What is the best brand of Tape In hair extensions to try and why? 150 150 Crystal

What is the best brand of Tape In hair extensions to try and why?

This question can often be answered by your budget and lifestyle. Keep reading to learn more about the best brand and hair types available. Most professional salon quality hair extensions are made with some type of Asian or Indian hair. This type of hair is the most widely available as 84% of the world population has natural black hair color.

The rarest hair in the world comes from Russia! Russia is the only reliable source of REAL Blonde, REAL Brown and high quality black hair.Russian hair texture blends the best with most women’s hair too!

Only the very best brands in the world source this type of hair.

Russian hair washes and wears better and way longer than other hair too! This is because you do not have to change the color. We all know what bleach does to hair right! Russian hair does come with a higher price tag because it is so rare and lasts longer but it is so, so worth it! Come see the difference, touch the hair for you self!

Visit one of our two convenient Las Vegas hair stores.

We also stock your traditional salon quality hair made from Indian hair so you can compare. We have many experts on staff that can install it for you as well. If you have your own stylist you can take it to them!

Not in Las Vegas? Shop our online hair store.

Say goodbye to the days of fighting with your extension hair! Dousing dry extension hair in oil and replacing it every couple months!

Give your hair the best hair extension experience ever with Hottie Extensions!

No need to wait for shipping for our local Las Vegas hotties. With 25+ colors and blends in stock we have the perfect match for you. Tape In! Hottie Hair brand comes in three product lines or hair qualities from awesome to the best in the world. All three made of premium beautiful remy hair. See below for more info.

The best experience with your hair extensions comes from using the highest quality of hair. That is why we are introducing our gentle processed hair extensions. 99.9% of hair extensions started out as black hair. 84% of the world population has black hair, so this color is the most readily available. How the hair is processed to change its color is vitally important. Only the gentlest of processing will protect the hair for longer use.

Many will say their hair is remy but they will coat it in silicone so it feels soft to the touch. It’s not until after you start to wash the hair and this silicone begins to wash off that you are left with the actual real non remy damaged hair. We know that you and your hair deserves the best so let’s get you the hair that you have always dreamed of! Actual REAL remy hair that is made from the finest quality 100% REAL human hair.

Our Tape in hair extensions are very thin small wefts that lay flat to your head and are extremely comfortable. Perfect for all types of hair lengths and thicknesses. The tape is made of a medical grade adhesive that is designed to bond to your hair without damaging it. You can curl, heat, straighten or wash them just like your own hair. Let’s find your perfect color today!

Here Are The Top Brands of Tape Hair Extensions

  1. Day Dream by Hottie Hair: Made With Traditional Salon Quality Indian Hair
    1. 18” IN STOCK
    2. Traditional salon quality hair, budget friendly and still a great option for Tape In extensions! Lighter colors go through a 5-7 day pigment removing process and dark hair from 3-5 days. Our Indian Remy hair will last anywhere from 3-6 months!
  2. Remi Chic Hottie Hair: Made With Rare High Quality Russian Hair
    1. 20” & 26” IN STOCK
    2. Amazing quality made from real blondes, browns and high quality black color human hair from Russia! Gentle processed that may have the original color adjusted 1 to 2 shades giving it a lifespan of 6 to 9 months with care vs. traditional salon quality Indian hair that will go through up to 12 shade changes from the original color. Remy Chic Tape Ins are also double drawn which means that the hair is thick and full from top to bottom.
  3. Virgin Russian Hottie Hair: Made With Rare High Quality Russian Hair
    1. 18” & 20” IN STOCK
    2. The “HOLY GRAIL” of tape ins. The absolute best of the best. This hair comes from Russia. The VERY BEST place to get gorgeous VIRGIN BLONDE, natural BROWNS and MATCHING TEXTURES of black hair. This Russian hair goes unbleached and unprocessed, it remains the BEST QUALITY and can last up to TWO YEARS!! This would be unheard of anywhere else! So what are you waiting for?! Come in get the BEST HAIR IN THE WORLD right here in Las Vegas!


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Can I curl and straighten my hair extensions? 150 150 Crystal

Can I curl and straighten my hair extensions?

