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Guide To Wearing Clip In Extensions


A lot of us enjoy the use of clip in hair extensions obviously because you can’t get enough of how ravishing hair extensions make you look. We too are guilty of using clip in hair extensions more often than not. Fact is we probably would still be using clip in hair extension regularly if we didn’t know what we know now. Knowledge indeed is power. It is true that clip in hair extensions have a lot of advantages, like; they are cheaper, allows for easy hair blending, and unarguably the fastest and easiest way to add length and volume to your hair. It’s so easy that you don’t even need to book an appointment with any salon. Have a big party, wedding or a classy event to attend? Clip in hair extensions are the perfect fit. However, you can’t use clip in hair extensions for your day to day outings or when you want to get too creative with styling your hair, that’s now how they are designed. As a woman, the regular usage of clip in hair extensions will cause you to start having bald spots!!! There is no cause for alarm though, because we have the solution to your problem, just keep reading.

It is always difficult to notice you are beginning to go bald at the initial stage because clips are used behind your head and you clearly cannot see the damage being done and the extent it has gotten to. This is how these bald spots are caused; since the wefts in clip in hair extensions are heavy, they put a lot of weight on your hair, thereby pulling your natural hair and causing strain over time. Where it gets worse is when you add ponytail and styling, this strains and damages the hair even more. Fortunately, hairstylist have now realised the damage being caused by wearing clip in hair extensions. It isn’t advisable to use clip in hair extensions on a regular basis, especially the ones with sets of over 180 grams, this will cause your hair to break off. If your hair is thin and fine, then clip in hair extension is a big NO for you. The weight of the wefts will pull out your hair bit by bit thus resulting in gaps and bald spots.


It could be that most people using clip in hair extensions are trying to save cost as compared to using semi-permanent hair extensions. But the constant use of clip in hair extensions, say maybe daily or one too many times in a week will only give room for bald spots as your natural hair starts to pull off due to the weight of the clip wefts. Perhaps you have been using clip in hair extensions almost every day and still have no signs of breakage or bald spots, you are in luck and should stop right away. It is a proven fact that women who are in constant use of clip in hair extensions eventually start to have bald spots. If you allow the clip in hair extensions to cause hair breakage, it becomes difficult to get semi-permanent extensions due to the gaps found in the behind your head. With the hair missing in that area of your head, there is nowhere to attach the semi-permanent extensions.

“But what can I do? Because I wear clips a lot and I equally love to try different hairstyles on them” you say. To answer this question, it is best to look for an alternative like using semi-permanent hair extensions. The reason a lot of people don’t want to subscribe to use of semi-permanent hair extensions is because; they feel it’s too expensive, damages and isn’t easy to maintain. They have the wrong information, though it may have been that way in the early of 2000s. But with the introduction of tape in hair extensions, brought a lot of change to the world of semi-permanent extensions. Tape in hair extensions are not expensive, in salons they equal the cost of clip in hair extensions, last longer, very light and don’t have the tendency to damage your hair. All that is needed is it be installed by a professional hair stylist. With how invisible tape extensions are, it is very difficult to tell the difference between you’re your hair and the extension. You can use tape extensions with high ponytails. Braids and updos with no damage at all. The weight can never lead to balding or hair breakage, instead it gives room for your natural hair to grow and stay healthy.


Do away with everyday use of clip in hair extension regardless of your reason for wearing them. Switch to tape in hair extension and allow your hair to rest. With tape in extensions you are free to try out as many hair styles and it cost just as much as a set of clip extension and even last longer, and can be removed an reused. Clip in hair extensions are not made for daily use but for a night of glam and elegance. So if you fall into our category who would rather look Hottie every other day, then tape in extension is the right choice for your hair.


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