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Makeup and hair extensions have been worn by women for centuries now and are extremely popular. These days, most women consider hair extensions to be no less than fashion accessories, which help them achieve an elegant appeal. It’s something everybody does, but no one really admits to.


People use hair extensions for all sorts of reasons – You’re not alone in using them. They’re used for special events, to hide hair thinning issues, or simply to upgrade their looks. Having a full head of hair makes styling it easier too!

Here at our office, we’ve tried out different hair extension products, ranging from seamless and fusion to microbeads, sow in, and glue in.

Remy Tape in hair extensions have the world by storm in the last few years. Many people love them because of their lightweight wear and natural application. Seamless hair extensions are completely natural and don’t require much maintenance either. If you’ve used other hair extensions, you already know that some of them can cause more trouble than they are worth. Either they wind up damaging your hair, or slip out at the wrong time, feel uncomfortable, or just take a really long time before starting to work.


Hottie Hair uses top-notch non slip tech, which promotes strong bonds that don’t damage your precious hair. Many people have stated that other tape in hair extension brands tend to slip out easily. The reason behind that is that they often lack the right kind of tape, which leads to slippage.

Why do we love tape ins? They’re lightweight, low-maintenance, last a really long time (three months at a time, can you believe it?) and can be styled in any manner you desire. While most people don’t really require hair extensions, they prefer having them so that they can develop a new, modern look or modify their hair color completely. If you’re someone who is on the prowl for a new, upgraded look without damaging your hair by using pesky hair dyes or wants more hair volume or suffer from hair thinning issues, here’s your one-stop solution!


These extensions are lightweight, invisible, and just perfect if you’re looking for a no-commitment hairstyle change. Going on a vacation soon? Got a wedding to attend? Did you cut your beautiful hair recently? You must be looking for a low-maintenance, long-lasting solution to your woes. We’re in love with our Premium Clip In Line, which is especially useful for people who prefer long lasting hair extensions without taking any damage.

We’ve all heard disaster stories from people who wore micro bead and fusion extensions. Thanks to our Hottie tape in hair extensions, that won’t happen to you if you take proper care. Hair extensions are absolutely worth it. Take charge and do as you please with your hair – Change its color completely, and enjoy lustrous hair throughout the day, without putting yourself through obnoxious tools or chemicals!


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