Much an equivalent as your actual own hair, Hottie Hair extensions may be curled, blow-dried, shaped and flat smoothed. Therefore in order to safeguard and expand the lifetime of your Hottie Hair extensions, in any case, we tend to propose to reliably utilize a heat protectant preceding styling your set.

Also, we tend to prescribe to simply utilize a lower heat setting of 120C/250F, as something higher risks harming the hair. The motivation behind why we tend to prescribe selecting a lower heat setting is on the grounds that it’ll drag out the lifespan of your set. whereas our actual own hair would possibly handle a high heat setting, our hair is likewise continually obtaining oil from the scalp, tho’ hair extensions do not get that sort of consistent nourishment.

See this video by video blogger mirrorsandhaze below on curling extensions to mix with short hair.

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What is the difference between Russian & Indian hair extensions? 150 150 Crystal

What is the difference between Russian & Indian hair extensions?

In case you are new to the world of clip in hair extensions and are hoping to make sense of how to pick between our Russian and Indian hair extensions. We are would love to tell you all about it. In this help article, we’ll clear up the contrast between these two types of hair extensions so you can settle on a certain purchasing choice. Make sure to stick around until the conclusion to see our difference chart.

Our Indian Remy Collection

Our Indian remy extensions are the main kind of clip in hair extensions that Hottie Hair originally came out with and is our first design. They are made of a double weft and are offered in a wide range of grams to take into account each person’s hair type.

Indian Remy Features

  • Made with a double wefted base
  • Offered in  18″ 120 grams, 22″ 160 grams & 26″ 170 grams.
  • Made of 100% remy Indian human high-quality hair
  • Virtually no shedding
  • Can withstand heat, and dye

Should I Pick Indian Remy Extensions?

Our Indian Remy Collection is good for you if:

  • Your hair is fine and fragile
  • You have thick hair
  • You have medium to thick short hair (blunt/above shoulder length)
  • You prefer more volume at your roots
  • You plan to use them for ponytails or updos
  • You plan to dye the extensions (the fabric can be dyed)

Our Russian Remy Collection

Our Russian remy extensions are a part of a new collection Hottie Hair came out with in 2018. Similar to our 22″ 160 gram Indian Remy set, this set has a lace backing behind the clips and is made with the rarest hair in the world, real Russian hair. Russia is the only place in the world that we can reliably source real blonde, browns as well as black hair. 84% of the world has black hair so any hair you see in the traditional Indian collection has to be chemically changed to other colors which by its very nature lowers the lifespan of the hair. Russian hair does not need to go through such changes and as such increases the lifespan quite a bit.

Russian Remy Features

  • Made with a lace backed double weft base
  • Offered in 20″ 150 grams
  • Made of 100% real Russian remy human high-quality hair
  • Virtually no shedding
  • Can withstand heat, and dye

Should I Pick Russian Remy Extensions?

Our Russian Remy Collection is good for you if:

  • Have fine above shoulder hair
  • Have fine hair but a lot of hair strands
  • You have an average amount of hair
  • You want a more natural look with less volume at the root
  • You have balayage hair
  • Want to add sun-kissed dimension to your hair with no commitment and no damage
Are there any special care instructions for Remy Clip In hair extensions? 150 150 Crystal

Are there any special care instructions for Remy Clip In hair extensions?

Much the same as any arrangement of clip in hair extensions (Indian Remy or Russian Remy), we encourage you to think about your Hottie Hair with adoration. Watch the video by video blogger Nicole Guerriero beneath on how to wear, wash and store your extensions.

With your Indian Remy or Russian Remy set, we prescribe to be progressively delicate while taking care of the clips since they are sewed onto the base. We recommend against pulling or squeezing the clips, as it might in the end cause harm to your set.

Similarly as with our other sets, consistent hair extensions can be washed utilizing warm water and shampoo and conditioner. Towel and air dried recommended.

What temperature can remy hair extensions be styled at? Does heat damage the base of the wefts? 150 150 Crystal

What temperature can remy hair extensions be styled at? Does heat damage the base of the wefts?

