choosing a good brand of hair extension for your wedding will be of help. So, the combination of an expert in the application of hair extension and a good brand will cause no damage to your natural hair.

Read this article before using hair extensions on your wedding day. 150 150 Crystal

Read this article before using hair extensions on your wedding day.

When you take a glance at Hollywood red carpets, you will see various fascinating options for hair extension. You might be tempted to adopt one of these fabulous styles to pep your hair on your wedding day. However, there are several factors to consider before reaching a decision. Don’t get ahead of yourself; you deserve the best for your d-day. 

bride wearing white off shoulder bridal dress with long black hair-extensions flowing over her shoulder

Of course, you would want to look your best on your wedding day. At the same time, you must be comfortable. One of the first decisions you have to make is to decide on the type of hair extension you want to use. After that, you determine the kind of style you want to wear. Justin Espinoza, who is the master stylist at Hottie Hair Salon, gave some useful tips regarding hair extensions. Espinoza said that an easy way to navigate through options is to decide to wear the extension upwards or downwards. 

Crystal Frehner, the co-founder of Hottie Hair Extensions and Hair Salon in Las Vegas, affirmed her salon had hosted several brides and bridal trains over the years. She said that most brides use high extensions on their wedding day. 

bride standing on rocks wearing white wedding dress with hair in beautiful updo

Extensions are great for a wedding day as the increased length and volume of hair increase the grandeur of the wedding veil. Frehner explained further that clip-in extensions are the most commonly used extension types for the bride and her bridal train. She said clip-ins present a simple, effective, and cost-efficient means of adding volume, length, and color to hair.  

“At Hottie Hair, we usually advise you to come for a trial before the wedding day. Our hairstylists seize the opportunity to review various hairstyles with you. After that, they create the necessary customization and cut the perfect blend that gives you a perfect look on your day,” says Frehner.

groom and bride with long curled hair extensions facing each other affectionately

Frehner explained that though clip-ins do require some work in advance. There is a need to prepare them before the wedding day to create the style the bride desires. A typical prep scenario is the curling of the extensions with the right iron and keeping it in shape with a holding spray. Such background work is required for a style that involves waves. “Some styles may require the use of set-in pin curls which are equally excellent,” says Espinoza

The bride can choose to detach the temporary extensions immediately after the wedding day. Tape in extensions are a better option for those who want to keep the extension for more extended periods. Espinoza cautioned ladies that want to wear more permanent hair extension about the need for consistent home and salon maintenance. She also hinted that extremely curly hairs would not align properly with tape in extensions. “Hottie Hair is most appropriate in such scenarios, it works excellently for both wavy and straight hair textures,” says Espinoza.

bride getting her hair extensions done in preparation for wedding day

Finally, bear in mind that your wedding day is a lifetime event. You deserve the best, but you should not take risks. That is why you should consult a professional stylist to know if extensions are suitable for your hair type before your wedding day. Buy quality extensions and seek the service of a reputable stylist to help create a styling plan towards your wedding day. ” The plan should include extension customization which gives a perfect blend of color, shape that suits your shape and appearance perfectly,” Espinoza advised.

Should You Consider Hair Extensions for Your Wedding? 150 150 Crystal

Should You Consider Hair Extensions for Your Wedding?

There are multiple wedding hair extensions to choose from, offering a variety of solutions for the bride to be to obtain perfect hair. Regardless of whether you are seeking superior style-holding power, long for ultimate volume or dream of luxuriously long locks, there is a hair extension option for you. Regardless of color, length or texture, we consulted beauty pros to help us compile the top reasons why you should consider hair extensions for your wedding.

bride with wedding hair extensions standing in front of brown grass field kissing groom

We have all scrolled in awe of Pinterest board after board, wondering how those brides obtained such perfect hair on their wedding day. No, she probably wasn’t born with it – it’s hair extensions. Experienced pros take a combination of extensions with curling irons and hairspray, along with their fine-tuned talents, and turn it into perfectly arranged hair of legend. Contrary to popular belief, these well-kept secrets are easily obtainable by any bride.

