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Tape Extensions: The Best Type of Hair Extension?

Worn most by celebrities as part of the latest trend, tape in extensions are known as the best hair extension available. If you are new to tape extensions, or interested in learning more, we will tell you everything there is to know. This form of extension offers everything you have come to expect from hair extensions, requiring less time and creating zero damage.


While clip in extensions are a fun way to test out extensions, they are only temporary in use. Individuals looking to enjoy a fuller head of hair on a daily basis, should seek a more permanent solution such as tape extensions. When applied, tape extensions are generally undetectable and last around 8 to 12 weeks. The process takes about one hour to complete, and the extensions are reusable. Not only are they easy to apply and able to be used again, they are also a breeze to maintain, allowing you to enjoy regular activities such as swimming and cardio without fear of slipping out.

Fusion and i-tip extensions, on the other hand, take hours to apply and cost thousands of dollars. Additionally, micro extensions tend to slip out, and tangle in the shower. They are well-known to cause extreme damage, leaving your hair a weakened mess. Tape extensions don’t pull on hair like micro extensions, and are more lightweight. Once you take the plunge and try tape extensions you will wonder how you ever went without, they are a total game changer for the ultimate extension experience.


Introduced to the market in 2009, tape in extensions continue to be the most requested hair extension method throughout salons. Tape extensions can be worn any way, add length and volume, and cost less to have put in – simply because they demand less time. Prior to making any tape extension purchases, ensure you know what to look for; a trusted stylist may be able to make brand suggestions as well. Because tape extensions aren’t all created equal, you want to establish the quality of the hair before you sit through extension application. Some tape extension brands do not feature sew lines, which causes the hair to shed and fall out. Also, it’s important to keep in mind that if any brand suggests you use a flat iron to apply tape extensions, or use some sort of glue, RUN!

Things to Know Before You Buy


We tried different brands of hair extensions on ourselves, so you didn’t have to! Gel based adhesives lead to loss of your own hair, so what type of adhesive do these “tape” extensions utilize? When it comes to tape extensions, you want to seek out an extension featuring hypoallergenic regular tape adhesive. Not only is this kind of tape adhesive waterproof and durable, it doesn’t rip out your hair while remaining strong. Other various tape brands are made with an overly strong adhesive, known as gel based tape extension. While this extension is strong and lasts a long time, you lose a lot of hair when you’re done. You want to avoid this type of tape extension at all costs, because gel based adhesives rip your hair out during removal. Again, not all tape extensions are created equal. The best type of tape extensions is one that is relatively strong, but not gel based.

What Kind of Hair are Tape Extensions Made of?


Considering the fact that tape extensions are worn EVERY DAY, you will need the BEST remy hair you can find. The type of hair used in the tape extension can mean the difference between a great hair extension experience and a horrible one. Because tape extensions aren’t like clips, you can’t remove them every day – they’re worn day in and day out for 3 months. After removal, you should also be able to reuse them if you purchased a good brand of hair. You will be quickly disappointed in low quality hair, after receiving and paying for cheap extensions to be applied. The last thing you want is to have your tape extensions installed before discovering you have bought low quality hair.


Be sure to have the best! When it comes to tape extensions, you want to invest in the top remy hair – preferably double drawn. Low quality remy tape extensions tend to mat over time and tangle quickly; you want something that’s thick and lasts. Double drawn hair means there are fewer short hairs, meaning you can expect minimal shedding and tangling. Regardless of whether a company says they use remy hair, ensure you are purchasing the best remy hair. For example, Hottie uses an eco friendly manufacturing technique. We utilize slow color baths and avoid any harsh chemicals during processing, allowing the hair to remain healthy afterwards. Top remy hair is hand-selected, and specially processed to protect the entire cuticle shaft during processing sans harsh chemicals, unlike low-quality remy hair.

How Many Grams of Hair Per Pack?

Grams of hair is the most important aspect, when it comes to tape extensions. While the most common weight is 25-50 grams per pack, some brands sell 20 grams of hair or less – Hottie has more hair PER tape weft. You need to know how much hair you’re buying, including how many pieces you’ll receive and how many grams are in each pack. The shorter the hair, the fewer grams you will have. However, for a full tape application, you will need around 100 grams of hair. If you have a lot of hair, you will need more. In order to keep tape extensions undetectable, you will want enough hair so it blends well. Be sure to have enough hair on hand for a full on glamorous look.

How Long are the Tape Wefts?

The best size for tape wefts are those that measure 1.5 inches, as this size is 100% undetectable, and lightweight enough for your hair. While many brands out there feature smaller tapes, it costs more as you’ll need more hair per pack. You will also end up with more pieces of tape in your hair, which tends to be annoying. Fold over tape extensions are generally smaller and present weaker bonds, as all of the hair isn’t applied correctly together – leading to inferior bonds. You want tape extensions that are less than 2 inches in width, and require use of the “Sandwich” application method. This ensures that wefts remain invisible, and prevents any potential hair pulling. Although these would be perfect for 1 to 2 small sections of hair, wide tape extensions aren’t a great choice. Their sheer size inhibits the wearer from putting their hair into a ponytail, and eliminates flexibility. Wider tape wefts also mean your hair is being subjected to more weight, leading to potential damage and breakage. Know the width of the tape extensions, and save your hair with thin, invisible wefts. Most people require 20 tape bonds, or 2 packs of hair.

Is the Hair Single or Double Drawn?

Also referred to as “natural drawn”, single drawn hair is the most popular in the hair extension world. Single drawn hair extensions create a tapered extension look, which blends well and tends to look more natural. However, true hair extension queens tend to love double drawn hair extension for their appearance of fullness. Hottie is one of the few tape brands that feature double drawn tape extensions. These tape extensions are the most luxurious hair extensions, because they are thick and full from top to bottom. If you want the most gorgeous look possible, be sure to look for double drawn tape extensions.

Do the Tape Wefts Have Any Seams? Is There a Sew Line? You Want Tape Extensions with a Seam!


Hottie tape in extensions are made with a unique sew line that holds the hair together with the tape weft. This sew line is truly one of a kind, and allows our customers to enjoy an overall better experience with their tape extensions. Our sew lines create a shed free and tangle free experience, while other brands shed badly without any sew line at all. Here at Hottie, we always test brands to ensure we remain the best tape extension on the market. Two other major brands lack a simple sew line, and shed very badly. Wearers tend to experience a 25% loss of hair from their extensions, simply because of the shedding that transpired. Always make sure your tape extensions were manufactured with a sew line! Without one, you’ll experience an abundance of shedding and tangling, and ultimate disappointment in the product. Sew lines allow tape extensions to remain lightweight and durable, so you can reuse the extensions again and again.


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