While styling your remy hair extensions with high warmth, we suggest setting your instrument at 120C/250F degrees or lower. Anything higher may risk harming the hair, similarly as with some other clip-in extensions. This is on the grounds that the hair isn’t being revived at the scalp like our very own hair is, and after some time unnecessary warmth and high temperatures may wear down your set, and could possibly relax the bond with the hair. As a rule, warmth won’t harm the base of the weft except if it is extremely high.

One reason these standout amongst the best extensions? They do not need to be styled at a high warmth temperature to get results. The extensions will style effortlessly utilizing low temperature.

Do Russian Remy hair extensions shed less than Indian Remy hair extensions? 150 150 Crystal

Do Russian Remy hair extensions shed less than Indian Remy hair extensions?

Hottie Hair clip in extensions, Indian Remy or Russian Remy, once in a while experience shedding.

The kind of consideration that is put into your extensions will influence the amount it sheds. With appropriate consideration, shedding will be essentially non-existent. You can limit shedding by keeping up your Hottie Hair and tenderly brushing them with your Loop Brush when each utilization. It won’t cause pulling, catching, or harm to your wefts.

To figure out how to legitimately brush hair expansions, it would be ideal if you watch the supportive instructional exercise by video blogger
Makenzi Davis beneath.

Can I curl and straighten my hair extensions? 150 150 Crystal

Can I curl and straighten my hair extensions?

Much the same as your very own hair, Hottie Hair extensions can be curled, blow-dried, styled and flat ironed. So as to safeguard and expand the life expectancy of your Hottie Hair extensions, in any case, we propose to dependably utilize a heat protectant preceding styling your set.

Also, we prescribe to just utilize a low warmth setting of 120C/250F, as anything higher risks harming the hair. The motivation behind why we prescribe deciding on a lower heat setting is on the grounds that it will drag out the life expectancy of your set. While our very own hair might almost certainly handle a high warmth setting, our hair is likewise always getting oil from the scalp, though hair extensions don’t get that kind of consistent nourishment.

See this video by video blogger Kait Nichole below on curling extensions to blend with short hair.

Will my hair extensions be noticeable to others? 150 150 Crystal

Will my hair extensions be noticeable to others?

Whenever clipped in correctly, they are for all intents and purposes imperceptible. The base of every weft is flat and thin, and all wefts accompany have a silicone clasp to keep every weft in tight. The wefts are put in the middle of layers of your own hair, to mix normally and consistently. Look at this video by video blogger Danielle Chandler to see how Clip Ins are put in – they look absolutely stunning.

How do I wash my clip in hair extensions? 150 150 Crystal

How do I wash my clip in hair extensions?

Hottie Hair extensions are made with 100% real remy human hair, which implies they can be washed and styled simply like your own common hair. Since Hottie Hair extensions don’t get oils from the scalp like regular hair does, nonetheless, they should not be washed as frequently, as they won’t get sleek or oily like common hair.

We prescribe to just wash your Hottie Hair each 15-20 wears or just when there is a great deal of product to the point where they become unmanageable to style. Watch the video underneath for full directions on the most proficient method to wash to appropriately wash your Hottie Hair, or look down for well ordered guidelines.


  1. A sink which can be stopped
  2. Shampoo (Alcohol / sulfate-free)
  3. Deep Conditioner (Alcohol / sulfate-free)
  4. Hair oil
  5. A wide tooth comb, loop brush or wet brush


Some hair items are stacked with alcohols and sulfates, which are incredibly drying on the hair. Since hair extensions don’t get normal oils from the scalp, they are now dry essentially, and it is ideal to safeguard dampness in the hair however much as could reasonably be expected. This will guarantee that the extensions look sound and delectable, instead of dry and dull. You can likewise utilize a cleanser and conditioner explicitly intended for shaded treated hair or for hair extensions.

Stage 1: Brush your extensions

Have you at any point scrubbed down, developed with wet, tangled hair and need to wrestle to detangle it? Brushing your hair before showering will keep this, and hair extensions are the same. Prior to washing your extensions, give them a decent brush with a wide tooth brush or oar brush from base to top, tenderly removing any bunches and tangles in the hair. At that point, place every weft flawlessly over one another like when you initially get them, to keep them tangle free during the washing procedure.