Most Common Hair Extension Options

Whether you are looking for semi-permanent or temporary extensions, there is no shortage of options. With an abundance of choices in both categories, there may be a more specific extension choice, based on your exact hair type – be sure to choose the best product!

Anyone looking for a temporary solution may be interested in an application of glue-in extensions. The process takes a few hours to complete, comprising of small swatches of hair to be glued near the scalp, to the root area. Glue-ins may be expected to last two weeks.

Sew-in extensions are bundles of extensions applied to braids of your natural hair. This technique requires several hours of service, sometimes up to four, and provides semi-permanent extensions that last anywhere from two weeks to two months (depending on natural texture).

bride in white wedding dress with hair extensions holding hand of groom

Another semi-permanent solution to hair extensions is tape-in extensions. This technique features extensions in small swatches on pre-glued tabs. This product requires up to two hours for application, by pressing the tabs together near the scalp. This look can be maintained for up to two months when maintained properly.

Caucasian hair works well with fusion, or pre-bonded extensions, a technique that lasts on hair with little to no texture. Pre-laced beads are attached at the root, with small bits of hair, to create a natural look. While this technique takes upwards of four hours to put into place, the results last over two months with good care and provide a seamless appearance.

If a bride is planning to wear extensions solely on her wedding day, something temporary such as clip-in extensions would be advisable. Small clips attached to little bundles of hair, can be worn near the scalp temporarily. This provides a flawless hairdo that will last throughout your special day, without the long term commitment of semi-permanent to permanent extensions.

bride and groom kissing with beautiful-long hair extensions flowing down her back

Another aspect to take into consideration, suggested by top stylists, is to make sure extensions are dyed to match your current hair color. Products may appear differently online, depending on monitor settings or blue light filter settings on cell phones, etc. While you may do your best to pick the correct color, some coloring may be required to prevent a slight shade difference that will show up on your special day. Ask your stylist to match extensions to the color at the end of your hair – not the roots. This is the portion that shows in the majority of your hairdo, which may cost more, but provides more natural blending. Otherwise, another option would be to invest in extensions of several shades for an overall multidimensional color.

Should Brides Invest in Hair Extensions?

Not everyone has the time to be engaged long enough to grow their hair out for one single day. Truth is, most of the full, fancy and long updos you swoon over on Pinterest are filled in with extensions. Clip-in extensions are commitment-free, offering length and volume where teasing only enhances a look so much. Once you are finished enhancing your hair with extensions, you can take the clips out after your event is over.

groom kissing bride with hair extensions

Textured hair may be a game-changer, but extensions are still there to save the day. Extensions offer faster and easier styling on your wedding day, allowing manes of all textures to look their best. Beautiful hair boosts the confidence of every woman, especially as she’s walking down the aisle, and enjoying extensions for a day allows them to look and feel their best.

What Type of Wedding Hair Extensions to Shop for

Remy extensions are a great option for extensions and worth the investment, regardless of the extension type. Always seek out the opinion and guidance of a trusted stylist, before purchasing any hair extensions, to ensure you achieve the desired result as far as length, style, and color. When you plan to apply heat in order to style your hair, always opt for human hair in order to prevent melting and kinks. Synthetic hair extensions will become damaged when styled with a straightener or curling iron, leading to irreversible melting.

Would Wedding Day Extensions Affect Your Styling Options?

groom and bride with long hair giving affection looking over beach

The location of your wedding can have a big effect on your chosen hairstyle, especially if it is rather dry, or more humid. While some hairstyles aren’t always dependent upon length and volume, it never hurts to increase the amount of hair. Semi-permanent and permanent extensions alike can mean the difference between a hairdo that lasts, and one that loses hold – extensions hold curls well. You should also make sure to notify your stylist if you have chosen to include extensions in your hairstyle. Wedding day extensions narrow your choice on professional since they’re not all comfortable working with them. Pick a professional who understands how extension placement will complete your wedding day style.

