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Guide To Tape-In Hair Extensions Pros & Cons (2020)

Hair extensions are very good to use, there are things to consider before buying one for yourself. There are many types and sellers of natural hair extensions. It is important that you know the different types of products with their pros and cons so that you can choose the one that meets your needs. Here we will talk about tape-in hair extensions with their pros and cons but before we start it is good to know whether you want semi-permanent extensions like clip-ins? Or permanent extensions like the micro loop.

After reading this Guide to tape-in hair extensions pros & cons (2020) you will be able to choose one by yourself without struggles. Firstly, we will discuss in detail about the pros of human hair tape-in extensions.

Pros of Tape-In Hair Extensions

Incredible Length and Volume

The basic purpose of tap-in hair extensions is to make your hair longer. Tap-in hair extensions help add more length to your hair and are sometimes called hair integrations. Naturally, some ladies don’t have enough hair and sometimes it grows very slow. It can be very unsatisfying for girls that have always wished to long enticing locks. If you are in this group, you don’t have to worry anymore because tapes are here to transform your look within a short time. And give you that long hair you have been looking for. 

The application does not need any tool or heat

Tape-in hair extensions do not need heat or require a piece of special equipment to fix it. Unlike other extensions, everything that is required is contained in the hair itself. There are tapes on its tip for easy attachment to the hair, all you have to do is just to attach them to your natural hair strands. No tools are needed, the only rule is that you have to place double tapes on each strand of your natural hair, one on top and the other below the strand. 

Easy to remove

A professional is the most suitable for placing tape-in extensions. Still, they are easier to place than stitched or keratin extensions. The best way to remove tape-in extensions is with a solvent remover or with oil for adhesive extensions. Its composition does not contain aggressive chemical ingredients, so it does not damage the hair. After the application of oil, you just have to pull it out gently to avoid damaging your hair. Then you can keep the tapes for future use and then wash off the tape residues from your hair. Just very easy! 

Does not damage your hair

In the case of hair extensions, tape-ins are the extensions that least damage the hair. One of the reasons is that they are very light and do not add excessive weight to your hair. Therefore, they are not likely to cause traction drop. They are also very comfortable, even for sleeping.

Other types of permanent extensions may mistreat your hair, especially if they are not properly placed. But tape extensions are the most recommended for people with thin and light hair. So if you want to have the advantages of permanent extensions, but without risks, choose tape-in extensions.

Comfortable to use

They are very comfortable to wear because of their soft and thin nature, sometimes you will even forget that you are wearing them. It very necessary to be comfortable wearing them because they are semi-permanent extensions, you will wear them for a long time, so you need to feel relaxed and comfortable wearing them.

Gives Natural Look

The primary aim of buying hair extensions is for them to look natural while wearing it so that people won’t know that you are having hair extension.

Tapes make this possible because it comes with invisible tapes that blend with your natural hair, and due to its small and thin strand that mix up with the natural hair. if you want it to look more natural, you just have to match the color of the tape with the color of your hair!

It lasts long

The great advantage of tape-in extensions is that they last up to six months when you buy high-quality ones. And you know the best part of it? They are reusable. Yes. You read that right hairstylist to fix and remove it.

Therefore, if the first impression at the time of putting on hair extensions is that you are going to disburse a large amount of money, then think about how economical they will be if you use them regularly.

It is Reusable

Not minding the fact that its tapes should be regularly refitted as your natural hair grows; you can reuse the tapes many times. Tape-ins are totally reusable.

Generally Affordable

They are very affordable. The good quality ones are not all that expensive anyone can afford to purchase one. For instance, you can purchase a real human hair of 18 inches and 20gram for just $75 having in mind that it is reusable and can last for months.

Best Extensions for Thin Hair

It is always difficult for people with fine thin natural hair to find a suitable extension that will not damage their hair and still look natural on them. Due to the fact that many extensions can be seen on fine hair and can also damage your natural hair due to their weight and the method of their application. 

Remy tape-in hair extensions are popular and are taken as the great when used on thin hair due to the lightness of its strands and it’s not heavy on the natural strands. When its tapes are properly applied, they are discreet and blend with the natural ones.  

Numerous Styling Choices

With your already extended locks, you will have that nice full hair that you can make different styles with. Having long strands will leave you with unending styling options. By that time, you can then try all the hairstyles you have been anticipating to do. 

Adding Color and Highlights Without Chemicals

Apart from having a very long and voluminous hair, you are left with many colors that you can add to your hair. Tape-ins are excellent in making lowlights and highlights without the use of chemicals. Hair dyes are detrimental to the hair and can severely damage your hair. Tape-in is cool in terms of extensions, if you try it once, you won’t dye your hair again.

Cons of Tape-In Hair Extensions 

Here are the cons of Tape-in hair extensions. 

It Needs Maintenance

Tape-in extension needs constant maintenance just like other hair extensions. If you want your tapes to always look new and last for a long time you need to change your daily routine. Tape-ins that are not properly taken care of look ugly and shabby at sight. Caring for a new tape-in can’t take up to 15 minutes of your time daily. The major thing is to brush it regularly and cover it while sleeping.

Can fall out when not fixed appropriately

It is not hard to fix tapes, although, when not properly fixed it can fall off, this is the major issue with tapes. It is very important to fix your tape-in in the salon to avoid the drama of it fall off. Always avoid doing it yourself.

Feels uncomfortable if not attached properly

Attachment is the secret to a good tape-in experience. When you feel discomfort, it is possible that the tapes are fixed too close to your scalp. This makes it pull your natural strands. It is advised that you should give an inch from the root of your hair (that is from the scalp) when fixing tapes. However, new ones can make you feel uncomfortable sometimes, which goes away in a few days. When you feel tight or painful, the should be reinstalled. 

A bit expensive than other extension types

They are not always cheap especially when you go for the best qualities that will last long, although, they are not the most expensive extension in the market. If you are looking for the cheapest option of hair, you should go for clip-in extensions. Tape-ins are semi-permanent and last longer than clip-ins.

Where to purchase the best tape-in hair extensions

With what we have said, you can choose the best one for yourself, considering their pros and cons, what you need and your habit. Contraindications will be only for girls who have allergic reactions. However, even in this case, you can pick up tapes that are made from natural materials and do not cause allergies. 


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