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What is the difference between Russian & Indian hair extensions?

In case you are new to the world of clip in hair extensions and are hoping to make sense of how to pick between our Russian and Indian hair extensions. We are would love to tell you all about it. In this help article, we’ll clear up the contrast between these two types of hair extensions so you can settle on a certain purchasing choice. Make sure to stick around until the conclusion to see our difference chart.

Our Indian Remy Collection

Our Indian remy extensions are the main kind of clip in hair extensions that Hottie Hair originally came out with and is our first design. They are made of a double weft and are offered in a wide range of grams to take into account each person’s hair type.

Indian Remy Features

  • Made with a double wefted base
  • Offered in  18″ 120 grams, 22″ 160 grams & 26″ 170 grams.
  • Made of 100% remy Indian human high-quality hair
  • Virtually no shedding
  • Can withstand heat, and dye

Should I Pick Indian Remy Extensions?

Our Indian Remy Collection is good for you if:

  • Your hair is fine and fragile
  • You have thick hair
  • You have medium to thick short hair (blunt/above shoulder length)
  • You prefer more volume at your roots
  • You plan to use them for ponytails or updos
  • You plan to dye the extensions (the fabric can be dyed)

Our Russian Remy Collection

Our Russian remy extensions are a part of a new collection Hottie Hair came out with in 2018. Similar to our 22″ 160 gram Indian Remy set, this set has a lace backing behind the clips and is made with the rarest hair in the world, real Russian hair. Russia is the only place in the world that we can reliably source real blonde, browns as well as black hair. 84% of the world has black hair so any hair you see in the traditional Indian collection has to be chemically changed to other colors which by its very nature lowers the lifespan of the hair. Russian hair does not need to go through such changes and as such increases the lifespan quite a bit.

Russian Remy Features

  • Made with a lace backed double weft base
  • Offered in 20″ 150 grams
  • Made of 100% real Russian remy human high-quality hair
  • Virtually no shedding
  • Can withstand heat, and dye

Should I Pick Russian Remy Extensions?

Our Russian Remy Collection is good for you if:

  • Have fine above shoulder hair
  • Have fine hair but a lot of hair strands
  • You have an average amount of hair
  • You want a more natural look with less volume at the root
  • You have balayage hair
  • Want to add sun-kissed dimension to your hair with no commitment and no damage
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