Do You Make a Good Hair Extension Candidate?

bride standing near ocean in wedding dress with long beautiful braided hair extensions

Anyone can make use of extensions, thanks to the variety of types available for use. Regardless of the condition of your hair, texture or length, wedding day extensions can be worn by anyone with a minimum of three inches or more of hair. This provides brides with the ability to add length or fullness to their style, with very little effort. Maybe you suffer with fragile or thin hair, or made a last minute decision to chop off your locks – extensions may just save the day. Talk with your stylist to find the best choice for your hair type, and whether you may benefit from clip-ins or sew-in extensions. A pro stylist will know how to guide you toward the best product.

Wedding Day Prep

However you prep your hair the morning of your wedding day, remember to wash your extensions in the same way. Consider a deep conditioning treatment in order to lengthen the wear of your hairdo, as well as to ensure the best finish for your overall style. Take your time in combing out any tangles before washing or styling. And, depending on the type of hair used to create your extensions, you can style with a curling iron to add blending ability for a more seamless look.

women bridal bride brunette wearing hair extensions looking out window

Semi-permanent extensions have different care requirements than clip-ins do. Extra steps should be taken to complete daily care to ensure the best appearance on your big day, such as satin or silk pillowcases, sleeping caps, etc. Most manufacturers provide cleaning and maintenance details to follow, regardless of the extension style you own.

What Does This Investment Cost?

Higher priced remy hair provides a quality unmatched by cheap, synthetic extensions. While they may be tempting at a low price point, they simply can’t hold up to heat styling. You can expect to shell out up to $350 for real hair extensions, depending on length and quality, amount of tracks, whether you want intact cuticles or even virgin hair extensions. Highly skilled professionals ensure your natural hair won’t be damaged or compromised along the way, but also that you’re having the best hair extension experience. Remember, when it comes to investing in your wedding day hair extensions, high-quality product, and top-notch services are worth the money.



As new extensions and wigs keep flooding the market with each passing day, you may find it confusing to know the best and most suitable options for you in the market and how and where you can purchase them. From Ariana Grande’s length extensions to simple weaves or even the gorgeous colors that the Kardashians rock, there’s a single, common factor in all of them – They make you look absolutely stunning and beautiful! That being said, we’ve got a new, trendy product here, which we’re sure you awesome gals will appreciate. We promise you – you’ve never seen anything like this before! Here are the complete deets about our latest obsession and product, and a helpful guide about where and how you can purchase them!


Let’s get this clear from the start – Halo hair extensions are simply dazzling. You won’t find any other hair extension in the market today that matches up to their natural appearance, style, length, and overall quality. You can spend all day on your computer or phone browsing extensions, which cost hundreds or even thousands, and spend an inordinate amount of time and money getting your extensions ‘professionally done’. Even then, you’re unlikely to match up to these puppies. Why?

Halo hair extensions are unique, which is why we consider them to be a cut above the rest. We, at Hottie Hair have mastered the art of hair extensions, especially the 16” and 20” Invisible Extension. Thanks to these stunning extensions, it is now possible to have ready-to-go awesome model hair, which both feels and looks natural and expensive. They also offer great length, volume, and enhance your overall beauty. Made using remy human hair, these extensions are heat-friendly and can be added and styled in many ways that gives you a unique look, setting you apart from the crowd.

Halo Hair Extensions Model

Not just that, these hair extensions are incredibly easy to add and apply as well! If you’re looking for hair extensions with heat-friendly features and gorgeous design, these Halo Extensions are exactly what you need. No more pesky clip ins or painful tape extensions – You can use this just the way you would a headband. These extensions don’t need much effort to blend in either, thus making it a flawless and effortless model application. Additionally, they are made using authentic human hair too!

Model Demonstrating How To Put On Halo Hair Extensions

Therefore, if you’re tired of spending time on prepping your hair every time you head outside to the office or school, these Halo hair extensions are exactly what you need. Don’t take our word for it – Try them out yourself and there will be no going back, we promise you! If you’d like to learn more, you can shop them over here. Ladies, your wait for the perfect hair extension is finally over!



