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Is it possible to tie hair extensions in a ponytail?

This is one of those queries that a lot of women who wear extensions or are thinking of trying them out have. The weather can get quite hot at times, and you find yourself wanting to cool yourself at the earliest. It could also be that you like waving around long hair tied in a pony. Whatever the reason is, women from all over the world wonder if they can tie their hair extensions into a ponytail from time to time.


A common worry among women is that wearing a clip in hair extensions would make it impossible for them to tie it into a ponytail. Their concern is that there are chances of the clip showing through as a result of which it would become apparent that they wear extensions. However, if your hair extensions are put in properly, wearing hair up would not cause any problems.

If it is ensured that the extensions are properly clipped in, you will not have to worry about the clips showing through. While putting in the clips in your hair extensions, ensure that the clips are not higher than the middle of the skull, above the top of the ears. If you do not make sure of this and the clips are placed higher, irrespective of whether your extensions are up or not, the clips will be visible.


If you want to wear a ponytail, clipping your hair in the middle of the hair would be the best way. Starting from the bottom of the scalp, nearly a couple of inches from your neckline is a suitable option. If you want to get a natural and comfortable look, clipping it in the center of the head only would work. Move an inch higher and clip in the extensions in the middle of your hair again. Proceed to clipping it in the required pieces that you feel would get your desired volume and length, following which you can put it into a ponytail. Ensure that the clips do not pop out as you put your hair up. The clips shouldn’t be visible if your hair extensions have properly been clipped in the middle of your head.

You can easily achieve a beautiful braided ponytail with tape in extensions as well. Check out this model below wearing one of the most seamless looking styles.


Putting hair up with extensions into a ponytail will become easier with practice. Do it a few times, and eventually, you will get your desired look with ease.

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