Stage 2: Prepare your sink

Guarantee your sink is squeaky clean to abstain from existing earth transferring to the extensions. At that point, plug the drain and begin to top it off with tepid water – we don’t need the water to be excessively hot or excessively cold.

Siphon 2-3 touches of cleanser into the water, and wash the item around in the water so it’s pleasant and foamy.

Stage 3: Shampoo every weft

We prescribe to wash your hair extensions one weft at any given moment (1-clip wefts can be gathered into one pack). This will guarantee that every weft gets washed completely without the set tangling. On the off chance that you are short on schedule, notwithstanding, you can package the extensions with a versatile and wash everything cautiously in one go.

Hold the weft is one hand at the top, submerge it into the water, and tenderly wash the hair, working the cleanser in with light strokes. Be exceptionally mindful so as to not tangle the hair. When you have washed the weft with cleanser, put it aside perfectly on a towel and rehash similar strides for the remainder of the wefts.

Stage 4: Deep condition every weft

When every one of the wefts have been shampooed, it’s an ideal opportunity to condition them. This is a critical advance, as it guarantees that your extensions remain saturated, sustained, and delicate. We prescribe to utilize a profound conditioner for this progression, to truly enter the hair shaft.

Take a liberal measure of conditioner and apply onto every weft through and through, massaging the item completely into the hair.

In request for the item to truly absorb and do something amazing, we prescribe to abandon it on medium-term. Pack your extensions and cautiously curl them and spot them in a shower top to leave medium-term. This will seal in the dampness for the duration of the night.

Stage 5: Rinse out every weft

The following morning, altogether rinse out every weft, ensuring that there is no conditioner buildup left on the hair. A typical oversight is to just wash the hair midway, leaving it with “the slip”– that elusive, delicate feeling subsequent to conditioning. This is a no-no, as it really leaves item on the hair, which overloads it or makes it look oily when dry.

When washing out every weft, rinse it again with virus water, which will help close the fingernail skin of the hair to seal in the dampness and make the extensions increasingly shiny. This is an incredible trap to attempt with your regular hair too for that additional gleam and shine!

Stage 6: Lay every weft out to air dry

We prescribe to air dry your hair extensions instead of utilization heat, as the hair does not get revived at the scalp, and using high warmth can hurt the extensions in the long run.

Prior to setting up your extensions to dry, make sure that the hair is totally wrung of water. At that point, spread out the majority of your wefts independently on a towel over a level surface. A trap to preventing any frizz once the hair is dry is to apply a little measure of hair oil to every weft to guarantee the hair remains reasonable and satiny.

Stage 7: Comb every weft

We as a rule prescribe not to search over wet hair as it is progressively flexible and can break effectively, be that as it may, in request to guarantee that your extensions dry straight with next to zero tangles, we prescribe to delicately brush through every weft with a wide tooth brush from base to top.

What’s more, that is it! Leave the wefts to dry, and tell the truth smooth, hair extensions, prepared to clip into your hair.

FAQ About Washing Hair Extensions


No, Hottie Hair extensions are prepared to destroy straight of the crate! Hair extensions are a clean item and have been altogether purified at our production line. They are totally sheltered to destroy right of the container.


We exceedingly prescribe to utilize characteristic, and natural hair items if conceivable. Ensure the hair items are sans sulfate, liquor free, and are intended for shading treated hair or hair extensions. This will guarantee that your hair extensions have a more drawn out life expectancy.


Except if the hair has a great deal of hairspray or other item development, this isn’t required. Instead, you can tenderly brush out the twists with a delicate fiber brush from base to top, and utilize a hair straightener to fix the extensions. Make certain to utilize a warmth protectant splash before straightening, and to utilize a low to medium warmth setting.


Hottie Hair extensions are of Indian or Russian origin, hence, should dry with a slight wave. Make certain to brush the extensions straight before air-drying medium-term. A few sets could be possibly dry with a slight wave, in any case, can be styled with hot styling devices to accomplish any ideal look.

How long do clip in extensions last? 150 150 Crystal

How long do clip in extensions last?