Are you aware of how crucial it is to take proper care of one’s hair extensions during sleep? Yep, bedtime hair care is equally as vital as daytime haircare! That’s because extensions are prone to damage due to turning or tossing actions that you make during your sleep. Hair extensions can be damaged due to improper bed routines as well, such as falling asleep with your hair extensions still wet, a move that can cause tangled hair.

Do understand that if you’re looking to have natural-looking and healthy extensions, you’ll have to spend some extra effort and time for maintaining them properly. Here are some invaluable bedtime hair care routines, which can extend the life & look of all your beloved hair extensions:

Try to avoid matting and tangles by braiding your hair or making it into a ponytail. In case your extensions have ample length and can be braided easily, simply go for it! Just ensure that the braid is slightly loose. In case your hair is not long enough, ponytails are a good alternative. Just remember – Use only those hair ties that are snag-free. Whenever possible, tuck the ponytail under in order to prevent further tangling and friction.

You might also consider making use of a satin/silk pillowcase or silk scarf. As a matter of fact, the slippery and smooth texture of silk can work wonders in reducing friction and enhance your extensions.

Air dry occasionally – You shouldn’t ever go to sleep while your hair extensions are wet. However, instead of simply applying heat several times in a week to your extensions, you can choose to shower a few hours before & let your extensions air-dry for a while before you go to sleep. Your hair extensions will be grateful to you and you won’t have to work extra before you go to bed either. It’s a win-win.

Use hair masks and deep conditioners – These products can help retain the shiny quality and smoothness of your hair extensions. Research properly and see which products have been recommended by experts. Use them before retiring for the day. You’ll wake up with a great head of hair, we promise you! You can use Milbon Hair Extensions Conditioner as a deep hair conditioner by applying it to your hair for between ten to fifteen minutes.

By following these simple yet effective tips, you’ll be able to savor your stunning hair extensions for a longer period of time. These tips don’t take much time to execute either. Along with these tips, also ensure that your hair is brushed carefully using an extensions brush during the day & before you braid your hair. But do not over brush, since that can increase friction and cause breakage.

To learn more helpful tips like this, do go through our other blog posts where we’ve provided helpful information. You may also browse through all the hair extension-related products offered by Hottie Hair Extensions. Enjoy your extensions to the fullest!



Owning your hair extensions has everything to do with incorporating them to be a part of you. The most important method for keeping your new hair in excellent condition is to blow dry your hair extensions. If you want to maintain the silky shine of when you first put them in, follow these steps!

Hair extensions are supposed to be so well incorporated that they become a part of your hair. Blow-drying your hair extensions is the most crucial method for keeping your hair in excellent condition. Follow the steps below to maintain the silky shine of the extension when you first put them on:


Go to a professional hair salon and have them blow-dry your hair for you so that you might have the best result. That extra help will go a long way to giving you that perfect image. But if you are set on doing this yourself, here’s a quick guide for how to properly blow dry your hair extensions.

First, wash your hair with Hottie Hair Extensions’ recommended shampoo and conditioner. They are perfectly formulated to add vitality to hair extensions and last longer. Then, to protect your hair extensions from the dryer’s heat, you can use a heat protecting spray.

Next, take your boar bristle brush and take away any stray hair that might be in the bristles.

Section your hair and then dry it. Sectioning helps to speed up the drying process. Point the dryer toward the ground. While blow-drying, break up the heat and prevent clumping by using our boar bristle brush.

After drying it satisfactorily, apply a serum to ensure that it remains smooth and silky!


We have a complete blog written up on how to properly treat your hair extensions before bed; we highly recommend you read through it to avoid any problems with your hair extensions.

  • Never blow dry them when they’re too wet or dry, you want them to be somewhere in the middle!
  • Never apply heat directly to the adhesive.
  • Never wash your hair more than 2-3 times a week, any more than that, and you risk drying out the extensions.