Learning the Art of Hair Extension Consultation

Learning the Art of Hair Extension Consultation

Learning the Art of Hair Extension Consultation 150 150 Crystal

In the field of hairstyling, consultation is of utmost importance even more so than for a law firm. This is the first thing taught in Hair School. Hair extension consultation is an integral part of a hairstylist’s daily routine. The hairstylist must advise their clients about all the options regarding hair extension. Generally, there are three types of consultation clients:

  • The ones desiring an extension
  • The ones who think they want an extension
  • The ones who have no idea extension is an option for them.

The Consultation

The majority of the clients are totally unaware of the fact that extensions can be a viable option. We, as hairstylists, are duty-bound to consider extensions as a solution to the problem of our clients. Here are a few notable examples of how extensions can meet the needs of clients. For a client whose hair is thinning on the sides, then extensions can serve the purpose of fillers. They can add volume as desired by a bride on her most important day to look apart and stand out- just the way she deserves. Even to create the perfect look for prom night with that long flowing length of hair- extensions can serve the purpose comprehensively. And for those who do not want any chemical process for their hair yet want something stylish and crazy. Every client can be a future hair extension client. It is not gender-specific.

The reason a client visits you for extensions certainly varies client to client, while some are in need to grow a short hair cut, others might be desiring to cover up a bad dye job or hair treatment. Your job as a stylist is to ascertain the current condition of hair to determine if extensions can help or not in improving the hair or meeting the desires of the client. For example, to augment and grow short hair, the stylist must determine if the hair is long enough for the extensions. The usual recommendation is three to four inches of hair growth for a perfect blend. Also, determine if the hair is not too fragile or can withstand the weight of tape-in extensions.

It is always advised and emphasized that the budget should be discussed early in the consultation, better to give the client an idea of the price range of the extensions they express likeness for. This way, the time and effort of both the client and expert can be saved. Also, it will narrow the choice for them and help them in picking the most excellent option.

Never make adjustments in your prices to meet their pockets. Instead, recommend them the services that fall in their budget. If not, all help and guide them to achieve maximum goals they have in mind in a said budget. Like if they desire volume and thickness, then advising about choosing thickness over volume would be the perfect advice.

After determining that getting hair extensions is the right thing to do for your client, seek answers to what they desire and what they are looking for. Also, make inquiries about their lifestyle and work. And how they wear their hair every day. The answers will help you give them the perfect hair extension.

It is equally essential to determine their head shape, the placement, and lastly, how many extensions will be needed.

The Last recommendation is the most important one, it is always better to have extra hair extensions rather than running short of them.


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