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Guide To The Pros & Cons Of I-Tip Hair Extensions 2020

People with short hair are often confused about using hair extensions. Many people think that hair extension requires lengthy natural hair and ask if there is a hair extension made for people with short hair.

Well, I’ve got good news for people who have short hair resulting from accidental hair damage or a haircut. There are hair extension options that people with short hair can use. In fact, in the unlikely scenario of complete baldness, we still have options for you as well.

Sit back and relax as we guide you through hair extension solutions for people with short hair.

Measure the hair length

Before we go any further, we need to know how short (or long) your hair really is. If you do not know how to go about measuring your hair, we shall show the right method in the following paragraphs. Before then, let’s talk about the wrong ways people measure their hair length.

The wrong ways to measure hair length

Some people use strands of hair that are detached or collected on a comb for measuring hair length. Such an approach is wrong. Also, don’t just lift two strands of hair for measurement because it results in figures that are incorrect and erratic. You will be surprised that each measurement you take with such a method results in a random number!

The right way to measure your hair

To get the most reliable hair measurement result, use a tape and measure from your forehead, over your head, and down to the back. This approach gives you an accurate and consistent result because you’ll measure from the same point always.

Some important facts

Before we start talking extensions, here are some vital points you should remember about using extensions with short hair.

The importance of volume and length: Having enough hair volume and hair length plays a vital role in blending and concealing the hair extension.

Use the right length and weight: The length and weight of the extension should align with the rooted locks of the shortest part of your real hair. Adding a long and heavy extension to short hair strains it and makes it look unnatural. For short hair, it is best to simply add enough extensions to reach your shoulders.

Match color and texture: The best extension for your hair is the type that matches the color and feel of your hair to give a natural look. A slight deviation in the shade can lead to a significant difference in appearance that makes the hair extension visible.

You can add a few twists here and there that gives you a different look. For instance, add highlights, lowlights, or a few blends of colored strands. The baseline is to avoid radical variations. Besides the color of your natural hair and extension should maintain the same texture, wave, or curl. That is how to make hair extensions look natural.

Recommended hair extensions for short hair

Micro Ring Loop Hair Extensions

Minimum hair length: 4-5 inches

Most women with short /medium hair prefer the micro ring loops. However, the hair needs to be at least four inches long to completely cover the extension. Following the recommended length is crucial to prevent the loops from getting exposed, especially when a strong wind blows through the hair.

However, most ladies are ditching micro ring loops for tape-ins because they are faster, and you can even handle it yourself. However, the use of tape-ins or loops is a matter of personal preference.

Hair Weaves and Wefts

Minimum Hair Length: 3-5 inches

For sewn-in hair extensions, it is recommended that the natural hair be at least three inches long. Although this approach is not the best option for using an extension on short hair, an experienced stylist can conceal the needlework perfectly. It is safer to simply wait for your natural hair to grow or use any other fusion styles.

If you have an experienced stylist, the weft extensions can be transformed into tape-ins, clip-ins, or strand-by-strand extension.

Clip-in Hair Extensions

Smallest Hair Length: 3-4 inches

The smallest hair length that is appropriate for using clip-ins should be at least three inches. This hair length is just enough to conceal the base and attach the clip without making you feel awkward. We recommend this method for beginners because it is fast and easy. If you are experiencing hair pulling, chances abound that your hair length is shorter than the recommended minimum.

In essence, people with shorter hair strands will likely attach the clips too close to the hair roots. If you still feel uncomfortable after securing the clip extension correctly, the culprits might be the clip itself. All types of clips are not created equal. For instance, the AiryHair brand coats the clips with silicone to prevent hair from attaching to the clip.

You can choose the 1-piece strands if you still want to use clip-in extensions without satisfying the hair length requirements. They have smaller clips but can be very difficult to install. That is why we do not endorse this approach.

Tape-in Hair Extensions

Minimum Hair Length: 3 inches

The tape-in hair extension requires at least three inches of natural hair to work correctly. Since the tapes are shorter than clips, they tend to conceal quite easily. So, even if you have shorter hair, the tapes can still attach appropriately since there are no other parts.

Moreover, the tapes can be split into smaller pieces to create fusion work. Most stylists love them. Tape-ins are the best method to use hair extensions on short hair without spending a fortune.

NOTE: You might see some brands selling tape-in extensions with standard tapes at lower prices. These types of extensions are not suitable for people with short hair. More so, choose the brands that have transparent tapes so they can blend perfectly with your natural hair.

I-Tip Hair Extensions

Minimum Hair Length: 2.5-4 inches

The I-Tip hair extensions work best when the length of the natural hair is not less than 2-3 inches. It is more rigid in shape than tape-ins and requires the cold-fusion methods for its installation.

This type of extension was quite popular before the introduction of tape-ins and u-tip fusion models. It presents a viable option for women that hate heat treatment and prefers to use strands instead of tapes.

Fusion Hair Extensions

Minimum Hair Length: 2 – 3.5 inches

Those who want to use fusion hair extensions should have at least two inches of natural hair. Hot pliers are used for attaching this type of extensions, so the ideal range will depend on the method that the stylist chooses. Fusion extensions are the best extension types for women with short hair. But these types of extensions can be pricey and the installation can take between two to four hours!

Even if your hair is very short, a professional stylist will do an excellent job of attaching fusions to it. Because this type of hair extension does not have loops, tapes, or clips, it blends perfectly compared to other kinds of hair extensions. This type of extension will make you transform your short hair into a fluid, flowing long hair overnight!

You have the option of choosing a fusion extension with regular glue or the one that has keratin-based adhesive. Although natural, the keratin-based adhesives strands do not last long, but they can be removed easily when the need arises.

For those with extremely short hair, bald, or balding

Don’t get worried if your hair is so short that you cannot use any of the methods described above. There are other solutions that you can use to increase your hair length and volume.

Human Hair Wig: Using a human hair wig is a viable option for balding women or those with extremely short hair. You can select from a wide array of AiryHair wigs from this link.

Hair Topper: The hair topper option is made of durable and lightweight pieces that are excellent for balding women or those with thinning hair challenges.

Flip-in Style Extension: This type of extensions does not place additional pressure on the hair. This feature makes it perfect for women that want to use hair extensions in spite of having a couple of balding spots.


There are lots of options for transforming your short hair into flowing, luscious long hair. Your hair needs to be at least two inches long to wear the extensions comfortably. Near in mind that natural hair of 3-5 inches works best.

The skill and experience of your stylist also go a long way to determine how snug your hair extension would look. Personally, I prefer tape-in or clip-in extensions while working with customers having short hair.

You can choose from any of the methods described above to transform your cute short hair to flowing mermaid-like hair. Your final choice would depend on your preference and available budget. We have proved that you can still flaunt lovely long hairs even if you harely have hairs on your head.


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