Light Blonde Weft Extensions



Beaded Weft Hair Extensions

Here at Hottie Extensions we are a big fan of beaded weft hair extensions for quite a few reasons.

1. You can think of beaded weft installs the most similar to Clip Ins the most loved temporary style of extension. Instead of clips you use micro beads to attach a much higher quality of hair then traditional clips ins are made of. You can cut the weft and customize it exactly to your head shape and perfectly layer them in. Thus giving you amazing versatility and coverage for your head.

2. When it comes time to move them up because of your own new hair growth it is a fairly quick process. Your stylist can just simply unclamp the beads remove your hair to wash it and then reclamp them back in with your hair.

3. There are no glue or adhesives to remove from your hair making it a straightforward process.

Hair Extension Quality

This is the key to having a great experience with your hair extensions. This is why we use the highest quality slow processed cuticle intact russian hair to make our weft extensions.

Similar Hair Extension Products We Make

Did you know that Tape In Hair Extensions are also consider a weft style of hair extension? They are very versatile 1.5″ wide wefts that allow for great flexibility and coverage throughout your hair. They also offer a quick install and moveup time as well. While they do sport adhesive to attach to your hair it really is a damage free method and we sell and use excellent removers that make getting the tape out a breeze. Tape In Hair Extensions have really become our most popular cousin to the beaded weft style for permanent extension installs. So if you want to try something different check out our tape ins, you are sure to love them too!

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Weight 0.3 oz
Remy Chic Lengths

20", 26"